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  1. H

    Question CPU 90°C not in full load

    Firstly, I had an i5 2400, in load it had 80°c with thermal paste almost all dried up. Now I have an i7 3770 , same cpu cooler and i get 90°c ( not 100% load) while playing cs go. I changed the thermal paste a few hours ago again( before it had 100°c+. Now it does not pass the 100° but still...
  2. Multipal

    [SOLVED] Asus B450 F ROG Strix does not boot

    Hello everyone. I am going through a somewhat annoying situation. I was using my pc for at least a month after I finished assembling it. The pc does not boot. It all started a few days ago: a friend wanted me to try a hard drive which gave him problems. I decided to do it. When I connected...
  3. A

    High End Gaming Pc having really bad performance

    My main problem is lag No matter what settings I use, what game I use (even Vanilla Minecraft does) it lags. It all started when my CPU temperature hit 88 °C at start, while the ambient temperature was 16 °C For this reason, CPU fan went to maximum (with an infinitely boring noise), that's the...
  4. 3dboomerang

    Nvidia GTX 1060 // LAPTOP problem with max-resolution on 1920x1080

    Hello; I recently bought a laptop with a GTX 1060 in it. Very happy, working @ 1920x1080 @ 60Hz. >> On the webpage it says it can go until 7680x4320@60Hz When choosing a list of resolutions, I noticed the max I can choose on my laptop is 1920x1080. I reckon this is the laptop-manifacturer...
  5. M

    New router recommendation

    Hi guys, So I've been looking at getting a new router for the house and I'm in need of recommendations as the current router is just not cutting it anymore. The current router is a TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router (TD-W8961N) provided by the ISP. I've also got a fairly large home...
  6. K

    What's a good wireless hotspot app

    Needed to use phone as router.
  7. P

    Can I use 8gb of ram from a 16gb kit?

    Hey My friend gave me 8gb (4gb x 2) of ram from his 16gb (4gb x 4) kit. It is the Corsair Vengence Ram. Will the 8gb of Ram work for me when I put it into my Computer without using the other 8gb he has?
  8. A

    Gaming monitor help

    Narrowed down to 2 gaming monitors: BenQ RL2455HM vs BenQ EW2440l. I'm a casual gamer looking to improve my skill with a monitor that is fast and good picture quality
  9. James Tech

    Battlefield 4 activation key missing! Can't install.

    OK, I couldn't be more irritated right now. I just went to Target and bought a copy of Battlefield 4 a couple of hours ago and this is what happened. I opened the box, checked the contents and try to install the game, which I was actually looking forward to play because I can finally use some...