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  1. bjohn93

    [SOLVED] Hyte Revolt 3 Front Fan Mods

    Wondering if any one has any ideas on how to add fans to the Hyte Revolt 3 case between the front panel and GPU I've thought about maybe picking up this magnetic screw set from Amazon, but wasn't sure if these would work or how I feel about sticking magnets in the PC...
  2. homie_______________

    Question how to lower minimum fanspeed asus gtx 760 dcu ii after fan mod

    I have swapped the fans on my asus gtx 760 dcu ii with noctua nf-b9 redux. To retain proper pwm control directly from gpu, they are wired to original plug. The original fans ran at a max of around 3000rpm and 700mA combined, the noctuas run at 1600rpm and 200mA combined. Now msi afterburner...
  3. D

    my pc gets bad fps drops and studders alot.any way to fix this?

    i built my pc myself, its been working perfectly until now, i can usually play any game on high/max settings with very decent fps.the problem started one day when i slid my pc out to plug in a new set of headphones, after i pluged them in, i saw that my pc has crashed and there was a message on...