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  1. Cristian Bull

    Question Control GPU fans using case fans control

    I have an Aorus gtx1060 that's been malfunctioning for over a year, and want to know if there is a way to control the GPU fans directly from the pwm of the case fans. I disassembled the GPU and noticed the fans have 4 wires, but the connector is slightly different to that from standard PC fans...
  2. PaPies

    Question CPU Falsely at 91C, Fan at 100%, Not always (Need Help)

    Hello, I've recently built a computer and I have this problem where it would report the CPU being at 91-95C and spin the fans to oblivion (As I have 7 fans) Cooling in question is ML360R RGB from Coolermaster. MB: Gigabyte Gaming X I can't 100% confirm, but if I leave the fans at Normal...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] RX570 not responding to fan settings

    Hi, I have AMD Radeon RX570, for the last month it just not responding to the fan setting and no matter what is the temperature it runs on max speed
  4. K

    [SOLVED] black screen fans going at full speed.

    Hi Guys, recently I've been having problems with the pc I put together late last year. I didn't notice this being a problem until a few weeks ago and I believe it has been happening more often recently When playing certain games, it goes to a black screen and the fans rev up. It does not shut...
  5. M

    Question CPU and GPU fan speed issues

    1. 5700XT from Gigabyte The fans are not spinning even if Wattman says they are. I will attach a screenshot of what is shown in wattman. ( 2. CPU Fan runs normally but every 5-10 seconds it goes faster than normal. If I set the power saving mode of windows 10 to "Power...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Why is my CPU so hot?!

    Everything else seems fine temperature wise, but my cpu is super hot while doing NOTHING... i have 6 fans in my case : 2 in front,graphics fan, psu fan ,one in the back and the cpu fan....i bought this pc from someone i dont know and he said that he changed the thermal paste recently... what can...
  7. watrhous

    Question Why is my B450M-HDV R4.0 Chassis Fan Speed 100%?

    Unable to control my B450M-HDV R4.0 fan speeds even after adjusting in bios and speedfan they just blast full on. Ryzen 3 2200g 16gb ddr4 3200 on the xmp2 profile. bios v 3.7 I have 2 x 140mm Rosewill fans on intake connected a pwm fan splitter into the 4pin chassis fan connector and 1 x 140mm...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Bought a new front fan and its spins too slow, how to make it spin faster?

    Hello all i bought a new front fan and it spins too slow.. also when im playing ac odyssey my cpu temperature is around 72celsius... is there a way to make it spin faster?
  9. K

    Question CPU cooler always Max rom

    I bought a used rtx 2080, i7 8700k, Alienware Mobo and aio. The parts are from an aurorus r7 I think. But the aio is always at Max rev. Is there a way to change the bios to a default Asus bios or a software to fix can speeds?
  10. BuSponge

    [SOLVED] GPU fan ramps up to 100% during CPU post (4-6 sec) Ryzen 3600 and RX 5700 XT

    I just build a full amd system with a ryzen 3600 and a RX5700XT. The problem is the graphics cards ramps up to 100% during the post, however after the post it just goes back to normal fan speeds and it works perfectly fine in windows. I've seen other posts on reddit. Some people say its normal...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] 1060 6gb sc, screen goes black when I play rust but I can still hear discord

    I’ve just built a new pc using my old psu which is 500w, I’m assuming it may be what’s causing my gpu to black screen and the fan speed to go to 100%. The gpu has worked fine until now because it is also from my old rig so I doubt it’s overheating or anything like that, just wondering if you...
  12. S

    Question NZXT Kraken x62 boosting to oblivion.

    I recently completed a new build and my kraken speeds up a lot when I'm doing something as simple as starting chrome, when playing a game like csgo it will immediately boost to 100% fan speed, quickly throttle down and then quickly throttle up again. My thermals aren't bad either so I don't know...
  13. U

    [SOLVED] fan speed only work in BIOS

    All my case fans are stuck at max speed. The setup: Ryzen 3600 on ASRock B450m Steel Legend with 3 three-pin case fans plugged into the four-pin headers. While in the BIOS I set the fans to read mb temp and use a quiet fan profile, and I alll the fans slow down and work great until I reboot into...
  14. J

    Question Case fan spins up loud and system crashes, usually after wake from sleep

    I've been having a problem for a couple of months now where my Windows 10 system crashes on a daily basis. I leave the computer asleep overnight, and I wake it in the morning. Nearly every day, shortly after waking, the case fan spins up loud, and the overall system crashes to a black screen...
  15. R

    Question warranty XFX

    hi , I bought one XFX RX 580 4gb GPu a few months ago from a sell´s site for second hand products on my country .... the seller sent me the product and on first impressions everything looked nice , I had 1 year warranty yet by the store he bought from and 1 year from xfx .... few days ago I...
  16. J

    Question GPU One Fan Stuck at 100%

    I've had an RTX 2080 Ti Fe for a few weeks now in an eGPU enclosure. It's been running amazingly until yesterday. After downloading and trying Metro Exodus for its RTX features, one of the GPU fans went up to 100% and stayed there, even when all temperature sensors read it as being in the low...
  17. N

    Question My front case fan is not spinning anymore.

    I built my computer around 3 years ago, so it was about time to clean the insides anyway. I've tried spraying compressed air into the case (taking every basic precaution) which did fix the problem for a bit, but it ended up stopping again. My case is a Xion XON 310 BK, a cramped, ugly mess of...
  18. Y

    Question CPU fans fixed at 100% after PC waking up from sleep

    Hi all, I have the persisting issue that my CPU cooler fans (Antec H1200 Pro AIO fans on an i7 7700K overclocked) will continuously run at max speed after the PC has woken up from sleep mode. On normal startup it follows the normal fan curve, but not after sleep. This is very annoying, because...
  19. T

    Question Laptop fan always running high

    Recently my laptop fan has started constantly running close to full speed even when the cpu is at idle. I opened it up and cleared any dust even though there wasn't much and the fan still runs high. I checked intel extreme tuning and the temps aren't that high (about 40c at idle) so i'm not sure...
  20. Zakster

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    First of all hello. Specs: AMD A10 7860K (Stock Cooler) GigaByte GA-F2A78M-HD2 2x8GB DDR3 1866 1050Ti My current problem is my CPU fan spins at around 4.6kRPM under full load and idle around 2.2K. Solutions I have tried: Cleaning the heatsink and reapplying thermal paste. Adding two...
  21. Mo.R

    Question Gtx 1060 quietness

    Hi, I want to know if the Gtx 1060/ti is a quiet card.if there are could you give me the names. I'm not looking for single fan ones, due to dual and triple look better in my opinion. Thanks