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  1. T

    165hz default refresh rate for AOC AGON AG241QG?

    Is 165hz really the default refresh rate of this monitor?
  2. I

    Is there a difference between the GTX 1050 and the GTX 1050 OC?

    Hi! Is there difference in performance of games with GTX 1050 Normal or GTX 1050 OC?
  3. LegateLanius

    Is it ok to overclock an i7-7700k from 4.2 to 4.5GHz without liquid cooling?

    I have a intel skylake i7-7700k stock clocked at 4.2GHz and i was wanting to overclock to 4.5GHz but I have a pretty basic cpu cooler (This one). Can i safely overclock my CPU to my desired frequency with this cooler? Vielen Dank
  4. H

    what happens if you put 80w cpu in 95w motherboard

    my motherboard supports 95w tdp can I go lower than that
  5. M

    Boot windows Partition in a VM (Linux)?

    I am on Linux, and I have windows as a dual boot. However, sometimes I want to get into Windows without rebooting the computer. My question is, how do I boot the windows partition inside of Linux for a VM kind of thing?
  6. Q

    Intel i7 4702MQ CPU 2,20 GHz

    Hello everyone. I have some serious problem. All the time my procesor clock rate are at 0,77GHz. Whatever i doing if launching Photshop or game still 0,77GHz. Games are unplayable and system works slow. It happens out of nowhere, 2 years everything working ok but now i couldn't use my laptop...
  7. R

    Product Key Question

    Ok, so this may sound odd, but I have landed my hands on a Win 10 Pro Product key, and I have Win 10 Home. Can I activate Win 10 home with the pro key? Or do I have to re install. Thanks for any help.
  8. K

    Power supply question

    Basically i have had to rma my current power supply which is a evga 650w g2 gold it is coming back with my replacement on Wednesday next week, i was wondering i have a msi gtx 970, i do have a spare 500w xigamatic unmodular which was my old psu before i got this card would this be suitable for a...
  9. D

    looking for a 2012 R2 certified mb that can support min 96gb with 12cores

    Hello all i am after advice on choosing a high end MB for microsoft Azure POC. spec is windows 2012R2 certified, min 96gb ram and 12 cores ! must support SLAT also. anyone know of one ? ASROCK ? thanks dave
  10. R

    Overclocked a msi r9 290x lightning with no core voltage increase?!

    Hello, I recently overclocked my 290x lightning and was curious what you made of this: I raised the power limit +50 I changed the core clock to 1175! I changed the memory clock to 1350 and i left the fan control on auto The overclock is stable in Furmark, I never witness any artifacts and...
  11. S

    Internal vs External HDD

    I am planning to buy a 2 TB storage but I am not sure if I should buy internal of external HDD. External would be easier to remove which suits my needs but in terms of speed which one is the best? Is the difference that significant ( SATA vs USB 3.0)? Thanks I could use a dock for HDD. Would...
  12. R

    HP pavilion g6-2331se startup problems

    so the problem is,that,i bought a pavilion laptop an year ago, the model is pavilion g6-2331se,it was all working fine and great, yesterday night after a proper shut down i powered it up today, i was busy with my phone so did not pay much attention to it, as time passed i saw that the screen was...
  13. takuyaben

    Wi Fi not working after changing Mobo

    My PCs Mobo burnt up so i replaced it but now i have a problem regarding the Wi-Fi.Whenever i connect my laptop or smartphone the connection breaks automatically.I can use internet only on my PC.I have a broadband connection with Line-in and NETGEAR box.Please help.
  14. I

    can or no?

    Desktops Can My Old Pc Spec Run This game? Spec : - AMD Athlon 3000+ 2GB DDR2 160 HardDisk GeForce 8600 vga 6x Usb + 2x Usb HD Audio Network Gigabit 550 watt psu can run on this game ? :- Outlast rocksmith 2014 Battlefield 4 Dragon age Dragon age II Dragon age Origins Call Of Duty Black...
  15. T

    Looking for best processor

    I am building my own computer for Cad which I will use to work from home. I will be working in 3D most of the time and want the program to run flawless. With money not being a concern, I want to know which processor would be best : Intel i7 extreme edition or intel xeon e7 family I will note...
  16. G

    New i5-4570 build, help needed

    Hi. Help needed for choosing motherboard. Cooling questions too. My planned build: CPU: i5-4570 PSU: XFX 450w Case: CM Silencio 352 (mATX case) http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mini-tower-silencio-series/silencio352/ SSD: 840 EVO 250gb HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB As you can see I haven't decided...
  17. A

    trying to link original xbox

    is it possible to link 2 original Xbox's via the internet without xbox live?
  18. grebgonebad

    Poor latency, good speeds?

    Hi all! Okay, so a bit of background info first: My ISP is Virgin and we have recently had our speed doubled. I think we were on 30mb/s before, making it 60mb/s now, but I can't be sure because it's my dad (I'm not 5 years old or anything don't worry XD) who pays for the connection and he wont...
  19. N

    Hacking speed limit set by ISP

    I have spectranet fiber optic broadband connection at home.They offer 16mbps internet connection at certain limits as per plan.After limit speed is reduced to 1mbps but for youtube video streaming and download,google playstore in android phone speed does not get reduced.It is continuing at the...