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  1. MarshTheBacca

    Question How can I Create a Shortcut to a Specific Page in the Control Panel?

    I find myself going into control panel to get to 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall' quite often, and I think it'd save me some time to just create a shortcut on my desktop that I can just double click to instantly get to that window. I've tried manually creating a...
  2. rysani

    Question Can use internet but can't play games

    As the title says I can browse internet but can't connect to online games like GameRanger, Age of empires (eso) and others. I need help with this its been more than a month I've not played my games due to this problem. Tried searching more than hundreds of fix's but that didn't solve any of my...
  3. N

    Question Two routers, DMZ on and firewall off, bad idea?

    First I'll explain how I set up things: I have 2 routers, one of them is an ONT/Router (Huaweii) combo provided by my ISP with a limited user and the other one is an Asus Router ACRH1300, since the user is limited I couldn't change the ONT to bridge mode so people in other forums recommended...
  4. H

    Question TP Link router port forwarding / virtual servers not working

    I'm having issues establishing a VPN connection from my mobile device back to my home server. I believe this is a port forwarding issue on my wireless router (Archer MR200). I have a static public IP for my home network. My wireless router has been configured to allow port forwarding on the...