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  1. JoelHauser

    Question System fans not being detected! Help!

    Hello, first time posting here! I've ran into a little bit of a problem and I'm curious of the greater minds of the internet can help me out with this! I have a MSI Z390 MPG Gaming Plus mother board which is rather new! I have an iCue 4000X RGB case which I naturally filled out the case with 6...
  2. N

    Question GPU fan speed goes up and down (from 0Rpm to 1400Rpm)

    RTX 2060 6gb my card fan speed goes up and down every minute or so. here is a NZXT cam - NZXT cam how can i change that it goes from 0Rpm to 1400Rpm on idle(online school)
  3. samudoma

    Question Disabling PWM fans (system, not CPU) under specific temperatures

    I have 4 PWM fans installed in my case (PcCooler Halo RGB 120 mm), MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge Motherboard, however temperature-wise I have no use for them (and their noise) while doing basic stuff or idling. Is it harmful or not to set them up in BIOS in DC smart fan mode in...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Green Scree 5700xt

    I have recently build a new gaming ring with 5700XT, spec is at the bottom. Generally speaking, I am very happy with the card and when it performs, it does well. However, recently I have been experiencing some rather irritating issues. Firstly, when I play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), it...
  5. M

    Question CPU and GPU fan speed issues

    1. 5700XT from Gigabyte The fans are not spinning even if Wattman says they are. I will attach a screenshot of what is shown in wattman. ( 2. CPU Fan runs normally but every 5-10 seconds it goes faster than normal. If I set the power saving mode of windows 10 to "Power...
  6. D

    Question Sys_fan2 not working

    I just bought be quiet pure wings 2 and when i connect it to my motherboard (MSI B450M Gaming plus) into the sys_fan2 header, it wont work. When i turn on the computer it spins up for a second and then just stops. Any suggestions are highly welcome.
  7. Question 970 GTX Last fan suddenly stops/starts spinning for no reason

    In the name of God. Hello. I have a 970 GTX (g1 gaming from gigabyte) used for less than 2 years. Hadn't installed any drivers/updates on PC yet suddenly last fan (near the ports) stops spinning causing other two fans to go full speed. This happened while I was in middle of a very light and...