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  1. Question Create and Connect to external server via internet

    Hi, I need a little help to create an FTP server at home that I can access from outside of my network using FileZilla (I do not have a networking background and I understand it would be the easiest to configure). The settings I made in FileZilla Server are the following: Listen on these ports...
  2. C

    Best ddr4 ram for my PC

    So i built my Pc last year and recently the new releases like Call of duty WW2 is demanding 8GB or ram. I only have 8GB so I was wondering what the best ddr4 ram to purchase is. PC Specs: GPU - GTX1060, 6GB, GDDR5, Mini CPU - Intel Core i5-6500 3200MHz DDR4 Ram - Kingston 8gb (4Gb x2) 2133MHz...
  3. S

    Motherboard for GTX 1050

    Will GTX 1050 Work normally on motherboard with out uefi bios? spec: i5 3450, 8 gb ram, gt 640, 550 w psu. Motherboard: lenovo h430, bios version ECKT16A,Chipset - h61 type bios: AMI EFI.
  4. Kablam1

    Tacens Mars Gaming MP600 PSU help

    So I bought this PSU a few months ago and after buying GTX 750ti I started to worry if I bought a good PSU or just a heap of junk This is the PSUs stats and stuff Is this PSU really really crap? Should it hold for AT LEAST 1 year if my PC only...