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  1. C

    Question Can´t control fan hub PWM

    So, I just installed a new fan kit (Game factor fkg400). To control speed, it comes with a 4 pin fan connector, with only the pwm cable attached to it (energy is supplied through hub). I connected said cable to my MSI b550 mag tomahawk, in a fan connector. The problem is, profiles do nothing to...
  2. matt3432

    Question Corsair RGB fan hub compatibility ?

    I got the Arctic fan hub when I built my pc but now I want to add more rgb and fans to it. I was going to buy the Corsair RGB controller but I cant find a straight answer on if it needs a corsair commander pro as well or if any fan hub will work.
  3. A

    Question Can someone help me find the correct cable from this Fan Hub to a motherboard?

    I need to find a cable that goes from this fan hub onto the motherboard, like a system fan 3/ 4 pin connector, but I am not able to find anything that works. From what I found it is either a JST 3 pin connector or a picoblade 3 pin connector? I am not sure, but all I have found so far is 2 pin...
  4. C

    Question My Case fans (Exhaust) aren’t turning on or spinning (New Build)

    Hello everyone! I’m building my new pc and everything else seems to be working fine when I turn it on, just to see if there’s power running to it. However the exhaust fans, 2 on top and 1 at the back aren’t spinning or have any RGB at all. I have a UNI Lian Li RGB one. However I’ve split them...
  5. frogalert

    Question Problem with the fans on the Kolink Observatory Lite case ?

    So some time ago I bought the Kolink Observatory Lite case because it was really cheap and I thought it looked good. Now that I have it I have one big issue: the fans are doing what they want. Using the remote works, but after some time the fans either stop spinning or change the colour mode...
  6. Gonsa17

    Question Fan Hub not detected by Motherboard

    Hello people. Hope you are having a great time at this holiday season. Now, onto the pressing matter: I have a gigabyte b550 ds3h MB with 2 fan headers and 1 cpu fan header. I went and bought an additional 2 fans (CORSAIR SP120 RGB ELITE) so the system would be always cool so I had to buy a...
  7. J

    Question Case fans are always at 100% ?

    I just got a new case (LANCOOL II Mesh RGB) and the case came with 3 fans with 3 pins. I connected them to my motherboard (b450m-hdv r4.0) and they always ran at 100% no matter what I did. If I got something like a Chassis Fan Hub or Thermaltake Commander FX - 10 would it solve my problem...
  8. Thunder7542

    Question 4 pin fan hub on 3 pin motherboard fan socket

    So I want to get a fan hub for my 3 pin fans. Something big like this or this. They don’t specify whether I can plug these into a motherboard with only 1 3 pin fan socket/header. Do you know if it will work?
  9. H

    Question Case came with fan hub, question about connecting sata cable

    So my MSI MPG Gungnir 110r case comes with a fan hub with space for 6 fans. I’ve connected all the fans and they are powered fine on separate 12v headers. Now the fan hub has two cables coming out of it, the 3 pin RGB cable and a sata cable. I have connected the 3 pin rgb cable to my jrainbow1...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to connect all case fans to the cpu header of the motherboard through a splitter?

    Right now i have 1 chassis fan and the cpu fan, where the chassis fan is connected to a molex (running always at 100%), and the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header. Im looking into moving to a new case and I'll have to add some fans. New setup will be 4 case fans and a cpu fan. Im...
  11. KristianKirov14

    [SOLVED] Ausus Motherboard not picking up Deepcool FH-10 fan hub

    Hi there, Recently upgraded my Motherboard from Biostar H81MG to Asus Prime Z590M-PlUS LGA1200 (along with ram and CPU of course) and was plugging in my fans into the motherboard. I have 6 Arctic Bionix fans on the case and an Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO for the CPU. The Arctic Freezer 34...
  12. DREDKNOT_2077

    [SOLVED] noctua fans an power draw issues

    im using three SilverStone Technology Silverstone 8-Port PWM Fan Hub/Splitter for 4-Pin & 3-Pin Fans in Black SST-CPF04-USA (Newest Version) to run all six of my Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM fans an in the b450m bios at full speed they top out at 2850rpm powered by my evga supernova g3 650watt...
  13. milerr

    [SOLVED] Connect 4 (3-pin) fans to mobo with only one fan header ?

    Hey so I bought the Corsair SPEC-DELTA RGB case which comes with 4 fans, 3 of which are RGB. All 4 fans use 3 pin connections. The problem is, my mobo is the B450M PRO-M2 MAX which only has one SYS_FAN fan header. So using splitter isn't really an option as the power usage would likely be too...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Number of fans for one header based on given amps

    I am trying to buy 3 of these fans - Cooler Master Sickleflow 120 As per specs, below is the current info: FAN RATED CURRENT: 0.15A FAN SAFETY CURRENT: 0.37A FAN POWER CONSUMPTION: 1.8W Based on this information, can I run 3 fans on a single motherboard fan header with the use of a fan...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Question about Fan control and Fan hub(s).

    Hello! I want to improve my airflow in my PC and I want to be able to control it. My PC build is: CPU: i9-10900 (non-K) CPU COOLER: NOCTUA NH-D15 (with 2 Noctua fans that it came with) GPU: MSI 3090 GAMING X TRIO RAM : 2 x 16GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE 3200MHZ MOTHERBOARD: ASROCK Z490 TAICHI PC CASE...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] How to connect fan hub

    Hi guys ! First i’m sorry my english im frensh. So, i’am trying to connect my fan hub from my case ( Gamdias Talos M1B) and my PSU is the « COOLER MASTER G650M and to connect the fan hub I think I need to connect it with a Molex connection but I don’t have a molex connection in my PSU so I...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Am I powering this component incorrectly?

    So I have this here fan hub: I'm using a 4 pin ATX to Molex...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Fans connected to fan hub, but they run at max speed despite all of them are PWM?

    Fans: Lian Li Bora Lite 120 Fan Hub: Cooler Master Masterfan PWM Hub Motherboard: Gigabyte B550 Vision D I have ten of the named fans connected to the fan hub, which the hub connects to the...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Lancool 2 Mesh Performance Fan Hub

    I recently downsized out of a larger case into the new Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh Performance. I'm generally quite happy with the case, but struggling to figure out the built-in fan hub. The hub itself can be seen here (about halfway down the page)...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Insufficient HDD power? Limits to PSU SATA supply.

    I am having issues with connecting a HDD up. To get some background stuff out of the way: 1.) The disk has already been initialised previously on the same system and is functioning properly, at least currently and previously I have a 4tb WD Black HDD that I am trying to connect to my computer...
  21. R

    Question How to fix the RGB on Corsair LL120 fans?

    I've been dealing with this problem for about a year now, but I have 6 LL120 fans and only 3 of them are lighting up (the fourth one has only one LED lighting up). I've read other forums with people having the same issues and have either not found solutions to this problem, or their solutions...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Can't find a 5 pin fan hub controller

    all 4 of my case fans stopped working recently, it seems like the fan hub is faulty so I want to get a replacement. The only problem is I can't find a 5 pin fan hub anywhere and my fans all have 5 pin connections. There are 3 pin, 4 pin and even 6 pin fan hubs, but no 5 pin. my current fan hub...
  23. K

    Question How to connect 9 phantek halo's digital RGB

    Hey, Planning to buy 9 phantek halo digital rgb frames 120mm and was wondering how im supose to connect them all up? I also read that they're able to be daisy chained, but they have 30 leds each and draw about 1amp ive read (not 100% sure), so thats 9 amp in total. Isnt that a bit...
  24. W

    [SOLVED] Is it ok to connect a Deepcool FH-10 fan hub to CHA_FAN on my motherboard?

    I’m using a Asus Prime H310M-K R2.0 motherboard and I need a fan hub so I decided to go for Deepcool FH-10 but the only problem is that I cant connect the fan hub to the CPU_FAN because my pump is connected there and I was wondering if I could connect the fan hub to CHA_FAN without any problem...
  25. Citizen SLI

    [SOLVED] Phanteks ENTHOO 719 Fan HUB Question

    Good morning! I have a question about the Phanteks Enthoo 719 Case and was hoping someone might have some insight or tips on how to use the included FAN HUB with it. I haven't build a PC since the AMD 8150 so it's time for an upgrade. Back then I wasn't interested in RGB because it wasn't as...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] Can i plug one fan hub to another fan hub?

    Hello So, i bought 4 of these: I dont need 40 fans but i need 12 and they will be far away from each other, each hub will power 3 fans on a 360mm radiator. I have a desk case pc, that is big and fan cables...
  27. K

    [SOLVED] Fan hub for 3-pin fans, will it work?

    I have a cooler master mb511 case which came with 3 front intake fans. But they have 3-pin connectors only and won't work in pwm obviously. The store person has assembled my pc. He used a molex cable connector to power the fans. Since there is no connection to the motherboard, those 3 fans run...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] Controlling the speed of fans

    Good morning,I'm thinking of buy this HUB Fan controller from DeepCool( DP-FH04PWM-HUB ) to use something like 8 cooler fan. The MOBO that I want to buy is a B450M gaming from gigabyte and the fans that I'll buy are the Cooler Master MF 120L. The mobo just have support for two chassis fan, and...
  29. C

    Question Is there any substitute for NZXT HUB?

    I recently bought a h500 not "i" version case. And only realized after how good the CAM software is. Is there any other hub, and not as expensive, as the NZXT one from the h510i case? The main reason is that i wanna be able to set better my fans speed, since they're a bit noisy right now. I'd...
  30. W

    Question Need help with ARGB fan connections/hubs

    So... I have 6 ARGB fans that have a 4 pin PWM connector and a 4-1 pin ARGB connector (for asus aura). I've also got a CPU air cooler that has one 4 pin PWM connector and one 4-1 pin ARGB connector (also asus aura). My motherboard only has one ARGB header, two CPU fan headers and three chassis...
  31. B

    Question Installing case fans

    Not too good at this kind of stuff. Anyway, I was looking to install 4 case fans. 2 at the front for intake and 2 at the top for exhaust. I have this motherboard. Pretty sure this motherboard is quite bad, and cant support too many...
  32. T

    [SOLVED] H440 Fan hub connected to MoBo doesnt work

    I've bought some new fans for my NZXT H440 and now that i want the system more silent, i want to control the case fans. On my Motherboard, there is a 4 pin port called SysFan. I connected all of the fans to the Fan Hub and then connected that to the MoBo with a 3 pin cable. Now it doesnt work...
  33. G

    Question can i plug a AIO Cooler into a RGB hub

    ok im working on a mATX build and unfortunately my motherboard only has three 4-pin headers so to fix this problem I decided to get a fan hub and a rgb hub which got me wondering can i plug my AIO Cooler (which has RGB) in to that RGB hub. and just to clarify im not talking about the pump im...
  34. SoraTogaGaming

    [SOLVED] Where can i buy a 5 pin fan hub?

    Hi so i brought some fans online and they are 5 pins and I need a fan hub for 8 ports with 5 pins does anyone know where I can could buy one?
  35. M

    Question PSU Question

    Hi all, Thanks for giving my post some interest by reading. Anywho, I have a tower, the Blackhawk Ultra and I can run approximately 20 fans with this case. However, My main question is if I wanted to run multiple Molex connectors, would I be able to connect them into other slots onto the PSU...
  36. E

    Question My RGB Fans are not working?

    I have some random third party RGB fans from Amazon that I wish I had not gotten because they are a pain to use and very loud. I can't control them with a fan controller app so before you tell me what software to use it won't work. They hook up via molex which i didn't realize would be very...
  37. T

    Question Fan Hub and RGB Fans, How does this work?

    My Phanteks p600s case came with a Fan Hub. I am looking at the RGB ML140 Corsair Fans. My Mobo is a z390 Gigabyte Designare. (only 1 usb internal connection) The cpu cooler is a noctua D15s just to include all details. Is this a pain to install? I know the 3 pack of 120's comes with...
  38. P

    Verifying parts and gpu

    I recently upgraded my pc without much knowledge on the components and the upgrade was done by a shop owner of a computer shop. He told me that 8gb of ram is definatly enough and that the gpu is going to work well as well. i7 7700k GTX 1050 2gb 8gb ram 2400MHz Gigabyte B250M Gaming 3...
  39. Z

    Star wars battlefront 2 is stuttering and lagging on gtx 1060

    Star wars battlefront 2 is stuttering and lagging big time for first time use on menus and game play. My graphics card is a GTX 1060 6gb oc edition and is the recommend GPU for this game. I've already reinstalled origin and Star wars battlefront 2. How do i fix this? This is my build...
  40. F

    Gtx 1080 Build Help

    Hello I have this rough build but I need to incorporate a keyboard and perhaps DVD blue ray drive and wireless adapter for internet I already have a mouse I want to keep it under $2000