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  1. B

    Question Installing case fans

    Not too good at this kind of stuff. Anyway, I was looking to install 4 case fans. 2 at the front for intake and 2 at the top for exhaust. I have this motherboard. Pretty sure this motherboard is quite bad, and cant support too many...
  2. T

    Question H440 Fan hub connected to MoBo doesnt work

    I've bought some new fans for my NZXT H440 and now that i want the system more silent, i want to control the case fans. On my Motherboard, there is a 4 pin port called SysFan. I connected all of the fans to the Fan Hub and then connected that to the MoBo with a 3 pin cable. Now it doesnt work...
  3. G

    Question can i plug a AIO Cooler into a RGB hub

    ok im working on a mATX build and unfortunately my motherboard only has three 4-pin headers so to fix this problem I decided to get a fan hub and a rgb hub which got me wondering can i plug my AIO Cooler (which has RGB) in to that RGB hub. and just to clarify im not talking about the pump im...
  4. SoraTogaGaming

    [SOLVED] Where can i buy a 5 pin fan hub?

    Hi so i brought some fans online and they are 5 pins and I need a fan hub for 8 ports with 5 pins does anyone know where I can could buy one?
  5. M

    Question PSU Question

    Hi all, Thanks for giving my post some interest by reading. Anywho, I have a tower, the Blackhawk Ultra and I can run approximately 20 fans with this case. However, My main question is if I wanted to run multiple Molex connectors, would I be able to connect them into other slots onto the PSU...
  6. E

    Question My RGB Fans are not working?

    I have some random third party RGB fans from Amazon that I wish I had not gotten because they are a pain to use and very loud. I can't control them with a fan controller app so before you tell me what software to use it won't work. They hook up via molex which i didn't realize would be very...
  7. T

    Question Fan Hub and RGB Fans, How does this work?

    My Phanteks p600s case came with a Fan Hub. I am looking at the RGB ML140 Corsair Fans. My Mobo is a z390 Gigabyte Designare. (only 1 usb internal connection) The cpu cooler is a noctua D15s just to include all details. Is this a pain to install? I know the 3 pack of 120's comes with...
  8. P

    Verifying parts and gpu

    I recently upgraded my pc without much knowledge on the components and the upgrade was done by a shop owner of a computer shop. He told me that 8gb of ram is definatly enough and that the gpu is going to work well as well. i7 7700k GTX 1050 2gb 8gb ram 2400MHz Gigabyte B250M Gaming 3...
  9. Z

    Star wars battlefront 2 is stuttering and lagging on gtx 1060

    Star wars battlefront 2 is stuttering and lagging big time for first time use on menus and game play. My graphics card is a GTX 1060 6gb oc edition and is the recommend GPU for this game. I've already reinstalled origin and Star wars battlefront 2. How do i fix this? This is my build...
  10. F

    Gtx 1080 Build Help

    Hello I have this rough build but I need to incorporate a keyboard and perhaps DVD blue ray drive and wireless adapter for internet I already have a mouse I want to keep it under $2000
  11. W

    Better SSD or CPU?

    Hey guys, I'm planning on upgrading my PC but I am unsure on how to distribute the amount I spend on each part. Currently I have a 6700k CPU and a Samsung 850 Pro SSD, and I am doing some video editting and AI programming. Would it be better if I get a Samsung 950 Pro for the better write speed...
  12. L

    Need some advice before upgrade my GPU

    Dear all PC master experts, i would like to seek advice from you all... Im looking forward to upgrade my GPU from GTX650ti 1gb vram , to replace by another advanced GPU card (GTX 970/ 3.5 gb vram). My CPU is Core i5-4440 (3.1 ghz), do you think its enough to push GTX 970 to maximum full...
  13. M

    Asus mini itx motherboard bios reset

    So, I need help fast as I am building a mini itx system very very soon. I ordered a used Asus P8H61-I LX R2.0 When I did a test boot to make sure it worked it booted fine, but the splash screen said RM, which I believe is a company of computers that schools use, then it had like some sort of...
  14. E

    How do I fix these partitions?

    As you can see in the Image, my disk 0 (first one), is partitioned into 5 partitions. And I want to change it back into 1 big partition. Is there a way for me to change it back to one big partition without deleting everything inside? (Since I have my OS installed on it). Or is there another...
  15. Trong Dinh

    Parts Upgrade suggestion

    I need some recommendation on what part should i upgrade. Computer is working fine. But feeling it going out of date Budget: 500-800 This is my current build: Thank you very much
  16. T

    Dell XPS 420

    Looking to upgrade old Dell XPS 420 Graphic Card Has Died It had a Nvidia Geforce 8600 Would like to upgrade the graphics card, ram and HDD to SSD if possible.
  17. S

    How to pick out a motherboard for I5-4690k?

    I want to spend around 50-150 pounds on the MOBO but I do not know the difference between each one. Also I do not mind if it is a smaller MOBO or normal sized.