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    Question My mobos ram and cpu leds r lighting up red and won’t post

    So I’ve recently purchased brand new parts to put together a brand new pc and when I tried to post my mobo is telling me I have a problem with my cpu and ram I’ve tried switching the slots for the ram and trying one ram at a time...same problem. My specs are: Ryzen 5 2600 Rtx 2060 super...
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    MSVCP100 ERROR wen trying to run grim dawn

    sorry.wen trying to run sum games grim dawn 1 of them.it gives system error MSVCP100.dll is missing.can someone give me some info on this.maybe its a program i need to download or does it mean the 1gb nvidea gt 525m isnt good enough.and then again.i dont even know how good that graphics card is
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    Replacing existing Win7 pc's on a domain with a new Win7 pc

    So up front, I'm more of a hardware guy. I have a customer who wants to replace 3 older PC's with newer ones and they're the same OS (Win7). The customer has their users doc's and such on the server and not the individual PC. How do I backup whatever needs to be on the current PC's and convert...