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  1. L

    [SOLVED] Please help i need to find a budget MoBo that can be compatible with i3 3220 and rx 560

    so basically I am on a budget and I need to get a motherboard that can support my new rx 560 4gb oc and the i3 3220... I realy need help and i need it fast, please help me find it....
  2. B

    Paid Disk Management Tools for SSD/HDD

    Thinking about a new disk management tool and realizing ill need to spend a little money for it. I am familiar with Acronis Disk Director. Any thoughts? Opinions? Recommendations? Im not really a noobie but not really an expert either.
  3. S

    My Nvidia Control Panel Settings won't stay.

    Whenever I change settings in my Nvidia control panel they won't stay. After I exit the control panel they reset back to their original settings. I have ran it in Administrator, and this still won't fix it. If anyone could shine any light on this that would be great.
  4. Z

    1080 60fps build

    Hey! i'm currently in the process of picking of parts for my first ever gaming build. i plan on over clocking and have chosen a set a parts already and need help picking a power supply and if you can tell me any reccomandations on if i should swap anything, maybe get anything else that i...
  5. How To How to obtain basic and advanced system information.

    How to obtain basic and advanced system information Depending on if you've been asked for basic or advanced system information, will be the determining factor in what you need to do in order to find and relate that information, so the steps below are among some of the possible ways to do...
  6. BallisticMouse

    NvOAWrapperCache.exe having issues...

    Here is a image of the error -> <- I keep getting this pop-up every time my computer starts up recently. I have a Windows 7 64bit computer, my graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 650. I've google'd this issue and found few people threads about it, none with an answer...
  7. I

    USB 3.0 problems

    I have been having quite a few issues with the motherboard I have from ASRock. It is the Z87 Extreme4. My issue is the usb 3.0 No matter what I plug in it says this device can perform faster than this blah blah blah. Anyway, that should not be happening as I am plugging in usb 3.0 devices...
  8. K

    Memory card error

    I have used a scandisk SDHC memory card with my Nikon D5100 for about a year. It was having photos for 3.7GB. Today when I connect it to my PC through a card reader (as I always do), it showed me the photos in it. I have selected few photo & copy them to my PC. When I try to paste them I got an...
  9. L

    Constant Display Driver Error

    Hey all, Just looking for advice and wasn't sure if here was the right place to post but am at my wit's end trying to correct a display driver issue. I have recently bought a new Asus G75VW Win8 64bit, 16gb RAM with nVidia gtx660M GPU. Before ever installing a game onto the system, every now...
  10. M

    Controller and LED question

    I am almost done with my build. I am trying to get the fans together and put in the computer. This is where my question comes from. My case can hold 8 120mm fans. I have a few spots on my mobo for fans but I bought bitfenix spectra LED's for all the extra fans. I planned on placing the extra...
  11. L

    How much FPS will this pc get?

    I want to know how much fps it will get in TF2, Minecraft and BF4, all at High-Max settings. DO NOT SAY BUILD A PC PC Specs: Alienware x51: Intel core i7 4770k 3.9 GHz 8GB dual channel at 1600Mhz AMD Radeon R9 270X w/ 2GB