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  1. S

    Question Issues with controlling fan speed in Bios

    Hi all! I have had a lot of issues with the noise that my fans are making for a while and went to check it out in bios, but came across a few problems. First of all, I have 3 system fans, but in BIOS it only shows one, assume it is because I have connected all 3 fans to the same fan hub, but if...
  2. TheFlash1300

    Question An app that can allow me to control the speed of the fan

    Is there an application that i can use to increase the speed of the fan to its maximum? Currently, the system decides when to increase or decrease the speed of the fan. I want to make sure the fan is running at its maximum all the time, while I run specific tasks. So, I need a program that can...
  3. S

    Question Laptop Fan Speed Decreases While Gaming

    So this is an issue that i discovered recently. The fan speed of my laptop varies and sometimes go really high while idle or watching videos and not gaming; But when i open a game, the fan speed just gradually decrease and lock in a certain speed which is not enough to cool the laptop and causes...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Why is my CPU so hot?!

    Everything else seems fine temperature wise, but my cpu is super hot while doing NOTHING... i have 6 fans in my case : 2 in front,graphics fan, psu fan ,one in the back and the cpu fan....i bought this pc from someone i dont know and he said that he changed the thermal paste recently... what can...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Bought a new front fan and its spins too slow, how to make it spin faster?

    Hello all i bought a new front fan and it spins too slow.. also when im playing ac odyssey my cpu temperature is around 72celsius... is there a way to make it spin faster?
  6. M

    4770k + enermax t40 + z87m-d3h (4 phases)

    Hi guys, my rig 4770k Z87m-d3h 2* 8gb 1600 780gtx ti V650 coolermaster The mobo is only 4 phases, its safe to over clock (4.5)? If not, if I undervolt and use 4ghz its OK?
  7. L

    Experience with gaming on an AMD Opteron

    I am planning to build an HTPC/gaming system to serve three TVs (two of them are 1080p, one is 720p). Rather than build two or three different computers, I've been reading about VM solutions such as Xen which permit GPU passthrough so I have been thinking about building one computer with...