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  1. N

    [SOLVED] Really sick of windows 10, i have to be very careful with my pc when i start up now

    i didnt get my problem resolved in this thread here, so im going to try again. i have a custom built windows 10 pc with Asus maximus hero IX mobo i7-7700K intel CPU 1070 Nvidia ROG STRIX GPU 2TB M.2 Gammix PCIe SSD 32BG 2666 MHz Vengeance RAM 650W Seasonic PSU (80 Gold) So, my problem is that...
  2. N

    Question File explorer crashes computer upon boot

    so i have an mildly irritating, unusual and annoying problem. whenever i boot my pc, immediately try to open File explorer, my computer will say in file explorer "working on it" then i get the blue "busy ring" then file explorer will stop responding, then my taskbar will turn to its default...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] file explorer hangs, freezes and closes everything and restarts

    When I open File Explorer and try to right-click on the folder and open in a new window on the context menu, Explorer hangs, freezes and closes everything and restarts. it does work well if I try to open more than one explorer window in any other method, Win+E, right-click explorer icon in the...
  4. ptferg1234

    Question Windows Explorer Crashes on Startup

    So this came out of nowhere. I boot up my PC like normal and the login takes forever to load me in. Internet, wired or wireless, takes a while to connect properly, and I cannot open or close applications for a good long while. Eventually my entire PC freezes and i am left stuck until it calms...
  5. R

    Question File explorer crashes

    Within my HDD and External HDD I have folders that cannot be opened without my screen turning blue for a brief second and my file explorer and some task crashing. I also cannot delete, move, copy, paste or do anything with these files. The only way to remove them is to use a third party software...
  6. xanoth

    dwm.exe error GTX970

    During the past week I've had an increasing number of issues where the screen flickers black on both monitors (all window contents goes black, boarders faintly show still). I'm then logged out of windows 10 and if I chose to log back in the GFX card is disabled and needs to be re-enabled...