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    Question Dac/Amp

    Hey guys, cant decide what DAC/AMP to get, so Far I been looking at a couple. Fiio K3 Schiit Fulla 3 Fiio E10k Schiit Fulla 2 Schiit Stack I have a pair of Meze 99 Neos and a Samson G Track Pro, I use my set up a lot for Discord, gaming and listening to music (Punk rock, pop, RNB, Rap). What do...
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    television for GTX 970

    Hello, would you be so kind and suggest me which value/price- budget TV would you suggest for me? My pc specs are: I5 4690k (clocked 4,2 GHZ) 16gb Ram Gigabyte GTX 970 My intended usage would be mostly for playing games and movies. TV will be in the same room as PC and inpt device is steam...
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    Finalizing build! Please help with final thoughts and suggestions

    Finalizing the build for my workstation, I think I have everything I need. Doing mostly motion graphics and 3D but also some gaming. Any final suggestions? Could someone check it quickly to make sure everything is compatible and that I have all the fans I need etc. (I know the GPU could be...
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    Running too hot? R9 280x

    Just happily fitted my new MSI R9 280x Gaming (with the twin frozr cooling). I know these are hot cards in general but mines idling around 40-45, and I done a quick furmark 1080p test and it just soared to 75 at which point I called it quits. Ambient is about 21. It's on a mATX board so it is...