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  1. W

    Question mp3 player works only if formated in XP

    I have a mp3 player. When I connect it to PC by USB, I can see it in Windows Explorer, like a normal USB flash drive. If I format it FAT32 in Windows XP and then load mp3 files, the player shows the uploaded files and it can play them normally. If I format it FAT32 in Windows 7 or 10 and then...
  2. G

    PS3 IHS removal attempt lead to YLOD

    Hello, Why I did it (you can skip it if you want!): My brother had a PS3 Fat that overheated almost upon playing a game. Its summer but it would overheat even with the air conditioner on or in mildly hot days. I already had replaced the thermal paste once 3 years ago and 6 months ago, at those...
  3. fchung0712

    [SOLVED] Preview generating viruses on my computer?!

    Today I was saving some pictures I edited with preview, and then, my security program (Avast Free Antivirus) reports that there are viruses in the files I saved, and after performing a scan, I have found that these files are from so folder called chunk storage. The type of virus I am receiving...