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Page 6 - Forum discussion tagged with Facebook.
  1. S

    HKU OneDriveSetup Suspicious?

    Hey guys, I was using HitmanPro and it said that I might have a suspicious file. Should I try to fix it or forget about it? Here’s the .txt output. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gqxaodskmvzqwf/Photo%20May%2020%2C%201%2038%2017%20AM.jpg?dl=0
  2. Z

    Does anyone have a PC with these specs?

    Hello.Can anyone help me with telling me how this pc performs in games if you have it. Specs of it: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9500 Gtx 1050 ti 8gb ddr2 If anyone has this specs in a pc can you tell me how does it perform in games?
  3. T

    Black screen and I need help

    Last night I was booting up my computer like normal and it displayed the sign in screen and I signed in and when the computer shows all my shortcuts there is no background instead it is just black screen. The taskbar was there too. I decide to restart my computer and I signed in but this time...
  4. Z

    Mouse cursor shaking when I move mouse fast

    I just got a new mouse, but when I move the mouse very fast in any direction, the cursor doesn't move in the direction I want it to, instead it stays put and shakes. Sometimes it even goes in the opposite direction! This happens in games too, which is a big deal in FPS games like CS:GO. Any help...
  5. S

    i3 8100 -- will a 2666 MHz RAM work as a 2666 one, or be limited to 2400 MHz?

    Hello. Intel ARK metions DDR4 2400 MHz on i3-8100's page. Is that a maximum? A minimum? Or maybe just a recommandation? I googled and found people saying that a 2400 MHh RAM is a maximum for the i3 Coffee Lake CPU's. But the H370 motherboard supports 2133 / 2400 / 2666. If I use a 2666 RAM...
  6. I

    Can anyone recommend a quality 1080p monitor (my TV looks way better than the ones I've tried)

    My TV is a 2004 1080p Sony Bravia KDL-46V4100. I need a monitor that has similar quality and is just smaller. 21.5-24 inches is the screen size I'm looking for.
  7. S

    GPU Keeps Going Idle (p8 state)

    A few weeks ago my power supply became unstable and had to be replaced. During that time it caused my GPU to start idling (405mhz mem and core - p8 state) while playing games, causing them to drop from 60-70fps down below 30fps. Now, my power supply has been replaced, but my GPU continues to...
  8. S

    help in improvement of graphics

    my all in one pc brand is lenovo and Model is IdeaCentre B320
  9. M

    1st pc build advice

    hello am attempting to build a pc for the 1st time and am pretty nervous in terms of item compatibility and longevity of holding decent performance for a good few years (gaming, vr etc) considering the price. any advice/critique/alterations of my selection would be appreciated. budget around...
  10. G

    Can Bios mess up the system?

    Hi :) I'm trying to repair a Samsung Notebook Three series. It is for an elderly person that cannot afford to have it repaired. Specs: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2501 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) MODEL: NP350V5C Samsung Notebook 3 series Sticker at the back...
  11. B

    ADVICE / Help Please ?? - Making a 'back-up/clone of my laptop ?

    Hi All Just had a 'fright' when my OLD Acer Aspire 5920/ZD1 would NOT boot !!! After playing for over an hour, removing GPU, Ram etc it some how went into system restore ? It only has a 250Gb drive and i only use around 120Gb... It has ALL my important info/programs etcso i was quite scared...
  12. 1

    Water Cooling Backplate doesn’t fit back into place after unscrewing

    Hi Tom’s Hardware, I’ve recently been having CPU temperature issues; arising to over 90 degrees on idle without load before the motherboard failsafe kicks in instantly shutting down the computer, usually within less than a minute. This isn’t an issue with airflow as my system is well cleaned...
  13. J

    Motherboard Drivers Issue

    I cannot download the mobo drivers for my new PC. I've got the MSI Z270 Mobo and i7 7700k CPU however my CPU isn't compatible with the mobo drivers. I was wondering if there is anyway around this.
  14. Sam mainman

    ACER P238 travail mate is it any good

    hi guys I was looking to get a used small laptop and I found a brand new ACER P238 at a great price only 250$ it has - Intel® Core™ i5-6200U. - Screen size : 13.3 " - 500 GB HDD. - 4 GB ram. the specs are perfect were I am there is no way I could get a better deal even on a used laptop the only...
  15. P

    I am experiencing lag since I bought a new Graphics card.

    So, I have a i5-4460 CPU and recently I bought GTX 1060 3GB. Before GTX 1060 3GB I had AMD Sapphire R7 260X graphics card. After changing the graphics card my performance in has improved but I get frame drops very often and sometimes it is unplayable. My question is, is there something wrong...
  16. M

    i7-7700K Gigabye Z270

    Hello, I recently overclocked my i7-7700K on a Z270 Gigabyte MOBO and have run into a slight issue. I followed the steps on from this article that was put written by Gigabyte for manually OC my CPU...
  17. A

    WD Green SSD 128 GB VS Kingstone SSD UV400 128 GB

    Hi, which one do you think it would LAST LONGER? I only need it to be reliable for the long term. Thanks!
  18. S

    Headset mic suddenly stops working?

    In the middle of a discord call today my microphone suddenly stopped working. It would only work if i yelled into it and then it would sound low and as if i was underwater. It did this on other computers too so I know it's a headset problem. I reinstalled my audio drivers too just for safe...
  19. W

    Windows 10 reset stuck

    My computer reset has been stuck at 92% for a while, I know it takes time but I started it yesterday and went to sleep. I feel like it should be done by know since its been 8-9 hours? I have been looking around but I don't understand why it would be stuck in the first place my computer is not...
  20. O

    WiFi driver keeps restoring after delete

    I have an issue with wifi on laptop Dell N5110 Windows 10x64 clean install (Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter). WIfi goes "no internet" every 5 minutes. Other devices have no problems with this router. What I treid to do: reset via NETSH check power management choose channel number...