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  1. K

    [SOLVED] Do I have to connect all fan splitters?

    So im building a pc with 7 fans inside it. 3fans from my liquidcooler and other 4 are just case fans ill be putting in. My question is I need to use a splitter and I have found a splitter that is 1 way to 4 fan splitter and I have 7 fans. So my question is if I buy it twice and I leave 1 cable...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me shop for a "Fan Splitter" 4-pin PWN connector that ALL the connectors are 4-pin and NOT some 4-pin and some 3-pin?

    Hello all, I am looking for a Fan Splitter to connect 4 Arctic P14 case fans. I am looking for something like this...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] Does Kraken Z63 fan headers provide enough power for 4 fans?

    I originally posted this question in the "cooling" section but realized that since the question is more about power current rather than cooling that it makes more sense to put in the "components" section. So I am doing a new build with a Kraken Z63 AIO and an ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero Z490...
  4. Chris_6

    Question Fan Splitters on Motherboard, too much amps?

    I purchased 2 x Case Fan splitter, splits 1 to 5 Way. I wanna hook 1 into my CPU port and one to the CHASIS fan port on my motherboard. But I noticed someone in the reviews saying something about amps can fry my motherboard... like for example if the port on the motherboard only supports 100 amp...
  5. A

    Question Question about open/unused fan splitter/argb splitter head, is it safe?

    Hi, i would like to ask the community if it is safe to have an unused and open fan header on my splitter. My current argb/fan splitter is 1 to 4, however, I only need to use 2 out of those 4 headers on the splitter. is it okay to leave the other two unused?
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Controlling fans speed connected through fan splitter

    Hi. I have my two case fans connected directly to my motherboard sysfan connectors. Both are only 3pin (non-PWM), connected to 3pin connectors sysfan1 and sysfan2. To prevent the fans running at full speed all the time, I figured how to control their speed. I can set them to static speed in...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Fan header amp draw (multiple fans 1 header) - MSI x570 Gaming Plus

    So I have Masterbox TD500, yes there are better cases, but i have what I have. It has 3 fans running on molex (as the cables were a tad short to reach the headers on their own), I found a 3 way splitter in my things, it would allow me to get a fan curve to let the computer run a little quieter...
  8. G

    Question motherboard only has 1 fan header, can i put 3 fans to this single fan header without damaging the header?

    hi i need help, my motherboard has only 1 (3 pin) fan header, not including the cpu header, the motherboard is a Intel P55 Wide Use LGA1156 DDR3 motherboard, i am trying to hook that header with 3 X 120mm fan which is ALSEYE 120mm FAN white 12v 3Pin Air Cooler Cooling fan, i also have a Chasis...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Can I use this splitter with these fans?

    Hey! I'm planning on gettting 1 x be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm and 1 x be quiet! Silent wings 140mm case fans. Problem is that my mobo Asus Prime B350M-K only has 1 case fan slot. That means I'd need to use a fan splitter. I was looking at this one. The main question is that how much power...
  10. hyperjcm

    Question Can i plug 5 fans to one header?

    I bought some cheap 120mm led case fans off eBay and connected it to one system fan header using fan splitters. so far it works fine in pwm mode, but in dc mode the fan leds blink like it stops for a sec and turns back on which made me worried if the fans require more power than what the header...
  11. J

    MSI b75ma-e33 motherboard upgrade recommendation

    Hi All, Currently i have MSI b75ma-e33 mobo, i3-3240 (LGA 1155), GT 730 and 8GB RAM. My question is... can i upgrade to GT 1030 GPU Card and can i also upgrade to a 1151 CPU? I want to play PUBG with atleast mid settings. Thanks in advance everyone. Cheers! :)
  12. T

    Noctua NH-D15 vs NZXT Kraken x61 noise level?

    I owned a h100i gtx previously and the noise was really bad. Has kraken x61 got the same noise? Thanks
  13. S

    Ping Spikes when others using internet

    so basically, whenever someone is on the internet besides me, my ping spikes up to 1000ping and sometime dc for 20sec, it happens worst when someone is on youtube. i have read up about dynamic dns, some say it helps, some say it doesnt, should i enable dynamic dns or not? also, dont bother...
  14. X

    I5 3570k Idle Temps

    I recently put my first built computer together, but one concern I have is that the cores on my CPU are kind of hot (or at least i think so). core 0=39-44 core 1=33-35 core core 2=38-40 core 3=30-32. Is this normal? Room temperature is around 24 Celsius. Build