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    What should i set ram frequency too?

    What should i set my ram voltage too? i have these as my ram Should i turn on xmp because ive seen people say yes an and when i did and set my ram to ram frequency to 4266 my pc just keeps rebooting so if i increase voltage will...
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    HDD stuttering ft. consoles

    I've a simple question but never get to know a proper answer. First of all excuse me for my poor english. Let's say an open-world game like GTA V or Fallout...etc stutters cause of harddrive and running smooth as butter on an SSD (i am referring to pc version) but at the same time its never...
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    GTX 660 not working on Asus p8h61m-lx

    I tried to search for answers but can't find one and hope to find solution here I bought a gtx 660 but its not working on my setup. The fans are turning on and i connected the 6pin connector but the monitor gives no display. I tried using integrated graphics and it works fine. I also tried...
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    Is it possible to get 120hz on xbox one with XL2430T Monitor?

    you can get 144hz with Dual Link DVI but xbox one doesnt support DVI to DVI doesnt have the input...woould a converter work hdmi to dvi? or am i stuck? surely HDMI can give 120hz? or is my monitor old or somthing?
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    Computer Crashes on startup

    Hello I was hoping I can get some help I have an acer aspire z5751 pc. A while back the pc randomly crashed on startup this happened a few times since then we installed a new ssd drive and fresh thermal compound, however the problem still persists on the morning the pc can crash anything from...
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    80plus Bronze/Gold PSU suggestion

    I recently built the following system Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Gigabyte GA-B250M-D2V ADATA 8 (1x8) GB DDR4@2400MHz Kingston 60GB SSD as boot drive Seagate 1TB HDD In adddition, I am using a Zotac GT 740 1GB GDDR5 GPU. I do not play latest titles and do not plan to upgrade my GPU. I live in...
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    [Vega 56] Asus ROG or Sapphire?

    ASUS: Sapphire: Does anyone have experience with either card? I'm currently...
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    Threadripper RAM ability

    I'm thinking about getting a 1950X in a couple months, But I can't find the information I'm looking for. On my last build, both CPU and motherboard said they supported dual channel memory, but I later found out only when using two of the four slots, when using all four slots, it dumbed it down...
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    Can I reuse my storage drives in my new pc build?

    Old build: New build: The 128gb sdd is only for windows and a few apps/games, the 2tb hdd is just for files and games. I have all the new parts except storage drives. Is there any way I could reuse my 128gb ssd (with...
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    Good motherboard,To i7 8700K?

    Which motherboard would be good i7 8700k, could sometimes overclock, the budget about max 160 euros?
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    Is this ramstick compatible with mine?

    The one I want to buy: (with DDR4, 2400MHz, 8GB, 16 CL) And this is the one I have: (with 2400MHz, 8GB, DDR4, 17 CL) Are...
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    Budget AUTOCAD System 2018

    Hi, I'm trying to build a budget AUTOCAD system and I'm having trouble to find the correct components. It's not the first PC or Workstation I'm building I just dont have any experience building Systems for AUTOCAD. My Maximum Budget would be around 500 €/440£/580$. All help is appreciated.
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    Wireless internet question

    I'll be moving soon to an area with very poor broadband speed, so I am thinking of going wireless. Can anyone suggest a 4g router that I can place up high, or even out side to maximise signal, and connect to my PC and other devices by wire, I don't want to use wifi.
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    PC Makes Clicking Noise When Changing Audio Outputs

    I've noticed that when I change audio outputs using my sound card's software (Asus Audio Center), a slight but noticeable click can be heard from the PC. This sound can also be heard when the PC powers on. I'm pretty sure that it is from the PC and not from the speakers since the click is still...
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    internet speed slow

    I pay for 50 Mbps of download, but only get 20 to 25 Mbps. My service provider tells me they only guarantee 60 % of the 50 Mbps speed. Is this the normal speeds I should get?
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    Cpu idle temp fluctuate 38~45c

    Its an i5 2500, no problem in cooling , 65c max in cinebench. Nothing spotted on task manager I had this.issue for long time The question is when idle, 4 cores have different temps from hwmonitor, 3 to 4c diff. I think its normal.... And average temp go to range 38~45c nonstop. I know...
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    disk usage is constant at 100%

    I use an asus laptop (Zenbook UX303ln) which comes with 500GB HDD with 8GB SSD, my disk usage is always high mainly after boot time which also became much prolonged disk usage most of the time is constant at 100%. I suspect the reason is related to data cache in the 8GB ssd included with the HDD...
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    Dell XPS 8930 VS iMAC 27inch

    So I am getting into Photo and Video editing. I believe either computer will do well, but a price difference is about $600. What is everyones thoughts between the two. XPS 8930 Base Processor 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8700K 6-Core Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.7 GHz) Operating System...
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    Hardware compatibility gpu and motherboard

    I own a g1 sniper 3motherboard with an I7-2600k oc to 3.8 ghz My question is ,are these hardware compatible with an gtx 1070 g1 gaming 8gb rev 2. I checked the pic express slots but didn’t understand what the different versions mean and so If someone can help out it’ll be much appreciated...
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    Which monitor is better

    Im looking into a 1440p@144hz monitor for my setup. The 2 main ones that ice come across are the asus pg279q and the acer xb271hu. I would like to hear some recommendations for which to pick or a new one to choose and some experienced users review and opinions