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  1. liberty.pam

    Question BIOS

    i am having a hard time fixing my computer through bios. It says as the title ‘secure boot violation’ then says ‘Invalid signature detected. Check secure boot policy in set up.’ I’m not sure how to fix this and would love some help! Thank you
  2. Gabito197

    [SOLVED] Fast boot won't do anything

    Hi guys! If I enabled fast or ultra fast boot I keep seeing the manufacturer logo and I can access to the bios from boot, I don't see any improvement, is this normal or I'm missing something? Thanks! System specs: AORUS Z390 elite (F10 bios update) MSI RTX 2060 Ventus (511.65 drivers) i5...
  3. mymercedesisntfast

    [SOLVED] Is this fast or normal for a hdd?

  4. Chello00809

    Question No OS detected after enabling Fast Boot

    Hi, I enabled Fast Boot on my PC and it's completely stopped working. It just displays a message saying that no OS was detected, and to disconnect any hard drives that don't contain an OS. Checking the BIOS it didn't detect any hard drives at all I have two drives, so I disconnected the one...
  5. J

    Question Fast Boot On or Off?

    so i have Asus TUF B450 plus gaming motherboard with Ryzen 7 2700 16 gb ram and 256gb ssd as boot drive. my fast boot in bios and fast startup in windows was enabled. then i was facing some bootloop issues like sometime when i boot into windows it gets stuck in windows bootloop. i found...
  6. N

    Question I can't boot in Fast Boot mode.

    Hello people. I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard but I can't seem to enable any kind of fast boot option. I think my PC boot time is quite slow for what it probably could achieve. It currently takes a little over 20 seconds to boot. I have a samsung 860 SSD where I boot from. In the BIOS...
  7. A

    Low cinebench score i7-8700k

    Problem: My cpu temperature goes beyond 95% while rendering. the score is just 1030cb , even lower than the official i7 3930k Link to view my computer spec: Link to view my cinebench score: If you don't want to view the link, below is a...
  8. Ferimer

    Recommended PSU ≤$100CDN

    I am looking for a Better PSU than the one currently in my system, Currently after some discussion on the forum, I have been made aware that my PSU may be currently unstable as my computer is encountering random freezing without even doing anything extensive, just on, or watching a movie. All...
  9. M

    Asus Prime x370-pro No display, No Beeping and Keyboard won't connect

    Hi, I'm building my first PC, but I have 0 luck booting it. Part list: Problem: ■ Keyboard won't connect - it's RGB keyboard - nothing lights up - tested 2 other keyboards; ■ I'm connecting via HDMI, tried 2 other TV and VGA - but still nothing; ■...
  10. DukiNuki

    A Tiny Monitor Advice

    which of these monitors have the highest image quality plus best contrast,asus-monitor-vs207tp,asus-monitor-vs208np/
  11. D

    No signal to monitor after resetting bios battery

    I want to start off by saying that I know very little about computer hardware, so please talk to me like I am a complete novice. I was playing a game with a friend, and my PC suddenly shut off and would not turn back on. My friend brought up that taking the bios battery out and putting it...
  12. D

    Boots into win7 in safe mode, without gives me a vista loading screen and no signal with gpu fan 100%

    Never seen anything like this in my time building computers. This computer is an older intel core 2 quad, just a movie\youtube watching computer hooked up to the tv, been running fine for weeks after I put windows 7 on a new harddrive, the old hard drive just has movies on it. Worked perfect...
  13. Joorj Pagarigan

    Help with my PSU

    guys. im planning on a upgrade but im taking the psu and 2 hdd and 1 odd cause i already bought them. cause im short on budget :) im just thinking if a cx500m can run this with no problems? (NO OC) fx-8350 some 970 or 990 chipset mobo r9-280x and 8gbs of ram and i have 4(2intake 1 for hdd 1...