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  1. Claulo

    Question Series x (console) fan question

    I removed the fan from the console so I could clean it, and got obsessed with the idea that I damaged the fan connector or the motherboard connector, because I pulled a little hard on the cable and its a little loose Is there any way to know if a fan is damaged? For Now its seems normal but i...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] RGB fans

    Morning, Total noob at this building computers stuff. I have a question regarding fan compatibility. I have the following hardware which I think is what's relevant to the question (Can do full system if needed)...
  3. riphagen

    [SOLVED] case fan cant plug into mobo. What will I do?

    I have 4 fans for case. They are atteched with molex and they are working. But I want plug in to mobo. There is such a problem; Fans have 2 pin male cable. The male cable not suitable for any location in case...
  4. D

    How to screen capture at custom aspect ratio

    To put it simple I want to record my gameplay but I use triple monitor 144hz so a capture card won't work unless supports 144hz Reason is for file size I recorded for 5 hours and had 1tb and also for viewers I want it to record the standard 16:9 since that's probably what ppl are using...