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  1. K

    Question Why do some pages not work properly on Firefox?

    Firefox has had issues with some pages since before their Quantum re-make. These pages work properly on Chrome. They can occur when you're trying to filling a form. I have had this happen more than once where I couldn't press 'Continue' on Firefox but I could on Chrome. It's not just that...
  2. TheStagGamer

    Question Download speed slow on browsers compared to other programs and actual bandwidth.

    Hi there. I seem to have run into a problem where my downloads on browsers only download at a speed of 1.3MB/s. (Edge, Chrome, Chrome incogneto[With no extentions] + Firefox) Even when I download on steam at 5.8MB/s and on speedtest get around 50mbps. The file-hosting website doesn't seem to...
  3. J

    Question Firefox slow using google scearch

    Hi there, for some reason my firefox browser has gone really slow when scearching for something on google. Sometimes it even tells me that it is unevailable to connecto to google .com Can anyone help please
  4. mangaman

    Question Linux Mint VM not playing any videos in Firefox

    So I updated and installed all of the latest packages from the update manager. However, I still can't play any videos in FireFox. In YouTube, I get a playback ID: LIRJWJYYP-HGZnGI and for any jwplayer, I get an error code 102630. I installed the codec FFmpeg but that did not change enything. I...
  5. S

    Question All browsers keep Loading forever Randomly

    All my browsers act the same they once load a url other time they don't doesnt matter what website or what url they may load it or not. All other devices on the Network are OK. Same on ethernet and Wifi. all other softs connected to internet are ok. tried disabling Firewall or changing DNS...
  6. D

    Question make Notepad/Windows like firefox

    If I open a text file, in both firefox and in notepad, the scrolling is continuously smooth in firefox whereas in notepad it breaks up. This in general true in any other windows application, like R studio, chrome, etc. How do I make scrolling in windows as it is in firefox?
  7. TechyInAZ

    Discussion POLL: What Web Browser do you use and Why?

    Hello community! What web browsers do you use the most? I personally use Firefox the most, usually people say they use it for privacy reasons, but I use it firstly for speed as it is just as fast as Chrome if not faster, and I also like the privacy features they have. Then for a second browser...
  8. D

    Question Warning avoid updating firefox, new update uses new profile system loses your stored profile

    I just ran firefox which did one update, says profile is being changed, I saved like it said, then 20 minutes later restarted says updating again and this time all of my data (passwords, history, bookmarks) are gone. DO NOT USE FIREFOX at this time.
  9. A

    Question Is there a browser similar to the old firefox where we can install and KEEP extensions?

    I think it's about time to give another browser a try. Mozilla has already started to block extensions on even the older firefox's even though I have set various things to false and don't allow update checks. I'm hoping to use a browser that allows extensions similar to SAVED & QUICK...
  10. Satan-IR

    Question Firefox add-ons disabled

    Has anyone else encountered this? Firefox X64 on Windows 7 disabled some add-ons for lack of signature or something of the sort. The add-ons were directly installed from and not from a file or anything like that. How does that add up? If they were not signed/approved why were...
  11. R

    Question Enabling hardware acceleration on Ubuntu.

    Hi to all! I'm having issues watching videos on YouTube with Firefox. I think the problem is related to hardware acceleration: how can I enable it of Firefox? I heard that to do this it is necessary edit the .profile file in the home directory and add the line export MOZ_ACCELERATED=1...
  12. SkyRock1986

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2070 Xtreme TEMP concern

    I just purchased this card because it had a fantastic clock speed. I figured for $599 it was my best option without needing to fork out $300+ more in order to get into 2080 territory. Plus the RGB goes fantastic with my new setup. Anyways I did my homework on this card and saw a lot of repeat...
  13. moretreats

    [SOLVED] PC crashes when I increase FPS

    Playing Fortnite and usually play at 60 FPS, wanted more frames because it's laggy at 60 FPS. When I turn it up to 120 FPS I can play for a bit and then my entire PC freezes but I can still hear the audio from the game and friends talking in-game. Literally have to push the button on my tower to...
  14. R

    HDD not showing up in windows

    My specs: Processor: I7 8700 Mobo: Msi z370 sli plus Storage: 120 GB sata ssd for OS 32 GB optane 2 TB Toshiba hdd 500 GB Samsung 970 Evo m.2 nvme (new) Ram: 16gb...
  15. D

    Cpu temp is wayy to much and need advice.

    Hello, I got 1080 ti and i7 4770k with 750 corsair psu. Gpu temp is perfect hardly hits 70, but cpu suffer with it. It reaches 100 temp while gaming. I found out thats its really bad and also i found out that it has been like this for 1 yr already( never was interested with temps). Atm iam...
  16. Reeadon

    3770k to 8600k/8700k?

    Hi, Specs: CPU: Intel i7 3770k 3.5GHz (Corsair Hydro Series H105) GPU: MSI GTX 1080 RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1666MHz PSU: AX 860 Monitor: 2560x1440 144Hz G-Sync Looking to upgrade my MOBO, CPU and RAM in the near future, as it seems like my CPU is hurting my performance in a lot of the...
  17. N

    in need of compatible ram for my b450 pro

    I recently found out that my ram i recently have is not compatible with my Msi b450 pro vdh but my gpu and cpu is, now i need a 16gb ram 1, 2, or 4 stick that is compatible with this motherboard. I would look it up on the Msi wedsite but you need a full screen device to do so as i am on my...
  18. V

    [SOLVED] Possible busted 1070?

    I left my comp on overnight last night and woke up to an "out of range message ", did a restart and got an unholy red screen over my bios, with an inability to get into my bios as well. Wondering if anyone knowas anything about this at all.
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Using an USB microphone with no grounding?

    Hello. I've bought a new USB condenser microphone (Trust GXT 242 Lance streaming) and it had alot of buzzing, couldnt hear anything over it. It worked fine when i was touching the metal part of the microphone at the bottom. Figured it was a grounding issue and found out that my whole apartment...
  20. H

    Omen 17" not turning on at all

    Hello everyone ! I have an Omen 17" (2016 Model) and all of a sudden while trying to turn it on it doesn't turn on at all. The charger indicator lamp is off as well and wont turn on either. What I tried replacing the charger with its replacement charger and still no indicator lamp turning on and...