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  1. G

    anti surge problem

    Sir can you help me , when i turn on my pc its gonana turn on then off then on after that the anti surge post will show up from asus, i searched from internet and i do not understand whats the right thing to do whats the cause of this others says that i just disable it on bios thanks for helping.
  2. J

    Do you think this year is the best time to update your GPU? Explain.

    Seems to me this is the best year to update your GPU. 99% of games are released for consoles. You can buy a GPU today that at least will guarantee that you can play games at high-ultra at 60FPS until the next console generation comes (2020/2021). You will have 3 years of good gaming for 2019...
  3. D

    why do i have a slower internet speed then i am supposed to?

    so when we purchased our internet they said that the internet speed will be 24 megaBITS per second. but we actually receive half of it. and I know the difference between download speed and mbps. my download speed should be 3 mb/s but it actually only riches 1.4
  4. M

    Graphics Card MSI GTX 960 Stopped working

    Good Afternoon all, First time poster here. Last night I was playing a game on my computer. When I was finished i closed the application, shut down discord (online chat) app, and got ready for bed (around 10 minutes total). When I came back, I noticed my computer's resolution had changed...
  5. mrFloki

    Rip ryzen, cpu cooler keeps blinking

    2700x X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING CMU16GX4M2C3333C16 Here i came whit problem nr 16541. Not sure what's the problem, maybe power delivery? sometimes it does that when cpu is idle or when the system is rebooting
  6. Jsimenhoff

    Win one today! Seagate BarraCuda Pro & IronWolf Pro 14TB capacity enables 4K gaming and your high capacity creative workflow.

    General Info on How To Enter Video gaming is bigger than ever — bigger than pro sports, bigger than movies, bigger than the music industry — and still growing. Nearly 400 million people watch eSports. eSports tournaments get larger audiences than some major pro sports championships like the...
  7. U

    win 10 usb installer boot loop

    laptop toshiba satellite L645 tried booting win 10 usb installer only up to windows logo ,then it reboots. I cannot find any secure boot option on bios. there was a win 10 32-bit installed on hdd but now I'm replacing it with kingston A400 SSD
  8. N

    GTX 980M laptop in 2018 for 400€

    There is this offer where I can get Asus Rog G752VY with 6700HQ, 8GB RAM, 980M 4GB with 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD for 400€ brand new with box, and 24 months warranty. I know the 980M is still quite a power GPU and definitely more than enough for my needs but I just want to put my demons aside. Is...
  9. X

    i5-8600k vs Ryzen 7 1800x vs i5 8400

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade to a better processor. Out of these which one is the most worth it and good for gaming. I want to use it mostly for gaming but also for other purposes. So which processor would you guys recommend for the best performance throughout the whole computer?
  10. F

    ping and fps fine but have choppy gameplay

    Hi there, I've been having an issue with the performance In all my games. As mentioned in the title nothing is wrong with the internet (no packet loss and stable ping) and fps is acceptable, however I still feel like I'm playing at 20 fps and also very minor stutters occur from time to time when...
  11. D

    question about 775

    my question is I have a dell dimension 2400 wanted to know if my motherboard supports the intel core 2 duo and 2 or 4 gb of ram because in the specifications it tells me that the maximum memory supported is 1gb ram but I guess that changing the processor will accept more ram this is the page of...
  12. M

    How do I enable turbo boost for i7-4510

    I have a dell laptop Inspiron 15 - 7537 model. Specs are: CPU: i7-4510u GPU: 750m (2GB) RAM: 16GB 1TB SShd My cpu has a speed of 2.0ghz but recently found out it has a turbo boost speed of 3.1 ghz. So how do i access this speed? Also is there any down sides of accessing this power? Thanks in...
  13. M

    How to get to 240 fps when I only have a DVI Port of my graphics card?

    Could I simply use a DVI to HDMI converter? I tried this, but the screen cuts in and out. Not sure if it is the converter itself.
  14. R

    Asrock Z370 Taichi audio driver sound issue please help!

    I am not sure that this is the best place for this question, but I have an ASrock Z370 Taichi mobo and I have downloaded the newest audio drivers and I am getting crackling and popping when I use my headphones (audio technical ath50x) on my motherboards front audio output not the rear. It only...
  15. TheGRz

    PSU for Ryzen Budget Build

    I have built a Ryzen Budget Gaming pc recently. Specs: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Asrock A320M Pro 4 Adata Premier 2x4GB DRR4 2400MHz Toshiba 500GB HDD I currently uses a Zebronics ZEB-450 Value psu. I decided to upgarde the PSU due to some reliability issues. As i am concerned about budget which is...
  16. B

    Looking for a Gaming Pc under 1,500 usd

    I found a cyberpower gaming pc at walmart for 1,249. It has intel 7 8th gen (non k) and a Gtx 1060 6gb. I think the specs are pretty fine. However, the only seller I could find was Walmart. The model number is gxivr3800wst. And because of this it's hard to trust any reviews. There's only 5 and...
  17. U

    mouse or keyboard problem

    have trouble with keyboard and mouse.. I first notice it when I was typing in the search bar.. when typing sometimes after 4 characters it goes back from the beginning of the textbox.. and sometimes when highlighting it keeps going back on the top.. just like PAGE UP button do. trying using on...
  18. J

    How to connect red blue green and cooper wires to red green white and black

    I broke the plug for my keyboard has four wires red blue green and cooper wires the plug I have has red green white and black wires which wires go together
  19. L

    Ryzen 2400G Graphics keep temporarily blanking out

    I have a Ryzen 2400G here at home that worked fine for a few months after I built it. Now, the screen constantly blanks out for about 2 seconds every minute or so. I tried updating the Radeon drivers to the current version, 18.7.1, but it's still happening. Does anyone have any ideas? Note...
  20. B

    Gtx 1070 core clock downclocks when oc

    Im having an issue with my msi gtx 1070 gamming x where i somewhat suffer from massive downclocking.i overclock using the latest version of msi afterburner. I set my oc to: 100 core voltage 126 max power limit 92c temp limit 80+core clock 450+ vram clock Voltage sits at 1.80v My favourite...