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  1. connortn

    Question msi pro z690-a wifi (ddr5) has the led ezdebug cpu go off whenever I turn the newly built system on - any suggested solutions?

    I've recently tried putting together a new pc, i put everything together mostly fine and whenever I try to turn on the computer it fails to post as all the fans (cpu, psu, and case) all run completely normally. However the red cpu ezdebug led on the motherboard goes off and the system will shut...
  2. Doubel

    Question PC turns on, then No Signal. Strange EZDebug LED sequence.

    Context: Built this PC 2 years ago. Problem started happening 2 weeks ago. When I turned on my PC, an underscore would show on screen for half a second before all of my peripherals turned off (mouse, keyboard), only to turn back on 2 seconds later. I would be stuck in an infinite loop of this...
  3. SetArk

    [SOLVED] Yesteryear a everything was working fine. Woke up with EzDebug Cpu light bliping once. Fans turn on and off. Details on post.

    Hoy, so. Specs are I9 9900k 2 Hyperx 8gb ram 3000 Gtx 1050 Msi z390a pro Watercooler corsair. The msi manual and led points towards a cpu problem. Video below. Any possible help? Right now gonna try changing the psu to see if it may be it. View: https://youtu.be/BTlloAKt6oo Tried...
  4. AidanAins

    Question PC Won't Post, CPU Ez Debug light on

    Hi Everyone, My PC won't post and the EZ Debug LED is on, on my motherboard. I have re-seated the CPU and checked for any bent pins and there aren't any. What could the problem be? Many Thanks Aidan
  5. JaydenGannon

    [SOLVED] pc cant boot from any devices before a bootloop

    Hello, im having a bit of an issue with my new build, for the first two days everything ran fine no issues what so ever then all of a sudden after a game crash i loaded the game back up and the whole pc crashed sending me into a constant boot cycle where my pc cant actually now boot from any...
  6. JaydenGannon

    Question Issue with infinite boot loop

    So when my pc boots it flashes the ez debug cpu led then vga both then turning when the system boots the boot led pops up then rebooting the system, when I get into bios all of these leds go off but I can't get out of this cycle to even get into safe mode, also all the fans in the case turn on...
  7. Kurorin39

    [SOLVED] New PC no post, red CPU light

    Specs: MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi AMD Ryzen 7 5800x MSI MAG Coreliquid 240R ASUS GTX 1080ti CORSAIR Vengance Pro RGB 2x8gb @3600MHz SABRENT1TB M.2 SSD SEAGATE Barracuda 1TB HDD CORSAIR RM850 PSU All new parts recently bought together. Computers been built but it doesn't post. All rgb lights up...