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    Question Help with connecting front panel to this motherboard

    Hello i have trouble in connecting the front panel connecters from the carbide 275r series to the b450m-plus gaming motherboard i looked at the manual doesn’t show how to connect and i looked at the motherboard and there are tiny prints of Top F PANEL: +PWR_LED-PWR_BTN Bottom F PANEL...
  2. S

    Question Question about H500i F Panel connectors on X570 MOBO

    I am using a NZXT H500i as my case for my pc build. My motherboard is the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi. Will I have problems with the front panel connectors since they are all connected?
  3. H

    Questions regarding GPU extra power connector and SATA ports.

    Hello everybody. I have a Gainward GTX Phoenix GS 1070 with one 8-pin connector. When people are talking about extra power connector are they talking about GPU's that have two 8-pins/one 8-pin and one 6-pin? Or are they talking about something else? I just want to know if I need anything else...
  4. Saif Uv

    GPU for my PSU

    http://imgur.com/G6nAgX6 Can my PSU handle GTX 750 ti ? I was thinking about R7 260x before but my PSU cant handle it.