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Page 7 - Forum discussion tagged with Facebook.
  1. _dawn_chorus_

    [Sold] unopened EVGA 1080 sc acx 3.0 $620 Seattle, Wa UPDATED

    **UPDATE: I found out I cannot return this for some reason even though it is well within the 30 days from purchase so I am selling it at no gain. You pay what I paid. ** Selling an unopened EVGA 1080 SC ACX 3.0 for $620 in Seattle, WA, U.S. I impulse bought 2 and am keeping the other model...
  2. P

    These motherboards are same?

    I am confuse between these 2 motherboards:- Lord G4x 775 ICH7 8712 AND ZEB-G41-D3 Both properties show same as the another here is the link for both:- https://zebronics.com/products/motherboards/zeb-g41-d3-socket-775 As I own Lord G4x 775 ICH7 8712 An desktop app is showing same properties as...
  3. N

    shared monitor on pc and mac

    Hello all, im trying to make this setup: - 1 macbook pro - 1 pc laptop - 1 monitor - 1 keyboard and 1 mouse would want to be able to operate both machines on one monitor and use the same keyboard and mouse for both. how can i switch from input to another without disconnecting cables? is it...
  4. adast

    Looking for a new monitor

    Hello as i already have a pc that i will be buying i need another monitor currently im using ACER 24" 1080p 60Hz and i need some good advice on which one will be better i want to get 1440p but i dont know if its worth it to get with 144hz or 60hz i read that with 144hz is for most of...
  5. M

    Have to run Network Troubleshooter everytime I open my laptop.

    I have an Asus ZenBook with Windows 10. Recently, every time I open my computer and/or try to connect to WiFi, it loads and loads and eventually it connects, but says "No Internet, Secured" and the yellow triangle with the '!' appears in the taskbar and WiFi screen. I used to turn my computer...
  6. H

    need a little advice about a virus

    so once upon a time i got a nasty bad virus. it would not go away even after getting detected and removed by what i have is malwarebytes premium. when it deleted it, it still had residue files left that would reproduce what was deleted. i had to manually hunt this sucker down and delete...
  7. J

    under £450 Budget PC Build, absolutely lost

    Recently have been looking for a pc build but seriously struggling as i am a bit lost, having difficulty finding what goes with what and what is better than what. ideally would want to be able to play games like the elder scrolls series as well as a few other fairly recent games. i have a budget...
  8. beinik6

    Game lag Spikes [Please help..]

    Okey hi, Please read the whole thread if you really want to help me! So, good day all. I'm struggling with a Problem for a certain time now and dont know anything more to fix it.. The Problem is, that I have "stutter" or "lag/micro spikes" in many games. The Games where it happens most: -...
  9. Pulssqt

    PCIe cable 12v voltage tolerance

    So today I found some server PSU that has been laying around my house for some time. Decided to use it, but before i decided to plug cables to components i measured 12V voltage on 6/8 pin PCIE cables. So on 12v I measured around 12.6v. Is that too high and is there a risk of killing my GPU ...
  10. A

    Monitor Advice - £1,200 max budget.

    Hi guys, My GPU is an Asus - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB STRIX I have a monitor budget of £1,200. I could be convinced to go a little more if worth it... I'm currently debating either dual 27" ROG SWIFT PG278QR or a single 34" UWQHD ROG SWIFT Curved PG348Q The dual monitors would be £590 x 2 =...
  11. O

    1060 6gb market price

    What's the price of gtx 1060 6gb in america or most of the world? Its hard to find it in Indonesia and it's so pricey
  12. P

    Secure my phone

    Hi really just need to be sure there isn't a tracker on my phone if it is i need taken off
  13. L

    upgrading the processor latop

  14. A

    Monitor shows No Signal - Fans are running

    Hello Guys, I got a problem with my 3 year old custom built PC. When I turn my PC on I get a "No Signal"-message on my Monitor and the Mouse and Keyboard also do not turn on. I already tried unplugging the cable from my power suplly and holding down the power button for 1 minute. I also reset my...
  15. C

    Fix corrupted bios on rog z370?

    Hi, My friend bought a MAXIMUS X HERO z370 mobo, After using it couple of hours the PC freezed and restarted then no boot screen. The post keep stock on some memory issues and reboot. already tried clear cmos but it seems is the bios itself corrupted. How to install fresh bios to this mobo? I...
  16. H

    Microsoft Office reinstall

    I'm upgrading my desktop with an SSD. I don't have a lot of files, so figured I'd install the SSD, do a clean install of Windows 10, and then format the HDD to use for storage. However, I've got Office 2010 Pro running on the PC/HDD - original authentic copy, I have the disc and the key - but I...
  17. S

    Pin/wire coordination for power supply

    Please help me. Ive been trying to google all day and no luck :pfff: . I have n750p-00 supply that came out of a precision 490. I need to know the color coordinations for every wire for the groups P1 and P2. Or a diagram of the pins input on the motherboard of the 490. Thanks
  18. M

    is this fps benchmark website accurate?

    http://gamesystemrequirements.com/game/playerunknowns-battlegrounds#cresult I've tested a couple cpu's and gpu's on this site but i don't know whether this site is accurate or not
  19. P

    X34xx series Xeon in a Dell Optiplex 980 SFF

    Hi, I was wondering if any x3400 series Xeons will work in my Dell Optiplex 980 SFF, specifically the X3430. It's the same socket and TDP is fine, it's a matter of BIOS compatibility.
  20. T

    pci-e 3.0 and pci-e 2.0

    So i want to buy an gtx 1050 ti that is pci-e 3.0 but my motherboard (h81m-dg4) is pci-e 2.0 will the gtx 1050 ti work if my motherboard is pci-e 2.0 ?