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  1. O

    [SOLVED] CPU Fan's ultra speed, is it because I plugged the 5 pin slots to 4 pin header?

    Now my fan is from a Dell proprietary desktop and it has 5 pin slots and it wasnt working on the 4 pin headers, now I was going to buy a new fan until I figured out (I was trying if I can make it work somehow) that when I try to plug just the 3 pins instead of 4 pins.... I DID IT it spins, but...
  2. JojoErik

    Question 3060ti and i5-8400?

    Does 3060ti and i5-8400 good ?? and what bottleneck % will be? ( How much w psu i need?)
  3. Question Can H310M-DGS run Asus Rtx 2060?

    Can H310M-DGS run Asus Rtx 2060|6gb...
  4. J


    hello i am desperate for help with my computer. One day i was playing a video game and my screen suddenly turned black but my pc was still running (i could still hear the game sounds) also my screen was on but black so i restarted and it worked for a couple of hours but happened again playing...
  5. a9xgamer


    Hey Guys, I'm looking for fast Single stick 16GB RAM. Not the "Fastest" one, but still HighEnd Single stick.
  6. Plazer44

    [SOLVED] Cpu upgrade

    so i have a i5-2400 and the socket type is LGA-1155 and i would like to upgrade to a i7 3770, that is also LGA-1155. is this a possible upgrade
  7. Question Steam Download Speeds Faster on Linux than Windows - Why?

    So I recently swapped over to Linux on my main gaming machine and I noticed something peculiar.... Steam downloads significantly faster (actually caps out my gigabit speeds in most cases) on Linux than on Windows. For reference, I typically have burst speeds of about 55MB/s on Windows and then...
  8. Zencxal


    Steam Is Saying I Dont Have Siege Installed But When I Go Into My Files On My PC It Just Straight Up Crashes. I Was Playing Fine Earlier And Then me And My Friend Decided To Reset Our PC And Do Some Overclocking. And I Overclocked My GPU And Launched GTA And It Crashed. So It Was A Classic...
  9. L

    Question Crucial MX500 500GB sata ssd Remaining Life decreasing fast despite few bytes being written

    The Remaining Life (RL) of my Crucial MX500 ssd has been decreasing rapidly, even though the pc doesn't write much to it. Below is the log I began keeping after I noticed RL reached 95% after about 6 months of use. Assuming RL truly depends on bytes written, the decrease in RL is accelerating...
  10. DarkReader

    Question Why more RAM makes programs load WAY faster?

    I had 4gb ram, now i have 8gb. For example visual studio took 1 minute to fully load and be responding to input. Now it does for 8-10 seconds. The difference is massive. When i had 4gb, my RAM didn't "overflow" at all. So that wasnt the culprit. Maybe it finds free space faster when allocating...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] €500 fast laptop for video editing

    Hey everyone 🙂 Thought I’d get some advice from you lot. I’m looking for a decent laptop I can get here in Ireland on the high streets for about €500. It’s for video editing/photoshop and website browsing for my online business. I absolutely cannot stand slow computers so it would have to be a...
  12. vistagamer6969

    [SOLVED] Building a minecraft server

    Hello everyone! I was thinking to build a "dedicated minecraft server" to play with my friends and, in the same time, to use it as a "storage pc" but I don't know what components should I use. I know: Minecraft eats a lot of ram... so I wouldn't go for anything lower than 16GB of ram It's...
  13. Hostile Drunk

    [SOLVED] Fast V.S Stable Internet?

    I use my internet for online video games on 1 computer, 2 phones on the wifi, and two tvs on wifi for hulu and netflix. never are two tvs being used at the same time. FULL STORY: I currently live out of the metro area in a small town. Internet providers are very limited. I currently have...
  14. L

    Question How can I make my PC better for gaming?

    Hi there, I was wondering how i can upgrade my pc to make it better for gaming. I have some idea about computers but not the best. I know the biggest problem is my CPU and was thinking of maybe upgrading to the FX 8350, although i know these are very outdated now i cant afford to get a new MOBO...
  15. M

    Question 9600k vs 3600, which FEELS quicker?

    Hi, I'm in the same boat as a lot of others here for sure, but cannot decide between AMD or Intel for a new build. I'm not much of a gamer tbh so I'm more keen on knowing which CPU feels snappier in everyday desktop, web-browsing, office app use (for example). I've seen numerous vids and read...
  16. C

    Question Consistent Internet Drops

    Last year, we've been getting good internet connections, re-setting it was seldom. This year, we've been getting more and more internet disconnection. As of Summer of 2019, it has just gotten worst. Our customer support told us that it was time to upgrade from the XB3 model to the XB6 model and...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] New PC cabinet

    I am going to purchase a new cabinet : My current specs are : Intel i5-3470 8 GB DDR5 Ram , 2 gb DDR3 Ram {10GB total}...
  18. rabaker07

    Question Search Index - Which Folders to Exclude

    Anyone have suggestions on which folders to exclude from Windows Search? My computer is still huffing and puffing through my multitude of hard drives and SSDs and I figure there are probably a ton of system files that I'd rather never hear from again. I recently upgraded to the latest Windows 10...
  19. N

    Question Nvidia Driver wont open After Fresh Install

    Hi, recently my pc ran onto BSOD problem and I had to do a complete reinstall of my system, but after reinstalling I can't seem to open the Nvidia Driver executable file, it's not even on background process, this is my second reinstall and I'm very frustrated as I can't seem to play my games.
  20. N

    Question Recommendations of a good vpn for gaming

    TL;DR: I need a VPN that is suitable to play games on (low ping, no packet loss, nice speeds) any suggestions are appreciated :) Main post: Heya, I've been gaming for ages now but have never used a VPN, I have a dynamic ip but want to take it a step further, the only problem I have is that I...