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  1. theRTT

    Question Fan hub question: Corsair iCUE Commander PRO and the Gigabyte Aorus x570 elite.

    Hi! I have the Gigabyte Aorus x570 elite, but I have to few fan headers. So will the Corsair iCUE Commander PRO work? And is it compatible with my motherboard?
  2. SeraRevelation

    [SOLVED] Question on cooling configuration & motherboard support for fans

    Specs to note: -Ryzen 5 3600x -2060 S -Asus prime b450m-K -3x (Deep-cool RGB Fans) & 1x (Corsair SP120 RGB PRO) -ML240L RGB (Liquid cooler) I have a problem with connecting all the fan headers into the motherboard, there are 6 fans in total (Including the fans in the aio), and all of them...
  3. L

    Question Motherboard fan headers + Fan problem solution?

    So I'm currently trying to build an ITX setup with the new Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming Motherboard. From what it's showing the motherboard has 3 fan headers: 1 for the CPU (CPU_FAN), 1 for the chassis (CHA_FAN), and another for the pump (AIO_PUMP). And the current cooling solution that I'm...
  4. J

    Question 3 fans on 1 header?

    Would I be able to run intake 3 fans on 1 header as there are only two chasis fan headers on my mobo (asrock b450m pro 4 - F) and I’m using 1 already for two exhaust fans. The 3 fans I want to connect are coolermaster Masterfan sf120r ARGB’s.
  5. Jlg823

    Question Recommended Fan Setup for my case?

    My case is the NZXT S340, I do not have the Elite, I am talking specifically about the original S340. I am asking this question because at the moment, I only have a fan at the back and the top of my case along with one fan on my Cryorig H7 CPU cooler. My temperatures have been insanely high...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] B450 Aorus Elite Fan Header Voltage Limits

    I didn’t realize how little fans I could attach to my motherboard. So, I just bought a fan splitter from rosewill but I need to know how many fans I could attach to one header. On the front of the fans it says DC12V 0.16A. Can I attach two fans to one fan header on this motherboard without any...
  7. S

    Question Multiple case fans and pumps on ITX motherboard...

    Hi all, I have an ITX setup in the Fractal Design Define Nano S with an i5-6600K and a Zotac 1070ti Mini GPU. Currently, the GPU is getting up to about 82-83 degrees while gaming, which is way too hot for my liking. I've bought the NZXT Kraken G12 and a Corsair H55 AIO, which I want to use on...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Im blind or i just can find out how many fan headers this motherboard have ?

    Hello, i wanna know how many fan headers does have this MOBO. I wanna plug 2x 140mm Bequiet! Pure Wings 2 and i also dont know where to plug them. MOBO: Fans:
  9. S

    Question Fan hub

    Hi All, I'm building an ITX PC based on the NZXT H200 and I want to use 4 fans, but my motherboard only has one case header (ASUS ROG B450-i). I do not want to use the CAM software which comes with the H200i as it installs Intel XTU elements which can cause problems with AMD configurations...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Help with Motherboard Headers

    Hello everyone, I am finalizing my pc build buy I have a few issues that I may run into and I am trying to avoid. I am planning to buy an ASUS Prime X470-Pro mobo (Link below) but I am not sure it has enough fan/cpu/etc headers for my desired set-up. I am going to have four case fans, a corsair...
  11. Dileepamax

    Question Connecting 2-pin Fan to 4-pin PWM Fan header

    I need to install a extra chassis Fan to my Mini PC to reduce temperature. motherboard have 4-Pin PWR Fan header and Mini PC chassis provide enough space to hold 20mm x 20mm x 7mm Fan. My problem is 20mm x 20mm x 7mm Fan are only manufactured with 2-Pin so If I create a 4-Pin to 2-Pin converter...
  12. M

    Build Advice a mistake for AIO water cooling

    I strongly advise you to read manuals of your AIO water cooler before doing this (I used Corsair H100i V2). this is the mistake that i made as a newbie and now found my stupid mistakes. If the manual says to plug pump cable into CPU_FAN header you should just do that. ignore PUMP header...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Rgb fans and strips complication

    Hello, I seem to be having a complication of being confused how my pc setup is going to go. But first the motherboard is an Msi x470 gaming plus, case Cooler master h500p. I plan to have a total of 8 Rgb fans: 2x200mm(front), 4x140mm(top and 1back) and 2x120mm(cpu cooler) and 3 led strips. May...
  14. S

    Question will you see bezels inside HTC Vive ?

    So I just ordered my HTC VIVE I will be getting in by March 20th and I was wondering if you wear the headset will you notice bezels around your view ? Is it annoying ? Will it affect your gameplay? Thank you!
  15. F

    Bought used E6440 and then used SSHD from different laptop. What next?

    Hi everyone, I have a used laptop, a Dell E6440 and used 500GB SSHD that I'm 99% has not been wiped. Basically, what can I do to make this operational without spending any money? I have an older Studio 1558 with Windows 10 on it so if it is possible to put that on this E6440 that be great...
  16. F

    PC reboots on cool boot, after teh reboot is just fine

    Hi, i been having this kind of problem since today, today i made a clean intall of windows 10 home and when i turned down the PC and left it there i few hours i tried to boot but my PC just stayed in the POST screen and then it turned off and on by itself, after this, it loaded me to windows...
  17. S

    Can a mouse be expected to survive repeated small drops to a carpeted floor ?

    Hello all, thank you for reading and helping me. I will define my terms in the subject line. Repeated = one or two per month at most "Small drops" = roughly 18 inches to the floor from the armrest of my chair "Carpeted floor" = residential flat carpeting upon a wood floor I will explain why...
  18. I

    Can I Turn My Pavillion P6- 2120 Into a Gaming PC?

    I am looking for a way to turn my 2 year old Pavillion P6 - 2120 with 6 gigs of ram into a modest gaming computer. I am looking to spend somewhere around $250, but if I have to, I would be willing to spend more. I'm trying to find out what options I have, so any answers will help.
  19. H

    Bad stuttering on new video card - looking for help

    As the title states I purchased a new video card recently. I got a EVGA Geforce GTX 960 Super Superclocked ACX2.0 to replace my older card an EVGA Nvidia gtx260 which was probably 5-6 years old. Got the card installed just fine and hooked up to my PSU without issues. I can play games but...