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  1. S

    Question New Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650w... no fans spinning, leading to other components having issues ?

    Hi all, Just got some possible issues with a new Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650w PSU, even with the Smart Zero fan mode off the fans aren't working. Got some advice from a friend who said my issues with the PSU could be causing some other issues I'm having with RAM rgb and the CPU cooler not...
  2. fabimetal

    Question Second GPU not turning on after Windows update (22H2)

    Hi, I wish you can help me with this weird issue. I just downloaded the new Windows 11 Pro version 22H2, installed it and after the pc restarted I noticed my second gpu was not turned on, so I decided to turn off the pc and when I turned it on, the secondary gpu fans didn't start spinning...
  3. B

    Question PC shut down during gameplay and now will not turn on

    Hey, I upgraded 2 months ago and I've been using it with small issues (like sometimes having to restart a few times for the pc to actually display anything on my monitor), it being unable to restart (just restarts on a black screen) and taking a long time to boot considering the high end ssd it...
  4. Ltlevy

    [SOLVED] Building pc issue psu?

    Hello i was building my own pc And I didn’t yet have all of the parts yet <processor and ram> even tho i didn’t have all the components i read on google that you could turn on your pc without these components to test out the rest and yes i tried this but when i tried to turn on my pc it didn’t...
  5. F

    Question Motherboard wont POST, screen stays black ?

    Hey everyone, this is my first question on here, first of all sorry for my bad english, not a native speaker here. So recently i decided to build a mini-itx pc with parts i had laying around. PC-Parts: Asus MAXIMUS-VIII-IMPACT 2x 8 Gb 3200Mhz Corsair vengeance ram Intel i5 6600K Msi gtx 1050...
  6. InfiniteS0urce

    Question My AIO fans are lighting up but not spinning ?

    Today I woke up and got on my computer to play some valorant when I realized I was only getting 20-30 fps when I normally get a solid 240. I looked inside my pc and saw that my aio fans were not spinning. I quickly shut down my computer and looked inside to make sure all the cables were plugged...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] What should i use to Re-oil my GPU Fan

    today i found that my GPU fans are not spinning tried to clear it from dust and stuff but still not spinning , when i touch the fans with my finger it spin for like a half spin for a second and stop and i hear a voice and the fan when i try to roll it with my finger it's not smooth it's a little...
  8. E

    Question Noctua Fans Intermittent Stalls. Fans do not spin.

    I have never seen this issue posted before, as all of them point to my fan speed profile not being of high enough power or my fan headers are not PWM based. Well, these are entirely irrelevant problems as the issue happens intermittently upon startup of the machine, (ex: Start PC, fan will not...
  9. Pag978

    Pc won’t boot anymore. Ez debug lights are on HELP

    Last night I was playing games for 6-7 hours and my keyboard and mouse randomly lost connection and the display was gone. My fans were still spinning and GPU was on but the display wasn’t working and the power button wasn’t working either. So I unplugged the pc and tried turning it on and when...
  10. Synthaxx

    [SOLVED] PC suddently turned off and burn smell. Now it's not working, no signal on display.

    Hi everyone, hope you're doing well! (I would like to apologise for my English and redaction since it's not my first language) My setup is: GPU: EVGA NVIDIA GTX 960 FTW 4GB CPU: AMD Fx-8350 RAM: HyperX Fury x16GB PSU: Seasonic 500w +80gold SSD: Kingston A400 Motherboard: MSI Krait 970A I have...
  11. Y

    [SOLVED] New high end PC build won't boot ,no fan sppining ,solid REd LED on MOBO(CPU) HELP!

    Hi everyone , yesterday I finished a completely new PC build with the following specs: CPU:core i9 10900k GPU:EVGA 2080 super black MOBO:AORUS Z490 elite (LGA1200) PSU:AORUS AP 850 GM (850W 80plus gold) COOLER: NZXT Kraken x73 RAM:G skill trident neo 32gb Storage: 1tb Kingston nmve m2...
  12. USFJon

    [SOLVED] CPU Fans and Headers: CPU Fan Error Story

    I just wanted to share my strange story as I couldn't find anything online that helped me. I hope this may help others. I recently installed an Enermax LIQFUSION 360 in my computer and everything for over a week or so was doing just fine. This wasn't my first install of an aftermarket CPU...
  13. Y

    Question Gtx 1070ti Problems

    Hello! I'm a tech heavy kinda person but clueless when it comes to GPU's. My friend gave me his 1070ti when he bought a whole new pc and I plugged it in, Image was fine, games ran perfectly fine but no fans spinning and no LED's working on the plate. I reseated it, reconnected wires, redid...
  14. T

    Question RX 590 Fans not spinning even in high temperature

    Hello everybody, Just bought a new GPU for my pc since i was running with just the AMD CPU and noticed that my fans aren't working. I did some research and found out that some GPU fans start working after a certain temperature. Mine had 84C and my fans were still not working. Tried using WattMan...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] GPU Fans not spinnig at 75 degrees

    so yesterday i bought an Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 GAMING 8GB and a coolermaster 550w psu. it worked fine until i was gaming and my pc instanted shut down, when i starded my pc back up my gpu temp was at 80 and the fans where not spinnig. even if i force them to spin they wont work. but the strange...
  16. dboonthavee

    My PC fans are not spinning, but my mobo LED’s are lighting up only.

    Hi everyone, I’m currently building my first gaming pc and it looks like i’m almost done. However, when i plugged in my power supply and flipped the switch to i , none of my fans are spinning including the case fans, cpu fan, gpu fan, and even the psu fan. I also want to point out that the only...
  17. D

    Question My XFX RX 550 4GB fans not spinning in Windows

    the fans spin when im loading into bios or just running up the computer until the windows logo comes and loads up windows and then it stops spinning and i have to use afterburner to get it to spin and then if i try to play games the whole computer just crashes.
  18. N

    Question GPU and cpu fans not spinning, motherboard doesn't light if GPU is plugged in.

    Specs: CPU: Intel i3 - 6100 GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 750 ti PSU: Stock 450 watts (Unbranded) MoBo: Gigabyte h110m-ds2 I've tried cleaning the board, because I spilled some coffee on my desk and it managed to break in my cpu and when that happened, my screen blacked out so I quickly turned it off...
  19. G

    Question My gtx 1660ti Fans are not spinning

    I just finished my build, while i was doing the bios setup I checked if the fans in my graphics card were spinning and they were, but later when i was installing steam and other programs i checked again and they weren’t, i started a game and that didn’t work either, why is this happening, is...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] GPU not working properly after reapplying thermal paste

    Hello! I recently reapplied the thermal paste for my GPU (Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme) and have noticed a multitude of problems since. Firstly, the fans on the card aren't spinning, well sort of and I'll say why in a second (even putting them on 100% in MSI Afterburner doesn't do anything.)...
  21. H

    Community Picks: Most Memorable PC Game Glitches

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