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  1. JJJJere

    Question How to connect 3 fans

    Recently I bought a new case, I of the problems is that my pc is not booting, It shows power tho, but the other problem is that I don’t know how to connect 3 frontal fans.. View: What I mean is, the pc does not turn on because the fans are not connected and how can...
  2. Pharrel_arcana

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to control fan speed refers to GPU's temp?

    So here's the situation: My Zotac 1070Ti Mini is still running normally, but its fan pin header died (idk why it doesnt deliver electricity anymore). After doing some digging in my local online store, i found this cable to convert mini PWM cable (gpu fan cable) to normal size for pwm fan cable...
  3. J

    Question GPU making whirring/buzzing noise

    As of recently my GIGABYTE 1660 Super seems to be making a buzzing and whirring noise when I play any sort of games. If I am just browsing or watching a video its fine but it almost always makes the buzzing constantly. Not sure what the problem is but i am almost 100% sure its the GPU as its the...
  4. Pikolo19

    Question Why is my system fan shown as not spinning in BIOS/HWmonitor after boot, but inside the case all the fans are spinning?

    Hello, when i start my pc after shutdown, sometimes the fans go very loud. I checked HWmonitor and it doesn't show my System fan (Fanin1) at all, and temps are also high on idle(60-65 deg on cpu). But in reality all the fans in my pc case are moving. If i restart pc and enter bios the problem is...
  5. alexalexa221

    Question How to calculate RPM of GPU's fans

    Hello, I am not familiar with how the RPM works for my RX 5600 XT Red Dragon. I keep the fans at 100% under high load and the RPM is rated at around 3000 when monitoring the fan speeds via Radeon Software. My question is, is the RPM the total of both fans meaning that each fan has a maximum...
  6. omerdai

    Question Help Motherboard light problem

    Hi, I have my pc for a tear now and I don't usually have problems with it, today I wanted to check something with the RGB fans and by mistake one cable has disconnected and I reconnected it since then something really strange is happening, the front RGB fans are stuck with blue light the CPU fan...
  7. O

    Question GPU only left fan was spinning, on 0% fan speed

    Yesterday I had to leave on a rush and right before I left, my computer was running and electricity went out. I thought it was gonna stay off but as I exited the house it came back instantly which caused the computer to boot up again (I didn't have enough time to shut it down so I just left)...
  8. Shugahime

    Question CPU & GPU fan won't spin

    I'm having a rather difficult time diagnosing what's wrong with my build, and I really need some help. As of this moment my CPU heatsink and my GPU fans will not spin upon booting up. I cannot troubleshoot it in BIOS, as my monitor will not read it, which is also a problem... and I had to...
  9. GabrielTidswell

    Question Case fans change speed in BIOS but full speed in OS

    Hi I just built my first PC. Everything is working fine except I'm having a few issues with connection between my Gigabyte B560M motherboard and Tecware Orbis fans and fan controller. Currently the BIOS doesn't detect any system fans but changing fan settings for header 1 does control the fan...
  10. UserTom

    [SOLVED] i7 11700k AIO fan placement

    Hi, I bought a Lian Li GALAHAD AIO 240 RGB, a Lian Li lancool II mesh RGB black tempered glass ATX case that comes with 3 intake fans in the front and I also bought a 120mm exhaust fan for the rear. How would you setup the AIO fans, intake, exhaust? I do not have the products already but I...
  11. Zefrom

    Question Sudden black screens on display but fans and lights are still on -- GPU problem?

    Hello, new here I have sudden black screens on my display with "No signal" as the only message on the black screen. My fans and lights are still turned on when all these are happening. The black screens happens when I run any games (GTA V or LoL) for a few mins. The black screens also happen...

    Question Difference between LED's in Corsair SP120 RGB Pro and RGB Elite?

    I currently have 3 corsair sp120 rgb elite which came preinstalled with my case and I'm thinking about buying three more fans and i'm wondering if the leds are different between the corsair sp120 rgb elite and rgb pro
  13. Y

    Question Fan RGB color reset each time computer is turned off

    My RGB fans are being controlled from the case for unknown reason in each time I turn off my PC the RGB color reset to the old color but if I restart the PC RGB color just stays. Any help or recommendation will be appreciated.
  14. DustyStorm

    Question Water-Cooled fan ticking (Video included)

    Fan issue video I have been having this recent ticking noise coming from my water-cooler cpu fan. I reattached many fans to find which was causing the noise. I finally found it! But unfortunately I have zero clue why it’s making that noise. I took it apart and cleaned out the radiator and it...
  15. Y

    Question iCUE + Wraith Prism through a USB Hub?

    Hello everyone, Since I built my original PC in 2016, every part has been changed except for my HDD, SSD and my case. Back then, I just bought the cheapest case I could because I really didn't care much as the PC would stand on the floor (even if it did stand on my desk it would be on the left...
  16. R

    Question Asus Crosshair VII Hero header issue?

    Hello, I recently swapped out the fans in my case for those that feature RGB Lighting. I have: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero x570 (w/ Ryzen 5900x) (Amazon ) - It has 2 RGB Headers for both types (5/12V) NZXT Z730 360 mm AIO (Amazon) 6 Coolermaster Fans: 3 Master Fan MF120s (Amazon) and 3...
  17. S

    Question Number of fans for one header based on given amps

    I am trying to buy 3 of these fans - Cooler Master Sickleflow 120 As per specs, below is the current info: FAN RATED CURRENT: 0.15A FAN SAFETY CURRENT: 0.37A FAN POWER CONSUMPTION: 1.8W Based on this information, can I run 3 fans on a single motherboard fan header with the use of a fan...
  18. A

    Question Confused about RGB fans for PC

    Hi, Today I ordered this i5 and RTX 3060 PC that I wanted for a while: This has a very boring case tbh so I wanted to buy some RGB fans to go with it and make it looks nicer. I started looking at different ones at Amazon and i just got confused with all the different...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Lian Li Lancool II Mesh AIO and front fan solution

    TL;DR 1. Are there any 360mm AIOs with long enough tubes to install them with tubes down in a Lian Li Lancool II Mesh? 2. Will a 280mm AIO + a 120mm fan fit in the front of a Lian Li Lancool II Mesh? 3. If the answer is Yes on question 1 and 2, which alternativ is better? (May need to read the...
  20. dmff_007

    Question Overclocking a GT 610 without fan, is it safe?

    Hey! Is it safe to OverClock my GT 610 2GB without a fan? As the GPU doesn't have a fan, I can't control the fan speed in the MSI afterburner. How hot should a GT 610 run while playing games anyway? CPU has a fan, and the case has a fan too (Model Tacens ALU III)