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  1. clutchc

    Remove Alerts as they re read?

    Is there any way to have alerts removed after I read them? They seem to stick around for the day or maybe the session. I've looked around the preferences area but haven't found a way to do it.
  2. M

    Question Can I use my m.2 ssd and hdd in my new pc

    Hi Guys, So I'm building a new pc today everything is being replace except the gpu and storage devices. I have a samsung 970 pro m.2 250gb ssd and 2tb HDD. My OS is on the m.2 and I'm wondering whether I have to do a fresh install of windows and then all my games onto that drive again or can I...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Ram Compatibility question

    Hi, i recently purchased two G Skill Ripjaws V Ram sticks(F4-3000C16D-16GVRB)/(2x8GB) and i am wondering if the ram stick supports ryzen cpus and motherboards? Using a Ryzen 5 2600X with a Gigabyte B450M DS3H. Did research online but i am still confused. I do not see the motherboard on the QVL...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] is my motherboard compatible with the Zotac gtx 1050?

    my mother board is the lenovo 30c7, if it's not compatible any suggestions? do i need to buy another motherboard or i have other choices?
  5. S

    Computer monitor no display after windows 7 factory reset

    Monitor has not turning on with boot monitor has power. Black screen after windows 7 factory reset
  6. H

    GPU problems for nearly 2 months, [GTX 1060]

    Hi, so for like 2 months i have problem with (what i presume) some drivers mumbo-jumbo. Whole PC seems less snappy and have worse in game performance. Each time i exit any program, GPU graph in task manager sky rocket(usually 3D and one of Copy) for like 1s then it goes back to normal...
  7. B

    Grey stuck screen

    I turned my laptop on and signed in, then screen turned grey... What do I do?
  8. A

    Installed new fan, PC powers down. (Amateur warning)

    Issue: Old fan quit, so I bought and installed a replacement. PC now boots all the way to the desktop, but shuts down after just a few minutes. Fan spins and everything looks & sounds normal up until that point. Specific specs unknown, it is a standard Acer All-in-one, running Windows 10, with...
  9. A

    Weird noise coming from psu. Please help

    so i just noticed some weird sound coming from my psu(even when the pc is off) https://youtu.be/_KCVW38v5nA Any help would be appreciated please help me i'm so worried!
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Monitor goes off/black randomly, sometimes when i game or just browse

    Hello There fellow people, my problem is when every time Im in-game my monitor just goes off randomly and i need to on it again, it doesn't go "no signal" or anything it just goes black or just goes off, tried updating my driver and even cleaned and properly connect things that needs to be...
  11. G

    r9 fury nitro idle temps

    Just picked up a r9 fury nitro and the idle temp is stuck at 50 deg. Never had one but from what I've seen this is high. However the fan is at a solid 22% and when gaming at 4k ultra, it gets to 75 which is absolutely normal. So should I just set a different fan curve or would some baisic...
  12. M

    The new 2000's GeForce gpu

    So pros 20 percent faster not an issue for fps Can play any game Has some new technology that only they can tell me how it works? Cons Price 1.I can't think in competitive gaming where graphics will make u better 2. I remember when a little fps lag helped get hs in CS source 3. Ghost recon...
  13. N

    In a hurry, and my laptop decides to install W10

    Approximately how long does the Windows 10 install take? I need to unplug my laptop and take it with me for a 1,5hour busride, and am afraid the battery could die. The bus ride is in an hour right as I'm writing this. Can I grab the laptop with me or is it too big a risk?
  14. K

    I have a Blu Ray wifi disc player, connected to my older model Sony flat screen, but not getting any sound..hellllppp

    Welp we bought the connectors to attach the HDMI cord to our TV becasue this modle tv is old got all that done and now no sound
  15. A

    Ryzen 5 Q Flash

    Is it possible to flash the bios on a Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 with a ryzen 2600 installed? It has q-flash but i’ve recieved conflicting answers.
  16. A

    a bronze 550W enough?

    I am not expert at power consumption of components. recently i built my setup & it does look like this: an i5 8600k, gskill rgb 8gx2 3200mhz of speed, gigabyte z370 gaming 3, an m.2 ssd(120gb) & 3.5 hdd(1TB), cryorig h7 quad lumi as a cooler, cooler master mastercase lite 5 rgb case(3rgb fan 1...
  17. A

    Wrong core voltage on my RX 580?

    I have heard that the default core voltage on the RX 580 is supposed to be 1150 mV but mine shows up as 750 mV in Speccy, HWMonitor and in MSI afterburner. It also crashes constantly when in games.
  18. S

    Connecting wired to an access point

    I used to have a secondary router in the summer house (Connected to hub via a cat5 into the WAN). all the wired devices in the summer house (TV, Sky, NAS etc) all worked fine. I have now turned the secondary router into an access point so that everything is on the same network, but now...
  19. henrytcasey

    Sinemia: What You Need to Know About This MoviePass Rival

    This discounted movie ticket service is like MoviePass, but it's cheaper. Of course, there's a catch. Sinemia: What You Need to Know About This MoviePass Rival : Read more
  20. P

    New GPU Causes BSOD and Some Artifacts

    I Need Your help guys i have a big problem Last week i bought a new RX 460 and often causes me problem sometimes when im playing the game crashes and blue screen and my display screen showing some weird colors like black and grey do i have a faulty gpu or faulty drivers ?? CPU:AMD A87650K...