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  1. D

    Question Looking to transfer files from iOS to Win PC over WiFi in background

    Working with an app that stores files in its own directory on iOS. Needing to have them have them moved over WiFi to a Windows PC without any user intervention (background). So far haven’t found any apps or tools. Suggestions? Much appreciated, David
  2. V

    Question Sony a6400 file transfer to pc not functioning

    I have just recently purchased an a6400 and was looking forward to using its wireless photo sharing capabilities but for some unknown reason it refuses to connect wirelessly to my computer. it states that I have not set the PC or destination for which the files will be saved to, but I did just...
  3. V

    Question USB transfer speed - Sometimes slow, sometimes fast...

    Hello I have a PC running Windows 7 SP1 and have been experiencing wildly varying USB transfer speeds to an external drive. I am using the same external drive attached to the same USB2 port and am copying the same file to the drive. Sometimes the transfer speed is 6MB/sec and on other...
  4. D

    Question Help me build, $2500 budget i9-9900k + RTX2080Ti

    Looking for suggestions on a build that involves an i9-9900k + RTX2080 ti GPU. The ONLY major stipulation that I have is the case. The case can be no taller than 17" and no deeper than 17". Thanks in advance!
  5. stormman34

    Question Why MHz and not GBps or Gbps?

    I was just wondering, why are we using MHz when we rate the speed of RAM and not something like GBps or Gbps? Is it even the same thing? And if so what speed in GBps would 1000MHz be?
  6. A

    Question Help with Building a Gaming PC

    Hi everyone, I am looking to build a gaming pc but I have zero experience with this. I'm looking to buy in the next week. My budget is $1400. I stay in California, US. My current game cycles are WOW and Overwatch. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  7. C

    Does Acer KG271U Abmiipx work well with Gsync?

    Has anyone tried the Acer KG271U Abmiipx with Gsync and if so how well if at all did it work? I'm trying to find a 1440p 144hz 27in monitor that works well with gsync for around the $300 mark I saw the Acer XG270HU on newegg refurbished for $300 but they sold out pretty quickly.
  8. QwerkyPengwen

    PC Build Feedback

    --COMPLETE EDIT-- I'll keep it simple. This build is going to be a birthday present for my best friend. Should I pick different components? If so, what do you think they should be and why. Trying to NOT spend a ton of money. The less I can spend to get the job done, the better. I want it to...
  9. E

    FPS drop on battlegrounds

    Hello, I've recently bought a new 1060 in the hope it would boost my FPS on battlegrounds. I had a 670 before so I thought this would suffice. Problem is my frames have barely improved and they are dropping to around 20 - 30 quite often. Is something bottle necking my computer? baring in mind...
  10. V

    laptop type numbers instead of letters f11+numlck its not working

    laptop type numbers instead of letters f11+numlck its not working
  11. J

    Is it possible for Ethernet on motherboard to fail

    I turned my machine on one day and I can no longer connect to a network through the Ethernet cable. I’ve tried various solutions online such as flushing dns, renewing IP, winsock reset etc through the command prompt but no luck. I’ve changed the cable and the Powerline adapter I’m using, still...
  12. F

    Gtx 980 or 1070 ftw

    So I have an 980 in my pc now. I have an option to buy a used 1070 ftw for 275 today is it worth the upgrade for the money
  13. L

    [SOLVED] How to get higher idle RAM clock?

    Hey, my xfx rx 580 seems to not see that I play flash player games and keeps gpu and ram clock at idle state which is 300MHz each for RAM and GPU. I know it's power management to make clocks low when not needed but my radeon software doesn't have any option to turn off that power efficiency...
  14. P

    RTX 2060 Compatibility

    I have Asus Rog Strix B350f gaming motherboard which is gddr5 if I buy the new RTX 2060 Graphics card which is gddr6 will I be able to connect to the motherboard?
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Budget Micro-ATX Motherboard that supports 3rd gen i5

    Ive got a Dell Optiplex 3010 sff with a Core i5 3450 but I feel like the motherboard is holding me back from doing any serious upgrades. I'm looking for a lga1151 micro atx motherboard that can support a decent amount of ram and GPU. Just haven't been able to find what I'm looking for and need...
  16. A

    Not sure what AIO to get.

    I plan on getting a 9700k and I am so confused on what AIO to get. It's between the H100i RGB Platinum, H115I RGB Platinum or the H150i RGB Pro. I'm not concered about the difference in price. Will I be able to get away with just the H100i being a 240mm Radiator trying to cool the 9700k? I might...
  17. B

    CPU red light turned on on my motheboard don’t know what’s wrong

    I’m having problems with my i5 7600k (this has happened twice this year) what happens is the cpu just completely dies or breaks something like that. The first time it was the motherboard and the cpu because it just completely wouldn’t turn on at all and I ended up getting a new motherboard but...
  18. L

    Can I stream on this specific pc?

    Hello, I am upgrading my pc right now and im getting a rx 550 2gb, a pentium gold g5500, and 8gb ram. I was wondering if I could stream fortnite with this setup. I know this isnt the best place to go although you guys are very helpful. Thanks!
  19. W

    Multiple crashes to blue screen (lots of different error messages each time)

    Hi all, Recently my computer has been crashing a ton. It goes to the blue screen and each crash will a different error. I’ve seen a lot of memory management errors, along with stuff like system service exception and drive irql. I have run memtest and the built in windows test and neither...
  20. E

    How much of a difference does 2x 50cm red led strips make?

    I was configuring my pc on pcspecialist but I noticed the cheapest case looked quite bland. Since my keyboard is red led backlit, I thought it might be worth it to add 2x50cm red led strips to increase the aesthetics. How substantial of a difference can it make? Does it pretty much light the...