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  1. Alex Soft Hands

    Build Advice Having multiple problems with my first-time build

    One of the first problems I encountered was that when I had everything set up i turned on my power via the power supply and my motherboard and graphics card lit up but my case fabd fans were not spinning, and I might also need help identifying wich wire from the front panel goes where. I am also...
  2. T

    Question Fans are too loud

    Hello, I have recently build my own gaming pc and the cpu fan and the case fans are all too loud. i have tried turning the fans down with msi command center but command center crashes my system sometimes but it went much quieter that way. But now i have deactivated command center due to the...
  3. S

    Question Coolers issues

    I'm planning to buy a new sentey case cause I upgraded my gpu and it doesn't fit in the old one, here's the matter, that case comes with 4 fans, 1 in the back and 3 in the front, my motherboard is an Asus h81mk and it only has one connector for a fan and the GPU fan, how can I manage to connect...
  4. ZuRriX

    Question Do you need an Aura Sync MOBO for Aura Sync compatible fans? (RGB Aura Sync compatible fans with Non Aura Sync compatible MOBO)

    Basically, this is part of a bigger picture, a bigger problem and question I have. I want to know can I connect Raidmax NV-R120B RGB fans to my ASRock H270M Fatal1ty Performance MOBO and control the fans using Aura Sync software. Yes, the MOBO has an RGB header, but it is not Aura Sync...
  5. E

    Question Running 3 fans on a header with fan hub?

    So contacted MSI support, told me my motherboard headers each support 1 A. I,m planning to run 3 CoolerMaster MasterFan MF120L Non LED on each of the two sysfan header through a fan hub. Rated safety current is 0.16A, so 3 fans will be 0.48 A on one header, so with the over current at startup...
  6. K

    Question Any tips how to configure software with graphic card?

    I have a 2 years old gaming pc with gigabyte gtx 1050 ti in it and I was using OC guru II for the fans to run everytime after I start my pc. But yesterday the fans stopped working suddenly and when I tried to open guru, it just showed me a bunch of errors. So I downloaded the Extreme gaming...
  7. D

    Question CPU fan rattling/grinding noise

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I hope I did it in the right section. I've recently bought a new AIO cooler which is the Masterliquid ml240 r rgb. Lately the two fans have been doing a rattling/grinding noise when I play due to the increase in the amount of speed. I've looked up on...
  8. Question Will my Corsair Lighting Node fit in THIS?

    As you can see, its a 9 pin hub on my MoBo but it says "JLED" instead of "JUSB"... will it work anyway? My case fans just went out and I want to use these new LL120's from Corsair but Im afraid there are no free JUSB slots on my MoBo plus Im clueless on how to use the Lighting Node...any ideas?
  9. G

    Question ROG strix graphics card and corsair 570x syncing fans

    hi i have a corsair 570x case and have just bought a ROG strix rx580 card. I was wondering if anyone knew how you could use the fan headers on the graphics card and if this means you could connect these headers to the fan controller on the 570x case? so that you could sync the fans to all...
  10. S

    Question MSI Arsenal Gaming B450 Tomahawk Motherboard or Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi

    I plan on buying the Ryzen 5 3600x so I'm building a new computer right now. I plan on buying one of the motherboards I listed in the title. I plan on having either a 280mm aio cooler set up in my case on the top and a 280mm on the bottom or 240mm's. Which motherboard is the best option? On the...
  11. I

    Question More fans

    Hi i need to buy new case and i found one that is good for my components but i has 4 preinstalled fans and my motherboard has only pins for 3 of them + cpu fan. So is there any way to connect them all?
  12. CadenzaBrn

    Question CPU/Cooling/PSU (?) issue

    Hello everybody, I'm new here, and I'd like to ask for your help to resolve an issue. I'll try to give all the necessary information. Sorry for the long post ! Thanks in advance ! Here are my specs (desktop computer) : Brand : Asus Model : M32CD4-K CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @...
  13. grubbyhat

    Question CPU fan speed

    Hi guys so this is what my CPU has been sitting on roughly. My cpu is a i5 7400 (3ghz) The clock speed often jumps between 2000-3300 mhz. The fan speed is what is worrying me thought. I gave it a clean out just before this measurement and there was a fair amount of dust. I cleaned all of the...
  14. H

    Question 3- way fan splitters?

    So ive decided to upgrade my pc, and i want to have 12 silent wings 3 pwm fans (120mm) (a 360mm rad with push pull, and 2 more just push (or pull)) the motherboard I'm getting has 4 fan headers (gigabyte z390 aorus ultra) I'm just curious if it would be able to handle splitting each of the fan...
  15. B

    Question GPU fans vibrating

    I have a GTX 1660TI OC model Gv-N166TOC, and the fans only kick in at certain points. Now the problem is, only whenever the fans start spinning they make some sort of a buzzing sound for a second, but if they are ran continuously (I.E in a game) the problem disappears. What could it be? Under...
  16. C

    Question 4 fans on an asrock z370 extreme4?

    Hello all, As the question says, I am looking to run 4 fans on an asrock Z370 extreme4, which from what I can see in the bios can only run three. I am currently running the stock fans from the fractal meshify c - which I know aren't great - so I was looking to get some be quiet BL065 silent...
  17. G

    Question Help with beefy fan placement?

    I have a FX-6300 (stock cooler), an RX-570, and a single case fan, so my PC gets pretty hot. I just tore down some old E-waste servers and got some beefy fans, I can drill holes and add dust filters anywhere in the case (Its also just an e-waste junk case), so where should I mount them? I have...
  18. G

    Question PC - LEDs on Fan glitching?

    Hey so I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this since I'm new to this forum so I apologize in advance but.. I got my PC in February of this year and it's been great with no noteworthy issues. However, just recently (maybe in the past week or so), I noticed the LEDs on one of my fans...
  19. Avacadoee

    Question Is it worth it buying another exhaust fan

    I’m making a build for myself but i don’t know if i should buy another exhaust fan (nf-f12) or should i just put the extra $20 i have back into other components when my case already comes with an exhaust fan pre installed. The case i’m going to get, as a temporary one at least, is the Mx330.
  20. MarioRud

    Question PWM Fan + Fan Controller confusion

    Hi all! Just making this thread because I'm a bit confused in regards to PWM fans connecting to a fan controller. I'm currently looking to build a Mini Itx PC. I've settled on the NZXT H200i which comes with a fan hub. I'm not interested in water cooling and I want to buy some be quiet...