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  1. MCSpaceWolves

    Question Problems with pfSense and Netgear router ?

    Hello, I am struggling with a few things in regard to my router and my pfSense. Below I am going to explain what I am trying to do and the reasoning behind it. To start with, my goal is to divide my network into two parts using my firewall and its ports. Essentially I plan to make a DMZ in a...
  2. NorthWestGuys

    Question What do these firewall messages mean ----> FW.WANATTACK - FW.IPv6 FORWARD - FW.IPv6 INPUT ?

    Ive been trying to figure these responses out for some time.. Im getting these messages on my Xfinity firewall: FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop , 794 Attempts, 2022/8/20 01:15:02, FW.IPv6 INPUT drop , 6280 Attempts, 2022/8/20 01:15:02, FW.WANATTACK DROP , 20 Attempts, 2022/8/20 00:45:09. Any Help... I...