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  1. MrLautzy

    Question Both GPU fans abruptly stop spinning on older card?

    I have a Radeon HD 7870 in one of my server computers that had both fans just stop spinning at once. I only noticed because the room is normally loud with the ambient sound from my card and when fans as powerful as the entrance to MIB headquarters go out, it is jarring. I think that the power...

    Question Thought it was GPU or PSU. Now I think that it might be motherboard (still lost).

    Hey everyone, I've been having problems with my pc since yesterday and I'm kind of lost to be honest. I built my pc about 3.5 years ago Mobo: Asrock AB350 Fata1ty CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 RAM: Corsair 3200mhz 16gb PSU: Rosewill CAPSTONE 750M 750W GPU: vega 64 OS: Windows 10 on Samsung 860 evo SSD I...