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  1. S

    Question Cannot Access USB on Fedora in my School

    Hello, I was Trying to copy the Stuff on which I worked in the School from a Fedora Based PC whenever I try to Connect the USB it won't Show up in the Fedora OS, I tried Looking into the BIOS, I also tried to Reset the BIOS. The USB Even Heats Up, but nothing Shows up, many of the Other Students...
  2. D

    Old CPU cooler/ new CPU compatibility question

    Hi, I have an old computer that I bought 7 years ago and I used Arctic Freezer 13 as my old CPU i5 2400 (1155 socket) cooler. I want to buy an intel i5 8500 (1151 socket). https://www.arctic.ac/worldwide_en/freezer-13.html in the product site I see that it is compatible with the new socket...
  3. woahwoahwilly

    Will this PC work? (i5 7600K (Unlocked CPU), GTX 1080)

    I'm buying a new PC to replace my old system that's slowed down over the years (but might be able to get my work done for now). Its aging hardware is just barely enough to get my work done, but I'm not sure if it's going to break down (maybe it will). My dad has a lot of money. Since he's a nice...
  4. H

    Suddent Shutdown. Wont turn on

    Hi all, I have a problem with my HP 11 x360 notebook. I have tried to do a recovery of my laptop by doing a hard reset, but while it was doing the reset I have plugged in a charger because the battery was running low and the laptop suddenly shut down and now I cant turn it back on. I checked...
  5. A

    How to fix a monitor that won't turn on

    Hi guys, My monitor has this problem 4 months ago but I have managed to fix it, however this problem came back again and I really forgot how I fixed it. Like the system unit and everything is working (except the monitor). But thanks to hdmi I can see the graphics through television and for me...
  6. S

    When is Volta Coming?

    I am wondering when the Volta series are going to be coming in 2018 or if it is coming out this year. I am think about getting a 1050 2gb right now and then I heard a lot of things about Volta coming out soon. I was also wonder what the release price is going to be and I am wondering if it would...
  7. U

    Logitech z207 help?

    Received the z207 speakers. They work fine when using the aux cable but I cannot connect via bluetooth (does not appear when scanning for devices on my android device). I've tried on another android and also on an iPhone but it still did not appear. Any help? Thanks.
  8. M

    Convince me please

    Hello everyone and happy holidays. I'm planning to get a gtx 1060 3gb to use at work to play games I saw the zotac 1 fan and gigabyte 2 fans but the gigabyte is about 45$ more everyone told me they are about the same but I can't make my self buy it as it looks really cheap plastic piece and I...
  9. F

    Converting Alienware to custom build

    Hello im wondering if it will be easy to convert my alienware into a custom build i am having some problems with it so i was thinking about just gutting it and rebuilding it into a new computer does anyone have any suggestions, here are my specs: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version...
  10. L

    PC not posting

    This is an email that I sent to ASRock, so I'm just copy pasting it Parts: ASRock AB350M (not Pro4 or HDV) Ryzen 3 1200 EVGA GTX 1050 (not SC or TI) Ballistix 1x8 GB DDR4 2666 EVGA 450BV Stock cooler Currently don't have any HDDs, SSDs, or optical drives plugged in. Connected over HDMI, then...
  11. W

    Ryzen 1700 and 1080 bad performance

    I'm coming from this thread because I have determined that it is not the gpu. I decided to ask about the entire system in a new thread. If you read through that thread you'll see what I've tried so far. I will try anything and will pay for a working answer.
  12. D

    960 pro - 4k score seems low

    For a samsung 960 pro my 4k score seems very low. its a new pc build and i'm never had an m.2 drive. any advice?
  13. T

    "A media driver your computer needs is missing"

    Just built my first pc. but i run into a probably common issue. "a media driver your computer needs is missing". This is very frustrating especially since all of the solutions i found did not work ( the one where you swap the usb from one port to another) pls help someoneeeeeeee
  14. J

    Dell Optiplex 990 Ram Upgrade Config

    I have an Dell Optiplex 990 DT. It has 4 memory slots (2 x 2GB sticks currently running). I want to put 2 x 2gb more into the system bringing it to 8GB total (2 x 2 x 2 x 2). The Optiplex 990 Tech guidebook says it can support up to 16 GB using 4 dimms but under memory configurations I don't...
  15. J

    Worth the price or not?

    So my little brother has a mixed and matched computer of parts that people no longer wanted and parted ways with (I repair computers so I get these) now the problem is he wants an upgrade as his computer is seriously starting to struggle with newer games due to the weak athlon x4 that is in...
  16. C

    Lost HDD space after SSD install

    Alright, I'm at my wit's end here. I've tried every solution on every forum post I've seen and nothing seems to be getting anywhere. So here goes! Yesterday I got an SSD (Woo! Finally!) and did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro onto it. No problems there. My old setup was a single 1TB HDD with...
  17. D

    Laptop won't boot with 2x8gb RAM after Windows 10 anniversary update...

    I have an old HP 4530s laptop that has been working with 2x 8GB ram for nearly two years. Updating to windows 10 anniversary update never worked (after many tries over a period of months) until I removed one stick of RAM. I initially thought the stick of RAM must be faulty, but each stick on...
  18. O

    Camera in games is not SMOOTH. This happens in all my FP games, like Skyrim, and the Talos Principle, and portal 2 etc.

    None of my games are smooth, i even sometimes get frame drops in Rocket League... my CPU is an AMD 9590... and my GPU is an RX 480.. .my temps are good. I have liquid cooling on cpu and my mobo is a 990 FXA UD3 R5... thinking it's probably a faulty card..... cause I have tried all the software...
  19. V

    Help, RAM problems. New memory is not usable! (8GB installed, 3.98GB usable)

    Hello, so i've been reading about this issue a lot, and theres always different solutions and i still didnt find one for my problem. So i installed additional RAM, 4gb on my existing 4gb, and windows says i have 8GB but only 3.98 usable and in Resource monitor it shows that 4 gigs are "Hardware...
  20. J

    Vcore levels staying aound .5 is that ohkay??

    My computer has been repeatedly crashing randomly, it will freeze and i am forced to perform a hard reset. I recent checked my voltage output and the vcore will sit between 0.3 to 0.6 is this too low for my PC. http://imgur.com/a/AS7bH- here is a pic with a few of my stats