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  1. Z

    [SOLVED] CPU Cooler doesn't fit into my motherboard

    So I've bought a be quiet pure rock slim cpu cooler to fit into rog strix b350-f motherboard, and some for reason, the bracket of a cpu cooler doesn't align with the motherboard screw-in holes. The description of this cpu cooler does say it is compatible, AM4 and all. What am I missing here...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Monitor no signal

    I did buy a new gamepc and when I did connect my pc with the monitor It just show this message: "No signial entering the power saving Mode shortly" and turn off. I dont know what to do and its perfect connected. No idea how to fix this.
  3. J

    Which motherboard should I choose?

    So I have a dilemma, I want a much needed upgrade but I have a Mini-ITX case. I have to choose between four cheap motherboards so help would be great! My choices are: ASRock H110M-ITX for 62€ Gigabyte GA-H110N for 68€ MSI H110IPRO for 69€ Asus H110I-PLUS for 70€ Thanks
  4. 2

    Where can I find the front panel connector plug ins on the Asus Prime B250M-A motherboard

    I have the Asus Prime b250m-A motherboard and would like some help finding where to plug in the front panel connectors and also I am familiar with the CPU power connector being an 8 pin, is it a 4 pin on this motherboard?
  5. C

    I havw a Nikon Coolpix,L840. the lens shows threads for screwing in another lens. How do I know what size to buy?

    Grading from "top" largest to smallest "closer to actual lens".
  6. did007

    should i buy a sound card or dac

    recently i bought logitech z623 2.1 thx speaker. so i was wondering do i really need a sound card or usb dac? i am not a hardcore gammer. i love listening music. my mobo is really old(gigabyte ga-p55-usb3). so i thought that the onboard realtek sound is not enough to produce good quality sound...
  7. V

    Kingston DDR3 it's 1.5V or 1.35V ?

    I wana buy more rams but idk it;s 1.5V or 1.35V
  8. G

    Main SSD is fine, but hard drives are not detected anywhere.

    I've put together a new PC build, and for some reason my HDDs are not showing up in either the BIOS, File Explorer or Disk Management. The manufacturer's testing software was also unable to detect the drives. The main SSD my OS is on is fine. And when I say "not detected," I mean it's like they...
  9. B

    Looking for a wireless and bluetooth pcie card

    I'm moving to a new room and there is no way that the running of an ethernet connection is possible to my room so I have to add a wireless pci e card and why not one with bluetooth at the same time. Just want to know what the recommendations are. Max budget is around 80 euros.
  10. D

    amp for computer speakers

    Are amplifiers manufactured to insert between the computer and the speakers to increase the volume capacity of the speakers?
  11. ParkersYoutube

    What Build Should I do?

    So I have no Idea which build is better. I just put these together and tweaked them over a few days! Please tell me which one is better. Also I am trying to stay under $500. I am MAINLY using this PC for making and editing Youtube Videos! or...
  12. alexakis99

    Low End Kingston 1333Mhz running at 1866Mhz?

    Hi there, I borrowed my mom one of my 4Gb sticks of HyperX Fury 1866Mhz and i only have one now so i decided to put on my pc the 2Gb that she had before.It is a KVR1333D3S8N9/2G.When i went to the bios to check if the memory is recognised ,i saw that the memory was running at 1866Mhz which it...
  13. L

    Reboot and select proper boot device error

    This is my first build, got all my parts in and put together and im ready to install my os and try out my new pc. I put the disc in the drive and I keep getting this message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" Ive searched the web...
  14. B

    R9 295x2 Not up to scratch????!!!!!!

    Hi guys, This is the place I come when I've pulled all my hair out. I should come here earlier as It is always the fastest way to solve my P.C issues... My latest dilemma is whit a new rig I'm building. Basically I am not getting the performance I think I should be getting. ARMA 3 Is only...
  15. D

    Will PCI-E 3.0 card work on my Asus M4A78-E PCI-E 2.0 x16 Motherboard ?

    My recent GPU is GeForce 9800GTX+ 512mb/256bit running on a Asus M4A78-E PCI-E 2.0 x16 and i want to upgrade it with a GTX 760 PCI-E 3.0 2GB/256bit or an AMD 7870 PCI-E 3.0 2GB/256bit . Are the cards that I've chosen compatible with the PCI-E 2.0 16x slot ? Will there be any loss or difference...
  16. L

    How do I get my Solitaire Game to save my games on Windows 7?

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium. For some reason, my Solitaire Game will no longer save the games I play. I click Save game .. but when I open Solitaire back up .. it goes to a new game. Can you help anyone?
  17. A

    Two websites open!

    When I go to a website two open up. Right now I'm looking at two tabs for Toms Hardware. Same thing happens with my husbands computer. We are networked. I have run Malware and Spyware removal programs, of course this didn't help. Any ideas?
  18. L

    My dvd reads but wont write

    Hi, I can't seem to get my internal or external CD/DVD-RW to recognize a blank DVD. It reads DVD's that have something on them, but the minute I put a blank in either drive, it says I don't have a blank disc inserted. I've tried Nero, installed DVD codecs, newer drivers, but still nothing. Do...
  19. B

    Norton warning- Spool32

    My earlier post did not specify Windows XP Pro. I get the hi CPU usage from spoolsv Bob
  20. G

    Memory Card for Canon PowerShot Pro1

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello, Sorry for a very basic question but Which brand or type of high speed compact flash card works well with this camera. Thanks -bij