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  1. V

    Question Desktop fan randomly goes full power for 1-2 seconds

    Hello, I hope someone will be able to help me with this. So yesterday I bought a new prebuild desktop and I installed Windows 11 on it, and every once in a while one of the fans just decides to go full power, lasting 1-2 seconds. Me playing something, me browsing the web, me doing nothing just...
  2. R

    Question Ryzen 5 5600x high temperature

    Hello guys, I just bought a new cpu and motherboard. When I first booted the pc, I've noticed the cooler was a bit too loud. I've checked the temperatures and usage: CPU temp: 47-50C CPU usage: 1-3% GPU temp: 40-41C GPU usage: 8%; CPU volt: 1.07-1.25V GPU volt: 0.82V This is my setup: CPU...
  3. Gushigang

    Question Connect 4 pin fan to 2 pin header?

    The fan of my UPS is very noisy, so I was thinking of changing it for a noctua. The problem is that the UPS header is 2 pin and the noctua fans only come with 3 or 4 pins. Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM (4 pin) Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX (3 pin) Which one should I buy? and could I connect them directly to the...
  4. D

    Question Gpu constantly at 80 degrees whike playing games

    Hi so recently noticed that my gpu fans started ramping up when playing games and i checked msi afterburner and its at 81 degrees even while the fans are at 60% and the game is taking only 50% gpu power, I have three 120mm fans in my case, 2 at the front and one at the back, I have one Large...
  5. Question GPU fan getting crazy Gigabyte RTX 3070

    Hello ! One of my fan on my RTX 3070 is litterally going crazy, up to 6000rpm, while the others are fine, does anyone have a clue on what is happening ? I was playing Ride 4 today, and suddenly it started to go crazy, like for no particular reason except maybe temperature ? I mean, it's 34°C...
  6. G

    Question RX 6700 XT 0 RPM Fan speed indicated?

    Hi all! I have a Rog Strix Rx 6700 XT that works just fine except the fan speed displays 0 rpm in ALL monitoring software. The fans spin normally and even ramp up under load. I have done all the usual steps to try to figure this out, re-seat card, clean install two different drivers, checked...
  7. CheemsFan

    Question About GPU Fans

    I recently noticed that my GPU fans were turning on and off during low load gaming because GPU reaches the min temps 60°C to make the fans spin, but then once it cold downs to 59°C, the fans stop, and goes like that, turning on and off going from 60°C to 59°C constantly, which is not annoying...
  8. X

    Build Advice 9 Argb Fans on one connector

    Hi there. I am looking to build a pc in the near future. The case I am going to use for my build is the Metallicgear Neo Qube and has support for up to 9 120mm fans. For my fans I want to get the InWin Sirius Extreme fans. You can daisy chain all the fans together (4 pin pwm connectors and...
  9. H

    Question ASUS B560m Cougar AIO Radiator Fan Question

    Hello guys, Got a weird one for you. So, in a nutshell, my PC has the following fan setup: 3X Chassis Fans attached to the front side of the case 1x Chassis Fan attached to the back (basically the exhaust fan) AIO Radiator Fans on top. So, a couple of days ago the Chassis Fans (3x) started...
  10. m4r1n7

    [SOLVED] Hello everyone, need help! whats the case here?

    The problem occured like 4 weeks ago. Iam using nvidia asus strix 1080ti card. The problem was like occasionally 2 times happened during Elden Ring -THE SCREEN GOES BLACK and GPU FANS start spinning ( you can hear them really good). I need to restart via button my pc and everythings back to...
  11. C

    Question Advice with upgrading fans

    Hey Guys, I am looking to install some more fans on my system, currently I only have 1 Stock PC Fan which is pulling air out of the housing into the room. I want to know, how would you guys go about installing fans into my current housing? It can hold 3 fans in the bottom part and one on the...
  12. A

    Question Opinion: Server case fans

    I have a server running two arrays, 8 hard drives. The back plane is cooled by 4 80mm Antec fans which aren't new. I've noticed heat on the drive enclosures. Its nothing critical and my server rooms air temp is much cooler than my office air temp but I figure while i have it off the rack and on...
  13. B

    Question I'm trying to power two 80mm fans direct from my power supply with molex connection.

    So basically I have two 80mm fans I stuck in the back of my pc and am wondering why they aren't turning on. Here is a picture of the connector I am using. The female molex on the fans seems to be straight negative positive connection, but the male molex has 3 pins. I don't know what to think. I...
  14. T

    Question Fan Controlled - PWN controlling none-PWN?

    Hey, Is there such a thing a fan controller hub that has a PWN input but where the hub then connects to non-PWN (3 pin) fans? For example, I have 5 older fans that aren't addressable, can I plug them into some kind of hub that is PWN which they controls the 5 fans? I'm sure there is but my...
  15. asphalosa

    Question Asus Prime Z270-P - what is the chassis fan header amperage?

    Hi I was planning to use a 3 way splitter to connect my 3 front 0.3A 12V chassis fans to a single chassis fan header as there's only 2 on the aforementioned MOBO, yet I could not find the Amperage for the Chassis Fan Header anywhere for the Asus Prime Z270-P motherboard. Does anyone have an idea...
  16. T

    Question How to control PWM fans in Bios or Software?

    I got this Thermaltake fan hub from Amazon ( ) and have attached 7 fans to it, 6 of them are PWM 4 pin Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 fans. I attached the main connector from the fan hub to CHA_FAN1 on the motherboard as I had...
  17. VenXxx

    Question Need help with ARGB with 4 pin headers

    Hello, I need help and explanation on how to use this ARGB headers with 4 Pin headers(FANS). my case is MSI FORGE 100R and it comes with 2 argb fans(1 argb header and 4 pin header(the PWM)) and one ordinary 120mm fan(4pin) and a argb controler without 4pin**. (I have seen Tecware Forge M with...
  18. Horizons_

    Question PC Crashes, Screen Goes Black, Fans Overdrive [RX 580]

    Current system information before going into more detail: PC Part Picker: Video of the crashes with task manager open: Radeon Software Details: View...
  19. AspectSaber

    [SOLVED] Can I use an exhaust fan as intake for this pc?

    I have an HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, which is a good computer however it can get very hot, especially in summer days. I have a spare exhaust fan, and I see my computer has a grill with a filter that can fit an 80mm or 92mm fan, but like it should be intake. I heard that exhaust fans can...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] argb fans daisy chaining

    How manny of these argb fans can i daisy chain from one argb mobo header? (i want to buy 5 of them) Fans: Arctic P12 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB Mobo: Asus rog strix b450f gaming II
  21. imthespectre

    Question CPU fans start/stop randomly when RGB is plugged in?

    Hello all, I'm experiencing an issue that I can't seem to find any info on, and despite my best troubleshooting efforts, has been frustrating and evasive enough that I'm out of ideas. I recently bought an RGB AIO cooler, the CoolerMaster ML240L v2. The cooler works fine, and I'm happy with it...
  22. E

    Question Planning to buy Corsair LL120 120mm 3Case Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO

    As the title says I am planning to buy the Corsair LL120 fans but the issue is with my motherboard and casing. I have a very old PC. I am not quite sure if these fans connector will work with my PC. The main issue started with my CPU Cooler fan. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212x CPU cooler...
  23. Markoni51x1

    Question GPU Fans

    Hello, i want ask becouse i can't find gpu fans for RX 590 Red Dragon, so my question is can i put some other fans on RX 590 Red Dragon, like fans from XFX RX 590 or from someother graphic card?
  24. Gouz974

    Question CPU fan and sys fans stopping ?

    Hello, I usualy let run my computer while im at work to do automated tasks in some old school games. Yersteday when back home I noticed that all the sys fans except for one had stopped. The cpu fan also stopped and the temp went up to 80+ c° I kinda paniked and turned it off imediatly. When I...
  25. E

    [SOLVED] Case fans spin up without temp spike

    Just upgraded to an i7 12700k and a new Z690 Mobo, and the CPU idles at around 35-38 which is nice, but every few minutes the case fans will increase to what sounds like 100% for about 10 seconds and the spin back down. I have HWInfo open and it doesnt show an increase in CPU temps. I have the...
  26. L

    [SOLVED] Suddenly loud computer - not sure which component/fan ?

    Been using my computer for years Today I decided to mess around the casing, moved a few cables around (and even tilted the computer 45+ degrees, long story) Now everytime my computer is on, I hear a constant whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise. I'm not an expert (unlike you...
  27. H

    [SOLVED] Change Fan Direction

    Hello I have purchased and installed Arctic BioniX 120p ARGB fans with a controller hub. I think I've messed up because I have 2 serious issues. 1) the air gets pushed outside the case only. I can't seem to find a way to push air inside the case (I can invert the fans but the rgb will then be...
  28. H

    Question HELP WITH CABLES - Build in progress - Phanteks P500A

    Hi guys, Im in the middle of a build with the P500A case We have plugged in most of the cables We have purchased a fan controller. - It is the phantek fan controller The exhaust fan plugs into the fan controller as well as the 3 front fans that come with the case. We have another cable with...
  29. Cassidy_Addams

    Question Fans speed up and Screen goes black, requires restart.

    So I'll start this by saying that I've had this problem for a while but thought it resolved. Up until this week I ran a GTX 1060 and I started having this issue a while after making a new build in december 2020, it basically occured quite frequently after that, probably around febuary. I tried a...
  30. XpertRobber

    [SOLVED] radiator cooling

    so i am only just getting into the gaming PC area. I know a decent amount about everything but cooling, and I i am buying a gaming PC and I am wondering. Should i use a radiator if i am not using water cooling? if so should i put fans near or on the radiator to help with cooling?
  31. P

    [SOLVED] Montech Fighter 500 Fans

    Hi All, I recently bought the Montech Fighter 500 case which has 4 pre-installed "rgb" fans. First, I thought the fans will just be regular 4 pin RGB fans, turns out that they are all static rainbow color LED fans (which I dont care much about because the case was cheap). However, I did realize...
  32. GhostWPT

    Question Strange fan noise

    Hello, I recently noticed that I have a strange fan noise, it's like coil whine, but this strange noise is at one of my case fans. The noise is most audible whenever I play a game, and I don't know why. I also checked the RPMs with my software, I cranked the RPMs to the max and there was no...
  33. G

    Question Can I connect RGB fans to my Tomahawk B450 MAX?

    Hello. Basically, I want to add RGB fans to my pc. I have MSI tomahawk b450 max and it has 4 x 4-pin system fan connectors and 2 x 5050 RGB LED strip 12V connectors. I want to know if I am able to do add 3 or more RGB fans to this pc with these connectors or do they only support normal fans...
  34. KekoTheFox

    Question Fans continue to run after shutdown ?

    Hi! I was just given a old HP Pavillion p6-2200ea desktop PC to try to fix and possibly upgrade, I've been told it has a habit of shutting down at random which I can confirm that fault, despite it only happening once during the 4 or so hours it was running. That's not the issue I'm writing...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] Reasons why my PC makes noise?

    So, my PC makes a considerable amount of noise and I can think of a few reasons why, but since I’m still a rookie to all the PC building stuff, I would like to ask for help from more experienced people. 1. The PC case I have right now is the Aerocool Cylon RGB Mid Tower, and I’ve heard the...
  36. V

    [SOLVED] I am looking to buy a new cpu fan for a i5-7500, because the noise from the fan is really annoying and i will be buying 850W power supply

    I don't know which one to choose and I don't understand how tdp works for the power supply, but i don't want unneeded power drain from the fan. I have been looking at options and I don't know how much CFM I need; the budget is about 50$. I've been looking through these The main things are...
  37. B

    [SOLVED] Is this fan configuration overkill?

    2 intake fans, a Scythe fuma 2 cpu cooler, a rear top exhaust fans. Ryzen 7 3700x Would this be overkill? Do I need 2 exhaust fans? I have a RTX3070TI so it gets hot on demanding titles.
  38. Z

    Question Undervolt cpu how?

    Hey I got the i9 12900k and the temps run hot I want to undervolt it so I can better temps please help View: I’m a total noob at this so any help is appricate
  39. Z

    [SOLVED] Where is the cmos reset on this mb? I can’t find the cmos reset on this mb
  40. F

    [SOLVED] Cooling advice for a 5900x NZXT build ?

    I have a 5900x/gigabyte 3080 build that tends to be on the hotter side when gaming (88-90)! I have historically build with intel and my prior research did suggest the AMDs are warmer in general than their counterparts! For additional context I build during Aussie winter and didnt notice temps...