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  1. A

    Question Alienware Alpha R1

    Hello everyone! I've embarked on an interesting quest. I have recently received an Alienware Alpha R1 i7 4765T version. They're decent at best of a device but struggled with thermal throttling issues. So I've decided to do something about that. I'm doing some testing before I drop 16GB of...
  2. hyperjcm

    Question Can i plug 5 fans to one header?

    I bought some cheap 120mm led case fans off eBay and connected it to one system fan header using fan splitters. so far it works fine in pwm mode, but in dc mode the fan leds blink like it stops for a sec and turns back on which made me worried if the fans require more power than what the header...
  3. B

    PSU help! I don’t know why it’s not working

    I am building my own PC and got this PSU listed below: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 750W Digital 80+ Gold Smart Zero 256-Color RGB Fan Fully Modular ATX 12V 2.31/EPS 12V 2.92 Power Supply I have tried to get it to work and when I hit the power button it just clicked and now won’t turn on...
  4. TheMajesticBurger

    Best silicone paste on delidded CPU?

    I plan to delid my 7700k and replacing the TIM. After that I would like to stick the metal piece back on using silicone ( Or something That can be taken back off to get access to the TIM again). I don't know what silicone to buy for the cpu, but if you could give me some recommendations that...
  5. K

    PC Only starts up when CPU 4 pin power cable not connected to motherboard

    Title mostly says it all but when i do not have the 4 pin cpu power connector plugged into the motherboard the pc starts up and everything comes on. Once i connect the CPU power connector to the motherboard, the pc will start up and run for about 5-10 seconds and then shuts off again and will...
  6. L

    Swapping SSDs in

    I've got a dedicated 24/7 Windows 10 computer I used as a weather station. I'm thinking of replacing it with a new computer.
  7. A

    Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro Crashes Games, Error Reporting Programs, and Finally Windows 10 itself.

    The Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro Crashes Games, then crashes the support programs trying to report the error, and then crashes windows 10 64 bit completely. This action happens within a total time of ten seconds from start to finish. It performs a forced reboot in which the entire card at this point...
  8. E

    I feel like my PC is running on a "sub-par" preformance.

    Hello everyone, I have a PC of mine which I refer to as "budget high-end" as in that I buy a part/upgrade a part every once a year or so. Now I got a big GPU upgrade last year, very happy, and definitely an upgrade from my previous Sapphire Radeon 6770 to a Gigabyte GTX 770. Although this...
  9. J

    GameRanger Symmetric NAT router issue wont stop

    Hi! This is my first post, and first time using GameRanger. I am trying to connect to an Age of Empires II game, but every time i connect, it says that i have a symmetric NAT router. I have tried looking up the problem, and i have done everything that people are suggesting, including forwarding...
  10. J

    2 Mid Range duel graphics card or 1 single high end graphics card

    Hello, Looking for some advice. I am planning on buying either the alienware 17 or 18 laptop. i have worked out that i can either get a alienware 17 configuration with a high end (780m graphics card or go for a alienware 18 configuration with a lower end but duel card (860m sli) setup. Is it...