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  1. M

    Question GPU Fans not spinnig at 75 degrees

    so yesterday i bought an Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 GAMING 8GB and a coolermaster 550w psu. it worked fine until i was gaming and my pc instanted shut down, when i starded my pc back up my gpu temp was at 80 and the fans where not spinnig. even if i force them to spin they wont work. but the strange...
  2. dboonthavee

    My PC fans are not spinning, but my mobo LED’s are lighting up only.

    Hi everyone, I’m currently building my first gaming pc and it looks like i’m almost done. However, when i plugged in my power supply and flipped the switch to i , none of my fans are spinning including the case fans, cpu fan, gpu fan, and even the psu fan. I also want to point out that the only...
  3. D

    Question My XFX RX 550 4GB fans not spinning in Windows

    the fans spin when im loading into bios or just running up the computer until the windows logo comes and loads up windows and then it stops spinning and i have to use afterburner to get it to spin and then if i try to play games the whole computer just crashes.
  4. N

    Question GPU and cpu fans not spinning, motherboard doesn't light if GPU is plugged in.

    Specs: CPU: Intel i3 - 6100 GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 750 ti PSU: Stock 450 watts (Unbranded) MoBo: Gigabyte h110m-ds2 I've tried cleaning the board, because I spilled some coffee on my desk and it managed to break in my cpu and when that happened, my screen blacked out so I quickly turned it off...
  5. G

    Question My gtx 1660ti Fans are not spinning

    I just finished my build, while i was doing the bios setup I checked if the fans in my graphics card were spinning and they were, but later when i was installing steam and other programs i checked again and they weren’t, i started a game and that didn’t work either, why is this happening, is...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] GPU not working properly after reapplying thermal paste

    Hello! I recently reapplied the thermal paste for my GPU (Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme) and have noticed a multitude of problems since. Firstly, the fans on the card aren't spinning, well sort of and I'll say why in a second (even putting them on 100% in MSI Afterburner doesn't do anything.)...
  7. H

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