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    Question Laptop vs Desktop? Help please?

    Hello Everyone! Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions! Here is my conundrum: I do travel for work and leisure (wife is European so we head across the pond a few times a year, may relocate there in a year or two). I play really only 4 games WoW, FF14, SC2, WC3 Reforged. The goal...
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    [SOLVED] BSOD while playing game and browser open ?

    So basically, since the beginning of August I have been having issues with my PC blue screening after I did a nvidia update (which yes I have tried reverting and even uninstalling and reinstalling NVIDIA) and for a while reverting seemed to work. But soon after I started to constantly keep...
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    [SOLVED] RX590 fans turning off and on while gaming

    Hey all. I noticed something with ff14 that I have not noticed with other games while playing on my RX590 GPU. I know most GPU fans turn on at 60C. The thing with FF14 is that it usually is at like 53C but can go up to 65C when there are a lot of people around. So, what usually happens is the...