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  1. O

    Can my CPU withstand those temps under those circumstances?

    Hi. Recently, due my old CPU i had to tweak a few thing in the BIOS for it to perform better on a new game i just got. Got slight yet noticeable FPS boost however, my CPU is reaching 89C Max as opposed to the usual 79-81C The model is Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50GHz Haswell 22nm Technology I...
  2. S

    Can not switch nVidia Physix to GPU

    Hi guys, I have this problem and I searched on it but didn't find solution. I have noticed that my CPU is used 90-100% in almost every game, but my GPU is used 50%. I tried to change the setting to lower res, lower detail but FPS stays the same. Then I realized that Physix are set on CPU so I...
  3. J

    New Swift 3 is underperforming w/BSODs

    Hello everyone, Today I received my Acer Swift 3 SF315-52G-54DA. After booting it the first time it crashed while setting up windows, then it automatically restarted the setup in a smaller window for some reason. It ended up setting up correctly, but after doing some simple tasks such as...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] I can't select 144hz or 240hz on my new pc build

    My monitor is 144hz (and apprently it can do 240hz as well with hdmi 2.0), but I can't see the option to select it in display settings. This is my monitor: It's IPS LED if that matters, and it has a hdmi cable and some ugly ass other one, I have it plugged...
  5. D

    swapping a laptop motherboard

    I've just recently received an asus rog g751jl laptop, but I am not exactly impressed by the gtx 965 inside. I've been looking around and I found the motherboard for the g751jy which has a gtx 980. they look nearly identical to me, but I was hoping I could get a second opinion. could I swap out...
  6. M

    Should i upgrade my graphics card?

    Hello A year ago I have bought a new graphics card Nvidia GTX 750 TI but still the games i played weren't running much faster, I think its because of the below components that are old. My question is, should I replace the processor and get a better graphics card or just get a new pc instead...
  7. J

    Headphones not working on laptop

    Hi I have an Asus Transformer 3 Pro with 1 headphone jack and it will not recognise headphones. I have tired 3 different pairs and no luck. Updated latest drivers / uninstalled then reinstalled etc. but hasn't changed anything. Have already checked to see if disabled devices are shown and...
  8. T

    Is it normal to have worn out edges like this bottom of 7700k?

    Hey, can someone check if this 7700k looks fine from the bottom. before you see pics i can tell you the cpu turns on and opens games with no visual issues except very high temps and huge fram drops(maybe from the high temps 90c-100c+ on gta 5). I just need to make sure eveything is okay from the...
  9. J

    Canon g3010 printer

    Can i use dye based black in for canon pixma g3010? Originally the printer comes with pigment based black ink. Anyone please enlighten me. Thank you.
  10. A

    Burn in problem on Samsung Notebook 9 Always monitor

    I have been using this notebook for a year now and this shows up recently. This is the 2017 edition. Can anyone tell me what is the problem of the monitor? The notebook has not been dropped or damaged. Is it the backlight problem? Those ghostings/ shadings are rectangular in shape.Thanks everyone.
  11. V

    Games randomly dropped FPS hard (Help)

    Hello! I have been using my custom build PC for some time now and been able to play games on the highest settings and get steady good FPS. However, about 2 or 3 days ago, my computer has been struggling very hard to play games. For example, I used to be able to play Fortnite on highest settings...
  12. D

    Cannot install Windows on a laptop

    So my friend had Kali Linux on his laptop and wanted to switch to Windows 10. He couldn't boot to the Windows installation with his USB because he would always get a GRUB like this but he only had Kali Linux option there. He asked me if I could help him out and I tried everything but couldn't...
  13. V

    How Smart are Smart Routers?

    Broadband Speeds Since the Broadband providers (ISP) gave us "smart routers" i have noticed that my broadband Speedtest has been slowing down. My provider, Vodaphone, gave me a minimum contract speed of 27mbps. Which unsurprisingly BT failed to provide as my street BT2000 broadband access point...
  14. A

    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti which model ?

    Hello everyone i am looking for order today GeForce RTX 2080 Ti which model ? but i am not sure any model Asus or msi or Gigabyte and why i hope some of you can help me thanks again
  15. pacci524

    Radiators on all air vents?

    I have a Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 3.1 which has 2 120mm fans or 240mm radiator slots, and 1 120mm fan slot on the back. Now, my cpu is being cooled by a Corsair H60 liquid cooler that has a 120mm radiator installed to the back of the case, now im planning to liquid cool my GPU(Gtx 1080)...
  16. B

    AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 91degree with Prime95 26.6

    I just ran Prime95 26.6 (smallFFT) i found the temperature went upto 92 degrees, the test lasted for about 4 minutes, is it normal temperature ? I am using the Stock cooler. Should i get a aftermarket CPU cooler ? When the CPU is idle it is around 41C and while browsing it is between 45-59...
  17. R

    Best 1080p 120Hz or 144Hz GAMING monitor

    Hello. I would like a monitor, 120Hz or 144Hz. A very budget friendly one please! Preferably a 1ms response time too haha
  18. M

    1080 Ti Drop in price?

    With the GTX 2080 lunch will used 1080 ti decent drop in price? I Am I bit worried about buying off of eBay and used amazon 1080tis are still marked way up.
  19. L

    OEM or Full-price Windows 10 Home for new build

    Hey, I'm close to building my first desktop and need some advice regarding whether or not to go for an OEM. I'm already a little over budget and am unsure if I should go for an OEM to save about £40. I'm aware that there's little tech support available directly to Windows but, nevertheless, I...
  20. blazs91

    Recommended CPU for RTX 2080 (NON ti)

    Hi everyone, I'm buying the new Nvidia RTX 2080 card tomorrow. I have a 5 years old laptop, so an upgrade is really opportune right now. However, I'm a little bit concerned about the CPU. Initially, I was eyeballing with the i5-8600, but after conducting some more thinking, I'm now considering...