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    Question Tools to help me troubleshot slow PC and intermittent internet?

    Are there any tools you guy's use to troubleshoot PC issues? I am having frequent internet disconnects, my ping goes from 10ms to 3000ms, and I have some general slow downs. I ran Kapersky anti-virus, I ran CCleaner. I ran the Verizon FiOS ap to test my upload and download speeds. I cannot...
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    Question Actiontec ECB6000 stopped functioning after network upgrade

    I recently upgraded my home internet from Fios Quantum 75 to Fios Gigabit. In the past, I used MoCA to link the rooms by wire, utilizing the MoCA in the old Fios gateway (G1100) and two MoCA adapters in other rooms. I have an Actiontec ECB2500C and ECB6000. After getting the Gigabit gateway...
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    Question Which router to pair with Fios and Orbi?

    Hi – I’ve gotten great advice one these forums before and hope someone can help me out again. I’m a semi-literate computer person, but networking is a topic that I for some reason have a hard time getting my head around. In my current set-up, I have a 200mbs-plan from a big cable company...
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    Looking for good 1440p Monitor (preferably 60Hz)

    I'm using a gtx 1080 and an i7 4790. I want to replace my 1080p Monitor with a 1440p one. Now I'm a little overwhelmed by the loads of "gaming" screens on the market. Can anybody recommend a Screen that would serve my setup. I'd prefer 60Hz and 1ms but I don't know if that's possible if I'm...