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Page 5 - Forum discussion tagged with Facebook.
  1. V

    Raid 1 Failure Hp Proliant

    Hi,I have e HP Proliant G9 Server with two HDD of 1TB in RAID 1. I dont know but one of the HDD probably failed,and the system did not boot up anymore. In the two HDD i had partition C and D. If i use the 2 HDD as external from another PC,I can see only partion C.I cant understad where did...
  2. I

    Pc suddenly not posting due to memory

    I'll give backstory to what happened, not sure if it will help though. This morning I installed a windows update and noticed my m.2 SSD was running very slowly. It's only 128GB so I knew it was probably just running out of space. There were only 6 GB left so I deleted the windows backup and some...
  3. A

    No Bullet Registration in All Games

    Hello, I am having a HUGE isue regarding gaming (online or offline) For example, I shoot someone it gives me a mark that I did hit him but with no damage. If I get a headshot it will either not register or either get less damage that it shouldve done. I have done several things to fix it but...
  4. B

    Internet crashes after browser opening, new tab opens etc. (Random)

    Hello The problem is it SEEMS that whenever a browser is opened, a new tab is opened (randomly) it cuts the internet off. What I mean by that is the router/modem still is working, has a signal etc. but ALL access to internet (wifi AND wired) are just stopped/blocked for EVERYONE. It is caused...
  5. T

    what mobo do i get

    I am building a new matx ryzen 2 build and I am troubled on board I should get. I was debating on the ASUS TUF B350M Pro Gaming or the GIGABYTE B350M GAMING 3. Which is overall the better board?
  6. V

    Shutdown pc during first POST

    Hi guys, So I was finishing my 1st pc build, and at the end I picked the wrong source for the monitor (vga instead of hdmi) so I didn't have anything on screen while the PC was booting up. Had to shut it down to troubleshoot. So after changing the source, I booted it up and it went to bios as...
  7. E

    Upgrading the PC

    Yo guys whats going on,today i'm taking my next step towards upgrading my PC ever since my last GPU overheated and became a useless piece of junk,kinda sad actually since it was a EVGA 980 Ti,anyways today my inquiry is about either getting the 2 heatpipe Cooler Master GeminII S524 Version 2...
  8. R

    laptop hard disk overheat

    Hi all My Hard disk temperature is alittle high while web browsing temperature is 38 while watching movie temperature is 40-42 while playing game temperature is 48-50 I use a 3 fan cool pad while playing games! this over heat makes my system crash what should I do to descrease...
  9. M

    audio not working on nvidia motherboard

    motherboard audio on the nforce 680i sli not working with 3.5 mm jack but when i use any headset with USB it works fine i am running windows ten and have tried drivers resetting my PC and changing cases this audio problem is driving me mad any help would be appreciated
  10. S

    PC installing update

    My Asus laptop X553M is taking forever to installing update
  11. S

    HP PROBOOK 4520s CPU Upgrade

    I have HP Probook 4520s base model. With i3 370M. I want to upgrade it to i5 or i7, i want to know what CPUs are compatible for my laptop to upgrade..I tried adding i5 2430M but my laptop screen goes black. What is the best CPU to upgrade my laptop to
  12. B

    Can I justify buying an iFixit kit even if I have nothing to "fix"?

    Probably a silly question, but for me money is a bit tight. I really don't have much that I know of to fix, but I've been interested in buying the beginner kit for some time. For those of you that own one, do you just tear things apart for the fun of it? See what components are like on any given...
  13. A

    I want to build this PC will it be goof?

    Hi, I want to build this gaming/ maybe streaming rig will it fit my needs of playing Fortnite over 120 FPS & maybe streaming at 720p60 https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/ I already have a GTX 1060 3GB and will transfer files with my HDD
  14. P

    Decent Cooler for my i5 4690

    Hey people,im looking for a decent cooler for i5 4690 non k for around 70euros,i know its cheap but i cant afford any better atm.
  15. I

    Monitor upgrade advice please

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Ycqygw this is my build, i am wondering if i upgrade from an acer A221hqv would i see any visual improvement with a newer 1080p Monitor? if so what is a good monitor for 1080p that is 200 or less (cheaper the better as long as i will see improvement in pic quality)
  16. S

    are my GPU temps fine?

    My 1050 ti 4gb temps are at 55 Celsius when idle, for me this seems a little high when it isn't even overclocked. Could this be to do with my plastic back plate? Also is there a good program where i can monitor GPU and CPU temps together as open hardware monitor doesn't work for ryzen. Thanks.
  17. S

    Why i'm getting fps drops !!??

    hello guys please can you help me i'm getting some fps drops i tried everything nothing worked still getting fps drops also i had this fps drops before i upgrade my gpu from gt 210 to gtx 650 i tought its only a bottleneck or something, anyway Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit...
  18. T

    M.2 or not M.2 SSD

    I'm finally ordering the 8930 Dell. After reading quite a bit, i'm still a little confused about the SSD i want. I'm looking at a 1 TB PCIe M.2, but don't know if i should get the M.2 or just the PCIe. Right now i do very little video, as far as gaming is concerned, but would like to hold the...
  19. F

    New build PC shuts down randomly - CPU/Mobo both stay on

    Hi guys, just built a new rig over the last few weeks, and now I've started to have issues with the machine randomly shutting off. (sometimes in a game, or sometimes even just after signing back into Windows) The CPU Fan and Mobo stay on, but the keyboard, mouse, and sound all kill off and the...
  20. grebgonebad

    Using 2 different GPU's in one system for NON GAMING purposes?

    Hi all, quick question regarding multiple GPU's of differing models in the same system. I've recently installed a GTX1060 in a rig, a very nice upgrade from the GT710 that preceded it. However, as I'm sure you're all aware, whereas the GT710 had HDMI, VGA and DVI out's, the GTX1060 has no VGA...