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    Question Nvidia quadro 5000 for gaming?

    I've got a quadro 5000(2.5GB) for free. Actually I have GTX 650 2gb Synergy Edition. So should I replace it with the quadro? I won't use it for work, just for gaming and normal use. I play FIFA 19, GTA V usually. Wich card will do better?
  2. Question DirectX (DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED) on FIFA 19 with no fix

    Howdy everyone, So here's the deal: First off, I've got a Lenovo Legion Y-530 laptop with a i7-8750H and a Nvidia GTX 1050 and yesterday I bought FIFA 19 on Origin and installed it right away to play with friends with mine who had the game. I ended up downloading the game and spending hours...
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    Question PS4 FIFA 19 STUTERING

    Hello, I bought Fifa 19 about 2 weeks ago and I have serious problem. I´m having such a huge lags and the game isn´t that playable, as the ps4 pro promised. I tried to change some power settings, screen settings etc. Then I changed various monitors ant TV´s and the result is still the same. The...
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    Question gaming on old rig

    Helloo in my country new gaming bundles cost a lot of money and i want to play fifa 19 with my friends so i went for some old cheap components the gpu i bought is """GV-N450-512I """" firstly i thought its a 1gb of Vram but its a 512 mb version my quastion is can i get a smooth gameplay...