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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Okay I've got a doosie, Why is my W4100 stopping posts and creating system instability

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong category, I really don't know if this is a more motherboard or GPU issue. I've been having a strange compatibility issue with my Asrock 970m Pro3 and a Firepro W4100. Upon my first attempt to post I was met with a five short beep code. Asrock says this...
  2. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] AMD Firepro V7900 VS Nvidia Quadro K4000?

    I'm about the buy used professional GPU for 3D Rendering. I've been stuck that two models I can't decide that which one is better? Quadro K4000 had driver support and 3GB GGDR5 192 Bit vram and 5800MHz memory clock and had 768 Pipelines(CUDA Cores). AMD Firepro V7900's driver support has ended...
  3. sonah

    Question [AMD FirePro W5000] VS [GeForce GTX 750 Ti] For AE?

    Hi My work is in adobe After Effects and 3D softwares like Cinema 4D ,Maya and Video editing like Vegas what is the best Graphics card for me? Now I have 2 Old Cards AMD FirePro W5000 and the one I use GeForce GTX 750 Ti Do you Recommend to Uninstall the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and use AMD...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] New CPU or GPU

    Hi, I am torn on whether a new GPU or CPU will give me better performance for gaming. My current specs are as follows: I3-6100 GTX 1050 2gb 16 gb of ram And I'm looking to upgrade to: GTX 1070 8gb I5-8700k or I5-9600k Thank you in advanced, Hayden S.
  5. K

    How can I fix stuttering while gaming on 60hz monitor?

    Hello ! Basically, when I game on monitor's native resolution(in my case 1920x1080) the game is stuttering. The stuttering is most visible and frustating in Fortnite and CS:GO. What can I do about this? Should I get a new monitor with higher refresh rate? (P.S. I am running Fortnite at 120fps...
  6. M

    144 Hz compatibility?

    Hi everyone! For the past month I've been trying to assemble the right "parts" for a gaming computer (my first time doing this, got sick of the lag when playing with my 5 year old laptop). I've bought the MSI Infinite VR7RC desktop recently, and now I'm looking for a monitor. I stumbled across...
  7. S

    I feel like my CPU or pc is underperforming

    So i recently got a pretty good gaming pc that i've built myself. It has the following specs: i5 8600k Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB 8GB of HyperX Fury 2400mhz DDR4 Asrock PRO 120GB SSD 500w Chieftec power supply i'm currently confused from what i had experienced so far. I was waiting for Intel to...
  8. T

    XFX RX480, PSU shutdown - CM V750 is not enough? (62Amper on a single +12V rail)

    Hi, Title says it all. I read it all over the forums. My CM V750 (tier one...) can deliver 62A on the +12V rail but ppl having PSUs with even 70Amps on a single +12V rail yet experience this behavior. What is the reason? Is the Cooler Master V750 that crap or is it 'just' a bad unit? Im using...
  9. L

    How to update my BIOS on a GIGABYTE 78LMT USB3?

    Hello. I just built myself my first PC with a GIGABYTE 78LMT USB3, an AMD FX 8300, an LG Optical Drive, a Samsung Hard Drive, a Zotac GeForce 1050, and an EVGA 500W Power Supply. So, I recently just built my computer and tried to update my BIOS, but it won't read my flash drive. I've tried...
  10. M

    Is it worth it to completely switch to an SSD from a HDD?

    I've been using a Toshiba 1TB HDD for a year and a half now and only used up to about 400 GB. Now, Windows 10 takes forever to load which in this case is 6 minutes. And noises were heard even if I am 3 meters away. I heard that SSDs are much quicker and make no sound at all so I might get a 480...
  11. Z

    How can I overclock using Intel XTU? I seem to be having an issue.

    I'm trying to overclock my i5-6600K, and all the stress tests say it's running nice and cool with voltage to spare, so I thought I'd download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to try it out. Problem is, it won't let me increase the core speeds past their defaults. My range is set between 0 ghz and...
  12. flying_squid

    BD_ROM not functioning correctly

    I upgraded to windows 10 a while back and haven't had any problems until this point. I used by current drive (Pioneer BD-ROM BDC-202 ATA Device) to install a fresh windows 7 before upgrading. Recently I tried burning a DVD only to get the "Windows can't read the disc in drive H:/" I know my...
  13. S

    calculation test> illegal sumeout (fx 8350 at 4.300)

    title says it really, I just overclocked my fx 8350 past my previous 4.2 but amd overdrive says calculation test> Illegal sumeout which led to calculation test > possible hardware failure this was detected at a 1 minute test of everything under stability testing, I have auto voltage on in the...
  14. N

    Will this pc work? (first pc build)

    So i'm planning to build a pc as my current one is out of date and requires an upgrade. I want to try and build my own. Here are the components: Cooler Master K-280 (case) AMD FX 6300 (6 x 3.5 GHZ - Turbo 6 x 4.1 GHZ) (cpu) Cooler Master Hyper 103 (cpu heatsink) 8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600...
  15. A

    affordable gaming laptop?

    Hi, I was trying to get myself a gaming laptop that's somewhat affordable and am having no luck :( I was wondering if any of these are worth it?? ...
  16. F

    Plzzz help I have a Nvidia Geforce gt 610 1gb and i wana setup a duel monitor on it

    I have a Nvidia Geforce gt 610 1gb and i wana setup a duel monitor on it so can you guys help me that am i able to use 2 monitors on geforce gt 610 plzzz help me to solve this......Thanks
  17. T

    Will my Laptop run The Witcher 3?

    I have a poor grasp on what system requirements mean when they say minimum. My laptop has , Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3GHz RAM 12gb 64bit NVidia GeForce 650m
  18. B

    b75-d3h rev.1.1 and r9 290x lightning

    Will it fit? I'm afraid that gpu will block SATA slots. I have 770 Jetstream now and there's no space left - it blocks the first 2, but the lower ones are still usable. How about 290X Lightning?
  19. F

    fx8350 or Intel Xeon e3 for future gaming with directx 12

    I'm building a new PC I have 2 builds one using amds fx8350 and one using Intel's Xeon e3 processor.I was wondering when directx 12 is used by games will the fx8350 be a match for the Xeon in gaming or will the Xeon still beat it.I picked the Xeon e3 as I was reading that it is like an i7 4790...
  20. Daniel Cardenas

    Can I install a Raid 10 on a existing OS

    I have a Win 7 Ultimate desktop. I only have one drive currently. I was thinking of doing a Raid 10 config with 4 drives. My main concern is I don't want to wipe my current OS to install a raid. So is it possible to make one without reinstalling windows?