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  1. Gabriel_Melo

    Question RTX 3060 TI KO OC does not stay with fans on

    I got an ASUS RTX 3060 TI KO OC and went to adjust the control of the fans in MSI Afterburner as I always do, but basically the fans do not stay on below 45% speed whenever I put below that value they turn on and off quickly. If someone could tell me if this is normal or if there is a way to...
  2. rgb_is_confusing

    [SOLVED] How should i attach d-rgb fans to my mobo, that doesn't have any rgb ports?

    Phanteks p400a case asrock b450-hdv r.4 all other parts are irrelevant I just got this case and put my computer in it, but my motherboard doesn't have any rgb headers to plug the fans into. I can get power to them simply with a 3-1 fan converter but i dont know about a way to do something like...
  3. DudeBDR

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake Water 3.0 Triple Riing 360mm Fan controllers and TT RGB Plus?

    So basically I have two of these coolers one on my GPU and one on my CPU they have fan and RGB controllers that come with them and then TT has their TT RGB Plus software. I can't find anywhere that has a fix for the issue I'm having specifically. It's all been the newer fan and RGB controllers...
  4. S

    Question No addressable RGB header

    Hi there i need some help with connecting my rgb fan controller to my motherboard. The rgb fans are Gamdias Aeolus m1 1204R and the motherboard that I am using is the MSI tomahawk MAX. Before i bought the motherboard i knew it had RGB headers but i didn't know that it was only 12v headers. The...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Is this a fan controller would i able to see each individual fan temperature of each fan

    Not sure if this is a fan controller, would i be able to see the individual fans temperature/rpm of each connected to this hub i am trying to connect it to CHA_FAN2. I am using thermaltake 12 ring syn 3x120mm fan and a tuf b450m-plus gaming and a coolmaster masterair ma610p DeepCool FH-04...