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  1. I

    Question Is it possible to downgrade Screen? Yoga 720 15lkb

    Hello guys, here I have a strange request. Here is the condition: I get a 4K version of Lenovo Yoga 720-15lkb with 4k UHD screen for 3 months. Originally I was planning to use it for light gaming, but 4k UHD resolution does many problems on my (not well considered) plan. Now the screen shows a...
  2. jaymc

    Question HP Omen 2018 15.6 144hz upgrade to UHD glossy or touchscreen is it possible ? Model I5-ce003na

    Hey people... My son's laptop (HP Omen Model I5-ce003na) screen is broken, his brother threw something at him an broke screen. I was wondering can I upgrade it to UHD glossy I think it's a TFT in it previously it's a 30 pin model no B156HAN04.2... What are my options... can I go 4k.. can I go...
  3. xumate

    Question Dual Monitor Setup

    I want a dual monitor setup but I am currently stuck on what to buy, hoping you guys could shed some light. I am currently using a 27' 144hz QHD as my first and only monitor. The question begins at which monitor should I get as a second, or upgrade my first one and make it my second. Would use...
  4. Duklin__

    [SOLVED] looking for a very low input lag 144hz gaming monitor

    Yo, I was just wondering if any of y'all had any recommendations for <$250 144Hz TN panel monitors. (if necessary, I can go up to $350) I don't have a problem with VA or IPS panels as long as the input lag is low enough for competitive fps games As for size: 24"-27" 1080 FHD Having it curved...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] MSI Optix G24c 2160p

    Hey guys, I've had the Optix monitor since last summer and am trying to get it back to settings I used to have it at. I know it's a 1080 monitor but I HAVE been able to get it to run at 2160p before, at 60hz. But I am unable to do so now. I went under the AMD Radeon Settings because I have...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Which monitor to buy out of these two?

    Hi, planning on buying new monitor. I chose these two but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. My requirements for new monitor is at least 144Hz, FHD and Freesync. Dell Alienware Monitor MSI Monitor Prices: In Czech Republic prices are almost same for those two monitors...
  7. S

    Question 1080P 144Hz G-Sync Compatible FreeSync Display?

    I'm currently looking for a display for the system listed below. I'm aiming for 1080P at 144Hz and I would like to be able to use G-Sync with a FreeSync display, since they are cheaper. Any suggestions? Should I go higher than 1080P@144Hz? What screen size should I go for? I was thinking of a...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Which one is better 32" Smart TV or 40" Non smart TV

    i want to buy a new TV for my PC and for watching TV also , well i'm from Algeria and the fancy Brands are expensive here so i going to buy local made TV's , Iris E3 smart TV 32" and Stream 40" Full HD TV Non smart i won't using this TV for gaming since i haven't a powerfull GPU i will use as my...
  9. D

    Question IPS, 144Hz, QHD for sub $400

    Hey guys, thanks for checking out my question. Hopefully it’s a good one for you ya. I pretty much purely play League of Legends and I’ve been living the 60Hz life for way too long. I want an upgrade to the setup. I rock a now dated GTX 970 (If you need anymore information on the rig, just...
  10. huelen

    can my MSI z170a gaming pro run a 970evo?

    Hello It seems it does and just want to be sure, I just saw another guy asking about his msi B150 Gaming M3 saying that cant run a evo 960
  11. C

    Possible RAM issue?

    About a week ago, I cleaned my pc out, when I put it back together, the RAM was half unplugged on one side, I booted it up like this, PC did not boot to windows, I found the problem and pushed the RAM back in, and now I am getting lots of blue screens for reasons like...
  12. S

    Hdd problem so how to recover my full hdd

    My laptop hdd 500 gb but show only 230gb why so how to recover my all hdd 500gb plz ask me
  13. B

    no signal on screen.

    My New pc won't boot, the fans start spinning, the led's turn on, i just see no signal on my screen. i have the r5 1600, asus b350 prime plus, gigabyte gtx 1070 g1 gaming and corsair Vengeance ram 2666mhz 16gb. everything bought New.
  14. N

    Which hard drive should I get?

    I was looking at a WD 2tb Black but I heard they can be VERY loud and my download speed is quite bad so sometimes I leave my PC on overnight. I wouldn't want it to be loud for like a whole day or overnight so I wanna know what other 2tb hard drives would be good for gaming. Thanks in advance if...
  15. N

    Graphics Stutter When Idle

    Hello, My computer always starts to stutter and slow down after 3-4 minutes when emulatin a game or watching a video and it wont stop unless i move my mouse and even if i do it starts again please help.
  16. A

    Is this a good mouse?

    I was looking for a mouse that was under 25 dollars that would feel/look good and at least look like it'd ergonomicly fit my right hand. It also had to have at the very least 2400 dpi. The mouse that I thought would fit my hand perfectly look decent and isn't a scam from China was the cooler...
  17. N

    GTX 1080 not detected in BIOS

    My Gtx 1080 is not detected by the asus bios. It was detected and I managed to get into bios (rampage v extreme) a few times but now it doesn't ouput any signal. I tried a different gpu in the slot below it and it worked. I moved the 1080 to the slot the old card was in and it did not. However...
  18. C

    Same Window 10 License On Different Hard Drive But Same Machine

    I have a retail Windows 10 Home license. I'm building a custom rig with 2 separate SSD. I plan to install Windows 10 Home separately on both SSD. Is it possible to reuse the same product key and activate them both since technically it is still 1 PC or machine. Everything else including the mobo...