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Page 10 - Forum discussion tagged with fans.
  1. Slighs

    Question 400W power supply and rx 570

    Hey guys, Im really stressed out because my gpu fans wont spin and some people say it might be because my power supply is only 400W and doesnt give enough power to 'spin the fans', but the gpu does light up and is being recognized and everything. I have a 400w be quiet! 80+ gold power supply...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Fans and rad setup for a Phanteks P400a D-rgb case

    I'm not very well versed on push/pull/intake/exhaust/fans/aio etc. so I'm looking for a simple setup for my new build. The front of the case has mesh with no dust filter, and three stock 120mm rgb fans that I think are set to intake. I'll stick with these. Other than that there is room for one...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] First build. Need advice on fan setup

    So it's my first build and im all good to go apart from a small query regarding case fans - this subject seems to be most divisive when trying to research your first build. I've bought the NZXT H510 which comes with two 120mm exhaust fans pre installed (top and rear). I was wanting to get...
  4. FaithOnHuman

    Question Suggestion for air-cooling I7 9700K

    Hey there, I was wondering which cooler is the best choice for i7 9700k (no OC). I use the Hyper Evo 212 and the temps just for normal browsing are around 50-55C. And at render times it can go up to 70C. My Case is a Corsair Carbide 200R running 2 case fans (1 front, 1 back) I was thinking to...