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  1. BlackBurn98

    [SOLVED] MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Died, No Power

    Hey guys. I'm in a bit of a bad situation right now. I think my PC just died and that too all of a sudden and pretty strangely. So here's what happened. I built this PC back in December of 2017. Everything was smooth except for when the RGB LEDs on the motherboard died around 6 months later...
  2. A

    Question Graphics card, RAM, other failing?

    So my computer has been having some serious issues lately. I've done some research and tried diagnosing myself, but can't say for sure what's wrong. All of these issues are somewhat intermittent. I built the rig and use it primarily for gaming and video editing. The most common one by far is...
  3. L

    Question How to detect dead CPU or motherboard

    Hello, I need help to detect if a CPU or motherboard is dead. I have tested the PSU on other system and works fin. The system with the problem sometimes boots for a minute or less and then it turn off (With the RAM). Some more times it just try to get on, no post picture or anything, it just...
  4. G

    Question CPU fan error

    Hello everyone... I have a little problem, everytime I start up my computer, it gets the "cpu fan error" as soon as it appears a simple reboot makes it disappear, but when I turn off the computer the cycle repeats itself and I dont understand why... *Its a new problem. My motherboard and cpu...
  5. I

    Question ASUS M2A-MX BIOS update help

    Hello, i noticed that i need to update my mobo BIOS to fix a grand hang issue that was on this system forever. But when i enter DOS mode and execute the afudos file to open the .rom file for my bios update, says it can't open it. I'm making a MS-DOS FAT32 USB flash drive. Can someone tell me how...
  6. Y

    Question Windows 10 updates all fail and drivers refuse to install any help is appreciated!

    So a couple of weeks ago i installed windows on my girlfriends computer (on a new SSD that i had also installed) however i found out today that when she tried to use a usb drive windows said that there are no drivers for this device, when trying to install the drivers it failed. when i had a...
  7. stejorin

    Question Is My Storage OK?

    Hello! I have been having various problems with my PC recently such as random error messages, a few failed boots, and most annoyingly, stutters in Rocket League. I Googled and tried a fix to Rocket League, didn't work so I wiped my drives and reinstalled Windows and the error messages went away...
  8. E

    [SOLVED] i7-8700 (no k) is bottlenecking a 2080 (no ti)?

    I have a lot of fps drops and 55-80 unestable framerate. I play in 2k. I dont know whats happening but bottleneck is probably the problem? Specs: i7 8700 RTX 2080 16GB DDR4 Ram 650w psu
  9. T

    BIOS Update Joshua-H61-uATX

    Hello everyone, I'm Michiel. As the title says: I need a bios update. I need this update because I have a keyboard (Steelseries apex 350) and everytime at the startup of my desktop it gives a keyboard error. which results in slower startup. I've contacted steelseries already and they were...
  10. drewski989

    Monitor Odd Distortion

    Dell 27" GSYNC S2716DG ~2 years old Just noticed this distortion the other day, occurred within the last week: It basically disappears when I view from above angle. Not sure, but it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas what...
  11. H

    How to boot dvdram in UEFI Mode

    Hi I cant boot on DVDRAM in UEFI Mode I want to convert my partion style from MBR to GPT but to install windows on GPT partition you need to boot on DVDRAM in UEFI mod (what i got from Google so far ) In bios boot option select uefi dvdram screen blinks but nothing happens What do i do
  12. B

    After I installed my GPU I can't play games due to a huge dip in fps

    I've been using integrated graphics for a while and finally got down to buying a gpu it's a 1060 3gb once I put it in I got a huge drop in fps.
  13. M

    Problem with usb driver

    Whenever i am inserting any usb device such as pendrive, cardreader , mouse receiver etc. It is showing unknown device . I tried uninstalling it but nothing happened . When i am starting my pc without inserting any device unknown device is getting automatically installed
  14. B

    Print With Toshiba E-Studio 250 Printer

    I have a Toshiba e-Studio 250 Scanner/Fax/Copier (it is probably about 12 years old). I am trying to use it as a printer from Windows 10 (X64). I go to "Add A Printer", it doesn't detect the printer, but if I give it the network IP address, it finds a printer. It asks me what driver to install...
  15. L

    Regular blue screens of death (Memory management and IRQL)

    Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of BSOD recently (five this month already), they are either memory management BSOD or IRQL not less or equal BSOD. The past two have occured while I was playing online games, however others have occured while browsing or watching films. I've gone through and...
  16. B

    Dead Motherboard or Cpu

    To start I built my pc last year with these specs.1 Intel i3 4160 (might be slightly off, don't have original box) 2 Gigabyte h81m-s2ph 3 hyper x 8gb (1 stick) 4 Diablo tec 700w psu 5 pny 750ti. Later the GPU was changed to a 970, eventualy I wanted to upgrade my cpu. So i got a fx 6300 and...
  17. D

    Breadboarding with just CPU , stuck in boot loop

    First time build I know you probably get 100 of these a day. But I can't find any useful information for my problem. Parts: Motherboard: Gigabyte B150M DS3H CPU : Intel i5 6500 PSU: Seagate 450G I'm currently breadboarding with just CPU , stock HSF and PSU . My Phanteks eclipse 400s doesn't...
  18. M

    No disk 0

    Hello , Yesterday I was booting my PC with Windows 10... the process was all good. I felt asleep during the process. When I woke up the PC was off , so I turn on the PC , I found it saying no disk found or similar to that .. so I was going to boot it again as the hardware was detected in BIOS...
  19. L

    2x 16gb SODIMM DDR3 for Clevo W110ER? Is it possible?

    Hello I'd like to upgrade RAM in my laptop to 32gb however it's pretty hard to find DDR3 (not DDR3L) 16gb modules. My laptop (Clevo W110ER) has only 2 slots but I see that CPU i7-3632qm should support up to 32gb. I'm a bit confused - is it possible to have those 32gb with only 2 modules? Or is...
  20. daveios92

    Intercomms and gate

    Hey guys, I am building a house and I want to have video/phone at the gate to see who is there. Its long way from the house so wireless isn't an option. So I need some solution with cable. Do you know some good brands and can you help me?