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  1. A

    Question desktop

    Returning to Prior Desktop Folder Setup What I did that Caused the Problem I tried to fix the default file save location in Adobe Premiere Pro, with no luck. In the process I found that my general default file save location was to OneDrive, which has been moved to my I: drive (where I keep all...
  2. Sorb

    Question Filenames too long to move ?

    I'm trying to backup my HDD to an external HDD with about 300GB and hundreds of thousands of files but in the end there are always 2000 files missing due names too long to be moved. I have tried different programs like FastCopy and SyncBackFree, although they are faster they move even less files...
  3. E

    Question Folder on SSD keeps coming back after being deleted even though I already reformatted the SSD ?

    So I have this SSD that I reformatted recently and I noticed something that is on that SSD there is a certain folder that has a file with .missing extension on it that will keep coming back after I restart my computer even though I already deleted it. Oh, and I also tried to reformat it and...
  4. InTakeYT1

    Question HDD shows up in BIOS but not in Windows ?

    I have my windows installed on my NVMe SSD and my HDD doesn't show up in Windows (disk management, device manager, etc) but does show in BIOS. To get my HDD to show in Windows I have to boot into BIOS and exit out and then my HDD shows in Windows (file explorer, etc). Any ideas? HDD: Seagate 2TB...
  5. O

    Question File block system

    Hello I have a SSD and USB drives. 1. Is the the file block system on those the same as on an HDD? 2. Can a block hold parts of two different files? File A - block 1 2 3 4 File B - block 4 5 6 7 3. Which scenarios will relocate / move data from a block to another? Drive optimize /...
  6. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Destination Folder Access Denied

    Hello guys, Recently Windows <Mod Edit> up my computer and now after a format of my C drive, I copied all its contents using ubuntu and now I am copying them over. 99% of the files get the "Destination Folder Access Denied" error so pretty much out of the 40GB of files about 500MB get copied...
  7. ditrate

    [SOLVED] Could the source file be deleted during it's upload?

    Is it possible do delete source file during FTP upload (via Windows explorer or FIlezilla), or windows will forbidden deletion ? Or windows will allow this action, and the server will stop the upload due to a file deletion?
  8. ditrate

    Question Hashsum question ?

    If I create two identical projects in mkvgui, with identical settings. Would their hashsum would be identica? Or hashsum is unique for every file? I did similar stuff, hashsum from 1st is mismatch for 2nd.
  9. J

    Question Looking For A System Monitor Log Cmd Window

    Hi. I am looking a system monitor log that shows all operations real-time (event viewer, cut/paste, file moves, hidden details of system operations in background). Can someone please help me here? The program would be similar to PaperTrail. The system monitor shows all the cmds going on. I...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Can't copy, zip, upload or ffmpeg a video file

    Hiya peeps. So, I record gameplay videos with OBS in .mkv format. And 99.9% of all my recordings have been without problems but in the past week I've had 2 recordings that have had the exact same issue. When I try to copy the .mkv file to the same drive (different folder) or to a different...
  11. TheFlash1300

    Question Is Windows XP ISO still available for download from the official source?

    Is the .ISO file of Windows XP still available, or is it gone? I would like to download it, so I can install Windows XP, but I don't want to download the file from unofficial/risky sources. I prefer to download it from Microsoft's servers (or Catalog Update Microsoft"), if the file is still...
  12. TheFlash1300

    Question What causes file corruption ?

    When I type "sfc /scannow", sometimes it shows there are corrupted files. When I fix them, and some time passes after the fix, there are, again, corrupted files. So, file corruption occurs from time to time... Can someone explain to me what causes file corruption? My laptop doesn't have any...
  13. A

    Question Weird warning window

    Hi! I was working on downloading some apps and programs. I got this message. What does this mean? And what is the easiest fix? "to install this product, please run setup.exe under the <DVD root> folder”
  14. Grabps

    Question Files totaly disappeared after copying them to external HDD

    Greetings Everyone! I have encountered a very inconvenient problem yesterday and I need your help. Scenario: There is a Lenovo T420 laptop with Windows 7 operating system on it and I wanted to install a Windows 10 instead. On the laptop there was around 32GB personal data - all included in...
  15. J

    Question Hide certain file extensions

    Is it possible to somehow automatically hide certain types of files? For example, the program creates files, I need to hide them so that they do not get in the way under the eyes. It makes no sense to hide a folder, you just need to hide files of a certain extension. Is there any way to do this...
  16. Ysertila

    [SOLVED] Files can't install to D Drive

    My C drive is completely full, i'm trying to install something to the D drive but it keeps trying to install to my C drive instead. A single game takes up most if not all my C drive so i can't exactly clear up space without getting rid of the entire game, so that's a no go. My whole D drive...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] WLI file in documents - What could it be?

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet I don't remember downloading this file but it seems to be from a while ago, it was even in my documents for some reason instead of downloads. Does anyone know why this might have appeared? I scanned it for viruses with Malwarebytes and it says its fine but I...
  18. alanvatrox

    Question Can't open/drag-drop files in programs

    Every time I try and upload a file to Teams (both app and browser version) it fails, saying "File does not exist" but it's right there in the Desktop. Another is Vegas, it doesn't let me drag&drop and if I import it'll say "File could not be opened. Make sure the file exists and that you have...
  19. B

    Question Pick a file in desktop and put it on windows minimized folders or program to maximize...

    Hi, if lets say chrome or documents folder are minimized and i am seeing my desktop... I want to pick a file with my mouse and bring it to lets say documents or a web browser, i bring the file and put it on top of browser or documents minimized... I expect that they maximize to drop my file but...
  20. O

    [SOLVED] Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) what does it do? Do it upload my data?

    Dear all When I Copied / Ctrl. C a PNG file (file A) in Windows Explorer, I noted that Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) began upload activity after 10 seconds (Resource Monitor). I tried Ctrl. C the file again, and again after 10 seconds Svchost.exe(utcsvc -p) began upload activity. I tried Ctrl. C the...
  21. vkatsarelias

    [SOLVED] Visual Studio 2019 has errors after cleaning the VS extensions folder in the Temp directory, cannot even install VS installer

    I was cleaning up useless files from my disk when I came across the dreaded Temp folder. It had all the extensions used by the Visual Studio installer to add Xamarin functionality to Visual Studio (as I was testing it), as well as probably some older ones (e.g. C++). I searched to find out if...
  22. System32_76

    [SOLVED] How To Set Up SSD+HDD Combo Properly on Win 10?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently running Windows 10 20H2 on my Samsung 860 EVO SSD, and am trying to use my HDD as a storage drive for my apps, documents, etc; The thing is, how do I properly move my apps and "Documents," "Downloads," "Pictures," etc. directories onto my hard drive without...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] unable to delete corrupted data

    I am having an issue while deleting certain files on my sd card which I guess are corrupted I am unable to access my memory card on my phone but can open it on my computer it has certain files that are corrupted and has names like "└²₧┼ΩÖ .πö " special character names and shows that it was...
  24. A

    [SOLVED] how to recover deleted file that has been overwritten?

    hello, i accidentally delete videos that i make and its very important. i tought it was gonna go to recycle bin but its not! i think because of the size is 40+gb? and i already use easeus, recuva, diskdrill and no result. i think its been overwritten. i cant use system restore because of the...
  25. V

    Question "Windows cannot access specified device, path or file" after reseting windows

    Hello, I've been using this computer for past 3 years and lately I've been having some issues with windows viz, default windows apps weren't working (they did work for a week or two after I had done some troubleshooting, but they again stopped working ). Thus I reset my windows while keeping my...
  26. D

    Question How Can I Make Certain Files Appear as Non-System File?

    I have some files on my computer that my friend sent me in a rar file, but when I try to extract them or try to open them, they just disappear, later I found out that the issue was the files appear as system files. So anyone know how can I make these files appear as non-system file?
  27. N

    [SOLVED] Can a video file really be tracked?

    [redacted due to inappropriate content] That the video file has an ID which can be tracked and blah blah blah. I'm into PCs and software, I think it's just for the people that are not into it to not download it. But I'm just curious if I'm wrong. Is it possible anyhow? Moderator Lutfij
  28. L

    [SOLVED] "You have been denied permission to access this folder" after fresh windows reinstall

    Hi, So as simply as I can put it: My computer had a corrupt windows error and had to reinstall it on my C:\ (primary SSD) drive, which housed most of my main programs/apps I used, however, I also have a 1TB HDD as a secondary hard drive to store all my games and files and what not (I should...
  29. fdoggrady

    [SOLVED] Mystery folders

    Hi, I've noticed that a ton of folders popped up on my second drive on my laptop. I don't know what they are or where they came from. Some of them have .file files, while some are empty. When I open the properties of them, I don't see anything helpful. They're really making organization a...
  30. andreitc

    [SOLVED] File transfer between SSD and HDD has SSD speed for first few seconds

    Hello, I discovered something on file transfers between storage devices and I wanted to know why this is happening (just for my curiosity) I have an SSD and a Hard Drive, both on Sata 3 standard. The SSD has about 500MB/s transfer speed and the HDD has about 50MB/s. However, when I want to...
  31. F

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me find this file?

    Im trying to play Valorant but Riot Vanguard keeps saying it blocked a file it says its at \Devices\HarddiskVolume4\Windows\Temp\cpuz149\cpuz149_x64.sys does anyone know where i can find this file?
  32. I

    [SOLVED] Windows File Share Over The Internet (No VPN)

    Hi! I am looking for a solution to mapping a windows file share over the internet. We have a work file share that we are all connected to which contains a lot of files around 1TB worth of customer files and internal files. I am looking for a secure way to access these files remotely, something...
  33. O

    [SOLVED] When highlighting filename, is data being written to disk?

    Hello everyone I have my Windows in danish, so I hope, I use the correct terms and names. When I do the following with an image-file: Right click on the file, press “change name / rename”, or left double click, so the name gets highlighted, and then left click with the mouse outside of the...
  34. W

    Question What governs the speed a drive can shred (file overwrite) files?

    Hey, I want to know what aspect or parameter governs the speed in which a drive can shred a file (file overwrite). I'm asking because I cannot find an SD card reader that can shred files faster the one built into my 5 year old laptop. It's immensely faster at this task than multiple so called...
  35. R

    [SOLVED] Folder says it's only 5MB in size but it's actually more than 10GB

    The folder used to be the Users folder in the C:// and I had the drive removed. So now, the former drive is now functioning as an external HDD. anyway, when I had opened the folder, it said the subfolders were empty but the icon was it was normal icon, not the fainted one when it's empty...
  36. Chrixy

    [SOLVED] I want to buy a new ServerPC

    Hello, I'm more of a software person, so I don't know much about hardware, so I'm asking you guys here for help. :) So I want to buy a new ServerPC. Look below what I want to use it for. Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as I can. Budget Range: I don't really have a budget.. System Usage...
  37. D

    [SOLVED] What files are safe to delete from my HDD (OS on another drive)?

    Hi, I just installed a new SSD onto my computer and now have the following setup: 1) C: (SSD containing OS and some programs/games/applications --> 250GB) 2) H: (HDD containing some programs/games/applications --> 2TB) 3) S: (SSD that is completely empty --> 2TB) I'm trying to move pretty much...
  38. S

    Question Recovering deleted zip file from microSD card

    About a month ago I took some photos while traveling with my phone, put them in a folder, zipped it and put it to microSD card (to keep it until I have a chance to copy it to my computer). Couple of weeks ago I suddenly needed a space on my microSD card and unfortunately I deleted a zip file...
  39. T

    Question Unknown type of folder (icon) after download and unzip

    Win 8.1 (x64) Recently I downloaded a zipped folder of what should be music files. My concern is that the unzipped folder displays an odd icon design in the file explorer. It is all similar to the standard ones but in color: it's purple, with a small red and green area in larger icon views...
  40. SimonSeesX

    Question Corrupted files

    Why do I have a folder full of photos and videos - each file's size is more than 58 gigabytes, however the size on disk 4 kilobytes. The files do not open. These photos and videos: were exported from my mobile to my PC while transferring, couple of times the transfer was interrupted are not...