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  1. the_mashrur

    Question Reoccurring Issue with graphics card

    Came back from a 2 week holiday a couple weeks ago, and tried to turn on computer only to be met with a black output on my monitor, and the VGA light on my motherboard. Replugged gpu, and reseated it too, and everything worked fine. Fast forward to today, and same issue. Repeat same thing as...
  2. Plague_.

    [SOLVED] Ram affecting cpu debug light

    So I got new ram sticks motherboard and psu for my computer and the ram sticks are a different brand and size to my old sticks and I wanted to use both pairs on my pc but when I have them all in the right slots it powers on then restarts and then the cpu debug lights up so I tested out all the...
  3. Ryjin210

    Question Encountering random freezes and pc crash while playing games.. Ez debug lights for ram and cpu flash

    Hi guys Good day, i hope you could really help me with my problem which is troubling me. i have a pc which i use for gaming usually. when i play a game specifically valorant sometimes a random freeze will occur. after 3 seconds the monitor turns black and the ez debug lights flash back and forth...
  4. Killerjockel

    Question MSI B450 Gaming: Mysterious BIOS issues

    Hi community One month ago I built a new PC. It consists of the MSI B450 Gaming PLUS (mATX) Motherboard, the AMD Ryzen 5 3600, a Radeon RX 570 and runs on 16GB RAM. I knew I had to update the BIOS before using the system since the B450 mainboards don't have stock support of the Ryzen 3000 CPUs...