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  1. N

    Question need help.

    hey guys. so i got a new case ( sort of... fractal design define s ) i need recommendation for what kind of intake and exhaust fans should i buy. and what brand. ( a list will be appreciated so much ) and i saw an intake at the bottom ( beside the power supply ) should i put a fan in there...
  2. V

    Question PWM, PST, and Fixed Fans. HELP!

    Hello! I was wondering what the difference was between PWM, PST, and Fixed fan speeds were. I am looking to buy silent fans for low speeds for when I am browsing YouTube and higher speeds when I'm playing FH4, per say. I am tired of hearing a jet engine in my ear. I was looking at the ARCTIC...
  3. M

    Question Strix RTX 2070 fan speed stuck at max

    Card: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 As the header says I can't seem to adjust my fans at all. I installed the card yesterday and everything is working fine but my fans are turned way to high and are making too much noise. the only time they idle is when I'm in the BIOS menu(motherboard is also...
  4. P

    Question Will this fans be compatible with this case ?

    Hello, i found a case for a good price Phanteks Eclipse P300 and i wanna add 2x 140mm be-quiet! Pure Wings 2. I wanna know if they sit in case and where exactly i need a plug them in to a motherboard. Thanks for every respond ! Links: PSU:
  5. M

    Question Need some RGB experience

    Hello all, I am planning on a massive upgrade to my whole computer in the next two or three months. I will have a custom liquid cool loop which i have experience in but i am trying to jump on the RGB bandwagon but i am confused a bit. The simple question is i want to put a ton of rgb fans (I...
  6. G

    Question MSI Z270 A Pro MoBo and RGB Fans

    Is it possible to connect a set of 3 corsair LL120 RGB fans to a MSI z270A Pro? My friend gave us his old fans and I really want to hook them up to my motherboard but Im reading that the z270 a pro has no RGB header? Any other way around connecting these fans to my PC?
  7. daniyalkh14

    Question HP omen 15 fans ramp up

    Hello i bought a used hp omen 15 (7700hq,1050 4gb)everything about it is fine except one problem its fan ramp up and down for no reason,sometimes they stay at high speed for too long,even even laptop is idle, i've tried finding settings in bios but no luck, tried updating nvidia drivers,tried...
  8. H

    Question Pc wont start , psu gpu and cpu fan keep spinning and stop for 3 secs and restart

    So 2 Months ago i was sitting at home and my gaming pc was in sleep mode , suddenly i heard explosion coming from my pc , exactly from my psu 400w without any sticker that show which brand is , i replace the psu with cx 450 and install it in the motherboard , connect all the pins correctly and...
  9. Y

    [SOLVED] Chassis fans 3 pin to 1 pin connector

    Hello, I currently built my first desktop, i got an Asrock AB350M-HDV mobo with 1 x 4-pin & 1 x 3 pin chassis fan connectors, got a Gamemax 561-f blue case that comes with 3 fans, 2 for intake 1 for out. Got a little question, currently all 3 fans are running from molex directly from PSU, and i...
  10. Folley

    Question My fans are unwantedly shutting down automatically

    I have a Alienware Aurora R5 (pls dont bully me) and my fans automatically shut down after about an hour of my computer not being touched almost like sleep mode but, it will still keep my games running and it overheats my system, is there anyway to keep my fans on at all times unless my computer...
  11. L

    Build Advice FAN Setup for new PC

    Hi all, I am planning on building a new PC this year when Navi/Ryzen 3000 comes out. The build is decided for the most part, but I am looking to optimize fan setup for my case of choice. The case will be Fractal Design Meshify C - TG, and it has several filters; front, bottom, top. For this...
  12. V

    Question CPU Clicking noise at high speed.

    Hey, I'm not an expert on pc components and thus I came across this website seeking help. Problem is that my CPU fan starts to make extremely annoying clicking sound whenever it's at full speed. (Not always but sometimes) Especially whenever I turn on the PC. It usually goes away whenever I...
  13. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Can I buy a front dust filter for a non dust filtered case? (Aerocool Cylon)

    Hello. I want to add some intake fans to make positive airflow in my case (Aerocool Cylon, for optimal cooling for my Ryzen 5 2600x and GTX 1050 ti 4GB. People do tell me to get a new case, but that's simply not an option for me, since im 13...
  14. hyperjcm

    Question Can i plug 5 fans to one header?

    I bought some cheap 120mm led case fans off eBay and connected it to one system fan header using fan splitters. so far it works fine in pwm mode, but in dc mode the fan leds blink like it stops for a sec and turns back on which made me worried if the fans require more power than what the header...
  15. S

    Question Is it a smart idea to buy 3 extra fans to put on the other side of my 360mm AIO liquid/water cooler radiator to get lower CPU temperatures?

    Hello all, Most 360mm AIOs liquid/water coolers from popular brands come with only 3 fans. I am wondering will I get even lower temperatures on my CPU if I buy 3 more fans for my 360mm AIO and put them on the opposite side of the radiator. So my radiator would have 3 fans on each side for a...
  16. KingRowe

    Question Motherboard Case Power Button not working

    Hi everyone! I have a problem that I can't quite pinpoint down, but effectively this is the issue. Pushing the power button on my case, or trying to jump the power switch on the MB doesn't give the PC life at all. I only have two parts at the moment but as far as I am aware these two parts...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] I have three fans, how to place them for best performance?

    Hi. It's my first pc build and I have three fans, I read that it's best to have even amount of fans, but now I have three. Where should I place them and do I have two intake or two exhaust (+ 1 of the opposite)? The fans I have is two 120mm Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 @ 1200 RPM and one...
  18. N

    Question Thermaltake View 32 RGB Controller

    Hello, This is probably a very rookie question but I'd rather ask the experts instead of blowing up my PC! I purchased a Thermaltake View 32 Case and the case comes with 3 pre-installed RGB Fans from Thermaltake that are all connected to an RGB Hub / Switch. So far all good... Although off...
  19. Z

    Question Unable to control case fans

    Hello everyone. I am unable to control case fans via both Smartfan and BIOS. They are working normal, RGB LED works fine as well. I just can't find a way to control their speed/noise. BIOS shows me their RPM but when I change them from normal to silent nothing happens. Right now they are...
  20. F

    Question Can I connect case fan to CPU/Water Pump Fan Connector?

    Hello, I'm thinking about getting the ASRock B450M Pro4 motherboard. According to their website it has 1 CPU fan connector, 1 CPU/Water Pump fan connector and 3 chassis/water pump fan connectors. All of them are 4-pin. I don't plan to use liquid cooling but I would like to use 4 case fans. Can...