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  1. michael27gr

    Question FPS drop for 4 seconds when in gaming (video)

    I have a problem with fps for quite some time now, and I ask for your help so I can solve it. In the video, as you can see, the fps suddenly drop for a few seconds and then return. This happens very often, every minute or less. Since this problem started, I have upgraded my graphics card and...
  2. L

    Question My laptop is using my CPU graphics instead of the GPU's

    So I ve bought a new gaming laptop ( Asus TUF FX 505DT) and i keep getting some weird problems. First of all , yes im new to the laptops industry as i was a PC user for like 10 years I wanted to see how my gpu works on some games, but i was getting really low FPS (CSGO FULLHD / low preset -90...
  3. RealSmoke

    [SOLVED] How well will fifa 20 run on my pc?

    Pretty much the title. Specs Are: Intel i5-760 (soon) GT 1030 Asus 2GB GDDR5 (soon) 8GB ddr3 1333 By soon i mean i will soon get these components to upgrade my current stuff.
  4. A

    Question Unable to find some old games : need help please !!

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble finding old games : FIFA 2003 /2004 /2005/ EURO 2004 and PES 2008 I did find some of them ( highly compressed into a rar archive) but none of them worked ( checksum file error) Can you please share with me links for PC ISOs of those old games ? ( a cloud...
  5. A

    Question Low fps GTX 970

    Hi, I don't know why but much games runs with low FPS on my PC (I tried FIFA 19, NBA 2k20, NBA 2K19 , COD) The FPS is between 30-40 when I play on Full HD (1920x1080) I also tried to change resolution and games graphics to low and disable antialiasing but same results. I also tried to format...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] fifa on pc

    hi . iam not sure if this is the best place to ask this question . I currently have an XB1 And a powerful gaming pc I don't touch my xb1 ever since I upgraded my pc . now fifa 20 is coming out and I know this game is more popular on consoles . if anyone have tried fifa ultimate team on PC . what...
  7. PetarStev

    Question What FIFA is the best for my PC

    CPU : Intel Core i3 4170 3.7Ghz RAM : 8GB GPU : GeForce GT 730 4GB
  8. M

    Question Fifa 16 only lags and stutter when i am in the near of penalty box??

    gpu geforce gtx 750 ti cpu amd a8 6600k 8gb ram windows 10 64 bit fifa 16 only lags when my player in the near of crowed areas like penalty box?!?!?
  9. R

    What happens when you use a Free-Sync monitor with a Nvidia card?

    Title. Using a 1080 if that helps.
  10. I

    Water Cooling Fluid and Additive Australia

    Hi everyone, So basically I am trying to work out the fluid for my loop but everything I find seems to cause some problem somewhere else! Living in Australia doesn't seem to help either! - Initially was going to go with pre-mixed ek-cryofuel (keep things simple and since I have ekwb water...
  11. B

    No signal to monitor.

    I’ve just installed new pc. first time turn on, every fan spin, everything seem work, but monitor have no signal. I checked everything such as cord,... it still doesn’t work. My pc Mainboard: msi b350m gaming pro Cpu: Amd ryzen 5 1400 Ram: corsair ventage 8gb 2400mhz Vga: msi 1050ti Psu: evga...
  12. D

    BSOD When Booting

    I recently build my first pc and I have been having some issues with BSOD when booting. It usually happens during the first boot of the day or sometimes just at random when using the pc, but almost always on the first boot. I'll either get the "Memory managment" or "irql_less_or_not_equal" as...
  13. P

    my memory not working

    Hello everyone. My computer does not recognize one of my was working properly till I once removed it and now when I install it back it's not recognized. And idea what to do? Main board:giga-h61-s2p
  14. C

    Will my evga 750ti ftw be able to run a 144hz monitor

    So recnetly i have been looking for a 144hz monitor but my gpu doesn't have a dvi-d imput andi was wondering if any of the other imputs would work for 144hz gaming
  15. traxxmy

    Asus mobo H81-m, XMP setting cannot be save

    Hello to fellow brothers here. I recently upgrade my Asus k31AD ram from supplied single channel (4gb kingston 1600) to dual channel using corsair vengeance 1600 4gb each stick. But why now my ram speed is trottle down to 1333 only. I try enable XMP but it cannot be save. Each time i restart...
  16. D

    Should I upgrade or completely rebuild my PC?

    Hello, I'll start pointing out my buget isn't really too high right now, hence why I'm asking if I should actually just upgrade a few components rather than buying a brand new PC. I can already run a few games, which I play a lot, but most of them on the minimal settings, and there are some I'm...
  17. Akstation

    How is the quality built in Alienware ( Hardware ) - Aurora PC 2016

    Hi, I recently bought a new Alienware Aurora R5 2016 PC , with intel i7-6700 , 16GB HyperX Fury Ram, Dual Nvidia GTX 1080 and with 256GB SSD+1TB HDD in it. , 850W PSU but after, i search the information online, some people say Alienware gives out low quality PSU's and Modo's , normal cheap...
  18. T

    Upgrade PSU for 1070?

    I have a CX600M and I'm going to get a 1070, would it be a good idea to get a new PSU and why?
  19. V

    Computer lacking memory error?

    Hello! I am playing an online game called EvE online. And I just had a strange error message: "Your computer is lacking memory, close down EvE.exe or you will risk losing unsaved something..." I hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE And it said it was using 5GB I have 16GB. So what am I missing?
  20. P

    Letter 5 Freezes

    My Laptop keyboard has stoped typing figure '5'. I currently use screen keyboard when ever I want to write 5. This delays my work. How can I unfreeze 5 and make it functional. Also, when I open a webpage or a WORD document, this figure '5' will continue to replicate itself...