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  1. Brandon Umali

    [SOLVED] 1 hour or more booting time problem

    Hi everyone, I want to ask question here regarding what's happening to my PC. What is the faulty hardware on my system? I have a 10 years old PC, designed just to do my daily tasks everyday and sometimes play low end games. It does a hell of a job to be honest. Here's the system...
  2. User_314159

    Question Unusual RAM issue ?

    A few months ago my RAM started acting up, memtest86 threw errors and I RMA-d it. While I was waiting for the new RAM sticks I used a friend's unused RAM stick and it worked just fine. Today the new RAM arrived, and one of the sticks causes Windows to crash almost immediately after boot. The...
  3. kioharumi

    [SOLVED] Restarting PC causes it to freeze at BIOS logo screen, but booting from shutdown works fine ?

    Issue: restarting causing freeze & stuck at bios logo, but shutdown boot fine without issue. Only restart. My video showing problem : View: https://youtu.be/0IcN1Uf9S1s This is a strange issue. Restarting will cause a problem, it stuck at a0 error at logo bios & there's green led light...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Some part faulty in PC but dont know which

    So hello Forums. I am pretty on the edge since my PC basically stopped working normally but i Need to work on it right now. At first i got only a few freezes in Windows. These were Lasting for about a Minute but then went away and came occasionally but day after day it got worse now so it is...
  5. M

    Question Computer reboots without BSOD during gaming - please help!

    Computer restarts whenever I'm playing games. No BSOD. Just complete loss of power and then immediate reboot. On multiple occasions, drivers would be damage and files would become corrupted as a result. Any help will be greatly appreciated! mobo: Gigabyte z97x-gaming7 v1 cpu: i5 4690k (disabled...
  6. G

    I have Dell Infiniti XPS 15.6 with Nvidia GEforce 960m the display is so small I cannot read it

    I tried increasing to 350 percent image still small if I enlarge by using pinch to spread screen I cannot do anything on the screen for input it jumps everywhere. I have the mentioned video card don't know if this is my problem because if I look on their page I see all downloads detected or my...
  7. S

    My pc won't detect HDD without reboot windows.

    I have a spare HDD. Sometime i just wanted to hook it up to back-up files but i have to reboot windows everytime. how do i let my pc detect the hdd while it running?