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  1. vikaskumar2299

    Question Do you perceive slightly more judder / stuttering in bigger monitors as compared to smaller displays like mobile and laptop?

    I bought a new 24" Dell monitor (FHD 60Hz). And I'm using it with my laptop (FHD 60Hz). Now I have found myself in a big dilemma. I have started doubting the monitor might be faulty. This is why: I am watching some movie trailers on all my devices - phone screen, laptop screen and this new 24"...
  2. rcheulishvil

    Question Mafia Classic - Problem with Tommy's eyes

    So I just started classic mafia again. the 2002 version. And I noticed that during cutscenes, Tommy's eyes were different. I remember he had green eyes, but in every version I download, his eyes are rendered different and aren't as vivid. Then I searched Youtube and found out that his eyes...
  3. H

    Question Monitor hurting my eyes, best settings?

    Hello there, I have been using philips monitors all my life and I didn't have any problems while using them, my previous monitor was a PHILIPS 223V5LHSB2 And I have recently upgraded to an ACER SA220QA But my eyes are constantly hurting and I am narrowing my eyes constantly, as I said I...
  4. A

    Upgrading my motherboard

    I have an micro-atx H81M-A motherboard, but its cpu socket is 1150, I would like to upgrade to a i5 6500. That requires a 1151 socket. I was wondering if someone could recommend a motherboard that would fit into my case, that has 1151 socket. (asus m11ad)...
  5. D

    NEW GTX 970 keep crashing while gaming.

    hey, i build my own gaming PC about 2 weeks from now, and now im getting crashed everytime im trying to play a game, like bf4,ark,overwatch and so on. my screen goes black, but there is still sound and i could still speak with my friend on skype. its a new GTX 970, i5-6400,8 ddr4. my brother...
  6. S

    astro a40 with asus z97 k no toslink

    hi there i have just ordered a set of astro a40,s with mixamp 2013 and to my dismay my pc has no optical out and no mention of dolby digital live does this mean that i will need to buy a soundcard to get 7.1 or would i be able to connect the mixamp to my tv via optical without a loss in...
  7. Asbaat

    PCIe slots question.

    Ok, my motherboard has 2 pcie slots. One is PCIe x1 gen 2.x and one is PCIe x16 gen 2.x I wanna buy a video card Nvidia GT 630 which has a PCIe 2.0. Its not specified whether it is x1, or x16? So will it work? Thanks